It is a murder story of Watts family which is one of a most heartbreaking case in America. The story of Watts family are remaking as a short documentary on Netflix name American Murder : The Family Next Door

The story of Watts Family you are reading in the following can make you feel depressed. It is the famous case of 2018 that was re-released as a documentary in 2020.

The Watts family murders occurred in Frederick, Colorado, during the early morning hours of August 13, 2018.

Watt Family

The Watts family, make up of father Chris Watts, mother Shanann Watts, 4-year-old daughter Bella Watts, and a 3-year-old daughter Celeste Watts, were all together warmly. They living in a big house. Shanann works as a TOP5 salesperson and Chris works as a petroleum engineer.

But the story isn’t always sprinkled with rose petals because this family has to face many problems. Whether it is a health problem of Shanann, who is sick as SLE. Infecting to both children who are sick with peanut allergy and have bronchiectasis as well. It is hard for them to get through all of these problems.

By the way, Shanann, a beautiful wife still loves and takes good care of her husband,  taking care of both children with the love that a mother can give. Until Shanann was pregnant with her 3rd baby, her husband knowing that Shanann was pregnant, he was happy because he want to have another child.

He is Changing

But as time goes by, Chris get to know a young woman at his work. Her name is Nickole. Nickole has come into Chris’s life. And of course, they both secretly fell in love and start cheating on Shanann. She have no idea that her husband are secretly unfaithful, but she can feel that Chris was changed.

When she works in different cities. Chris rarely answers her phone and messages. It seems he get more distance from her. The senses of women realize that Chris may have another woman. And she, who is pregnant, thinks that they often have arguments with each other.

Shanann visited her parents. She took her children with her for six weeks. In the last week, Chris was able to take a break for his work. But during the couple of five weeks apart, Chris has secretly met Nickole behind Shanann. They both went on a date and spent the night together.

Before Chris visited  Shanann, he also wrote a love letter to Nickole. Even though he was living with Shanann, he kept secretly talking to Nickole. Chris and Shanann often argued.

When they both came home. Shannon had to go to another city for work again. This time she went with her best friend, leaving Chris and the two babies at home. Shanann kept texting, and of course Chris is very far away from his wife. He had his friend’s daughter raise his children and went on a date with Nickole.

Shanann told her friends that when they go back home,please take her to the hospital, because she thought Chris wouldn’t want to go with her anymore. He probably didn’t want to know the gender of his child, because Chris later told her that he wasn’t ready to have another baby, he only needed two children.

The Murder

It was about midnight, almost 1am. Shanann arrived home with her friend, delivered to the front of the house, and then they dispersed. The next day, her friend would pick her up and go to the hospital. In the morning, Shanann’s friend called her, but she didn’t answer. She does not receive any calls, no callback, and there is no response to any message.

As Shanann has so many medical conditions, her friends are worried that she will fall in the house. Therefore she came to Shanann’s house and found that the house was completely closed, the windows were locked, but Shanann’s car is still there. She tried to enter Shanann’s house, but only knew the first door password.

Shanann’s friend opened the door to the first step, with the smart technology, it alerted Chris that Shanann’s friend had opened the door to his house. At that time Chris was at his work. He called Shanann’s best friend and said that Shanann was out with her friend. A friend came to pick her up.

Shanann’s friend was very confused about this, because she and Shanann made an appointment to go to the hospital today. Her friend told Chris to hurry and come home because Shanann is gone, and it’s definitely not a good thing. But Chris did not look impatient and said that in 1 hour he will arrive home because his work is very far from home.

Shanann’s friend called the police to look around the area. She both called to check the hospital and had already met with Shanann’s parents. All said that she didn’t go there. But where has Shanann gone? The policeman called Chris to come to the house because his wife disappeared.

Story Reveals

When Christ came home, he didn’t feel much frustrated, but when his neighbor told the police that their house has security cameras so they can come and see who at what time Shanann is going out with. When Chris heard that, he immediately panicked.

This video is from the camera on the police.

It was discovered that Shanann did not go out. There was only Chris’s car that drove back home in the early morning around 4 – 5 am and picked up something to the car. But the security camera could not be caught because it was blocked by the trees. So the police do not know for sure. This news was very loud at the time. There was also an interview with Chris.

Chris said in an interview that “Who kidnapped my wife? Or where did she run away? Please come back to our house. I can’t live without the kids. This house wouldn’t be a home without you or the voices of the children.” But Chris’ expression and eyes weren’t that conveyed.

The police investigates the disappearance of Shanann. Until they thought that Chris was with the last person who lived with his wife. As a result, Chris was requested to investigate. He was the subject of a four-hour police investigation. He said that he had no idea where his wife had gone. But in the early morning, he had an argument with his wife.

He woke up at 4 am in the morning and went to the basement for a workout. When he got up, he had a fight with Shanann. Then she left the house. He asked to divorced from her and wants to sell the house. He’s not ready to have another baby, and he’s dating a new woman, Nickole.

The confessions

The investigation continues to put pressure on Chris that he can’t stand. He had to ask his father to enter the investigation room and let the police leave first. (But in the room all the audio and pictures were recorded) Chris said to his father. “I don’t want to protect her anymore. I hurt her by strangulation but I didn’t hurt the children “….

Chris confessed that he murdered his wife by strangulation because that morning, he had a fight with her and went to the basement to exercise. When he came up, he saw that Shanann was strangling the kids. Chris was furious and strangled Shanann to death. Then he  took her body to the workplace and prepare to dump the children into the fuel tank.

When the police went to investigate the scene, Shanann’s body was actually found and the corpses of  two children are also in the fuel tank.

How it’s going

In the end, Chris later confessed that “Actually, I killed both of my children as well.” It all started in the morning, it was an accident. Chris fights with Shanann and strangles her by hand.

The daughter came to see and asked what their father did. Chris replied to the child that the mother was sick and had to take her to the hospital. Then he carried Shanann’s body to the car.

Chris let 2 children sit in the car as well. He drove to his workplace before he graved Shanann’s dead body. When he returned to the car, he took the cloth that his youngest daughter liked, filling his 3-year-old son’s nose before he died and left the body in a gas tank.

Back in the car, her 4-year-old daughter asked her father, “I must be like my brother, right?” At that moment, Chris didn’t listen to any words and put the same cloth over his child’s nose.

She struggled, bit her mouth, bit her tongue in grief, shouting, “Dad, don’t!” But Chris didn’t listen until she died and dumped her child’s body in a fuel tank too.

Chris was adjudged to jail for whole life. Because he cooperated with the police, So he was not executed. As for his lover, Nickole, she said that Chris had deceived her too and either of them were broke up.

Letter From Chris Watts

When Chris was in the prison, it is hard for many news agency which try to interview him. Because he does not talk to anyone, but accept for the one which he open his heart to talk to. Her name is Cheryln Cadle.

Cheryln compiled what she had been talking to with Chris and wrote a book called “LETTER FROM CHRISTOPHER, The Tragic Confessions Of The Watts Family Murders” which you can find to read if you are interesting in this case.