In the era of globalization, social media steps in our daily lives and becomes indispensable. Social network starts to become more than a platform where people meet, it becomes a space where people receive information, space where service been bought and sold. Therefore, people can fulfill most of their needs in a click. By all means, in every story, there are always two sides laid behind as well as coins. People start to create their own characters and hope to gain others’ acceptance. Through those characters which they created in the abstract platform, such as social media, they unconsciously used it to hurt others by toxic comments. They always claim that social media is a public platform, which means people who attended to this platform is also a public person. Therefore, everyone has got a right to comment and say whatever they want to. But on the other sides, they even overlooked to concern how others will think or feel about their words. People had forgotten the basic manners that they should act towards others.

The problem becomes more severe since people who were attacked by toxic comments start to suffer from them leading to the mental break down, in some cases, they may lose their self-esteem and self-confidence. In the worst case, the victims may have a mental illness. These toxic comments burn faster than fire, for instance, if there are some issues arise on the social network, the user will act as the investigator to dig down for personal information of anyone who involved in that particular issue by not considering that they are now

intruding victims’ living space. Moreover, they will act as the police and the judge of the social network to sentence the victims by the considered story in their own aspects. Thus, the essential thing that every social network user should bear in mind is the information which we receive is only the thing putting into these platforms, we stay on social network too much, that do not realize the fact that the life that we live is in reality, So as the victim life that had been judged by only the unqualified information on social network. Many have to end their careers by the bad trend in which evoke by social network users, even sometimes it was not the real story.

The example case of the one who is affected by the threat of social media by toxic comment and bad attitude towards her is one of the Thai actress case “ Ploy Cherman” ( Who is one of the most well known in Thai entertainment industry for the last twenty years). But she is the girl who speaks and acts out frankly, and due to Thai culture that makes she had been judged by the society that she is fierce and cruel which leads to the decision to leave her career for two years. At the end she came up with the truth that in the past two years she decided to leave entertainment industry, in order to cure herself of Depression disorder that came from stress of her work and the circumstance that she had been boycott from industry, during that time she afraid of being interview and after that she decided not to let anyone interviewing her. Ploy said it’s not about her duty of being an actress but it’s about being an actress in Thai society since she needs to cope with the expectation of Thai people who always think that if you work in entertainment industry that means you are a public people and need to be a role model of the others. Ploy also mentioning that after Instagram, Facebook and other social media came in it destroy people mindset and behavior it is a threat since people use it to hurt one another. Today Ploy came out to tell her story hoping to warn everyone, that don’t judge someone’s life because everyone be able to fail and no matter how this society hurts her, she will be back due to the fact that actress is the career that she loves and she will be able to come over every obstacle for the things that she loved.

To speak, social network platforms give us an endless benefit, on the other hand, we need to use it wisely,to stop intoxicated society. When the problem happened, it is our responsibility to solve and cease them. It’s time to bring back conscious to the unconscious toxicity.

The core concept of social media is for communication, keeping in touch, and maintaining the relationship between each other. By all means, Not everyone will use social media in the way that inventor yearning for.

thus, the way that you are able to classify the type comments posted on your social media account is useful for guys to cope with them wisely and correctly. The different types of comment, the different solution to deal with it, like a Jigsaw that we have found the match to assemble it.

Constructive criticism comment  

Constructive criticism comment is the comment containing the criticism content which people will comment about you or something that you did. For instance, if you post some sensitive contents on social media, absolutely, not all people in the world will agree with you. After that, those people will criticize the same story in their point of view. By all means, those comments may contain some inappropriate words that could hurt you. Although this type of comment is negative that can erode your mental health, it is also full of helpful suggestions at the same time ( if you are open-minded enough! )


Merited attack

The merited attack is when you did something wrong which made someone angry at you. Then, they will comment on your social media channel with an aggressive word. This kind of comment extremely alike to constructive criticism but the merited attack contains more emotion than constructive criticism comment. Moreover, the majority of those people who use the merited attack comment will always require some responsibility from you such as apologetic response or delete the post that being trouble.

From :

Trolling or spam comment

This kind of comment is the comment that social media user hates the most! It lacks sensible suggestions and full of severe contents leading to aggressive words that could hurt you. The main objective of this comment is trying to get attention or creating a harmful consequence to you. Mostly, The users who comment trolling comment will not compromise and listen to your reason at all. In other words, the merited attack be able to develop and become a trolling comment too, In case that those users do not gain the responsibility which they need.

Social media platform has been providing us space in order to discuss and talk publicly. Unfortunately, there are also some people who has got some bad attitude and use this platform to deteriorate one’s mind, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram which people usually comment gossip or pick a fight with one another. For the people who get both positive and negative comment, they have to find their own ways to handle those toxic comments.

Here are some tips on how to deal with toxic comments on social media


1 Know the type and the objective

Knowing the type of toxic comments can also help you guys to categorize and cope with those comments appropriately and wisely bringing about the effective results. Not every type of comments will require a response, for instance, spam or trolling comments in which aim to attack us with no reasons. No matter how many responses and reasons that you give to them. By the way, they still attack you

2 Bear in mind that does not take all the comment too personal

Every coin has 2 sides as well as people, someone likes you while someone hates you. Each comments that you read not only portray the person who comment’s personality, but it also conveys what is his or her behavior and subconscious. For example, when you post something about yourself like the promotion of the job, some of your friends comment negatively on your post, this kind of circumstance does not show that you are bad or not good enough but it shows how one’s unsteady.


3 Not everyone deserves to stay in your news feed

if you dread receiving those toxic comments from your certain friends or you cannot stand with your friends who always end up with you guys negatively online anymore. Then, you should check your friend list, block or unfollow those toxic friends for avoiding his or her comments that always let you down or has got the bad intention to you.

4 Reply to them with courtesy

If the toxic comments distract you, those comments will definitely make you angry, but one thing that you should not do is answer them with arrogant or the words containing violence, racist, or discrimination. The one thing that you must bear in mind does not drive them any ammunition. You should reply to them politely, rationally, and positively in order to avoid the conflict that may occur.


5 stay in the positive surrounding and positive people.

Instead of staying with negative people leading to toxic comments and posts, you should find some new positive friends which could lead you to be in better environments.

The true toxicity of social media.

As Mr. Sam Vaknin (who is the author of Malignant Self Love: Narcissism Revisited (2001), has been the editor-in-chief of the former website Global Politician, and runs a private website about narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) due to his profile he is the one who studies about human’s mind and how it’s work, therefore, to study the change of people mind after using social media, his interview is useful. ) said in the video that, right now people are obsessed with reaction (like comments and likes) from the others toward their post and their picture. All of these create some anxiety to the social network user. When the comment turns into a good way, they believe that they gain confidence from those reactions, but the truth is they self-esteem become lower since they need to rely on those reactions too much. By posting was like asking for other opinions about themselves to let them confident in themselves. On the contrary, whether reaction turns into something slightly negative, the account owner will paranoia and even re-consider about their self appearance and character. This is the evidence that is able to prove how comments on the social network are able to play a crucial role in someone life. This is the reason why the person who comments badly on other accounts cannot excuse themselves while saying that their comment is just a comment. Since the social network user comment and other reaction are tools for them to gain their self-confidence.

The bad effect of social media.

Aside from the video, it is clearly to be seen that everyone is now living in the social media platform more than their reality. In this video it illustrated how people treat one another, people show only the good side of their life in order to be praised and accepted but when they did something wrong, their faults will be defame and widely spread. At the end, many of them end up committed suicide owing to the fact that they can’t bare with the bad comment, this is how social media be able to end someone life.

   The proof had been shown to our eyes in every single day and in every single way that we still saw someone be bullied or be mentioned in bad words, yet we still do nothing and overlook about it. All of the problems come from us. Therefore, it is our responsibility to solve this trouble. As well to handle it wisely when we become a victim, or to prevent it not to happen when we have a tendency to become toxicity ourselves. Let used social network in the way that the inventor intended it to be, utilize it as a tool to make our lives faster and easier. Nevertheless, do not use it as a weapon to hurt someone and do not use your words and your unconsciousness as a bullet to killed anyone. Since we are all human and we all have a right to receive empathy and kindness from every platform of our life even in an abstract platform like social media. All the authors of this article as a media and journalism student, We are hoping that in one day all the neglected problems on a social network will be ignited and shine enough to all let people in society realize and want to cease it as we want.