Since 31 December 2019, China alert WHO (World Health Organization) that in Wuhan has a many case of unusual pneumonia but the virus was unknown. However, in present people know about this virus which is called “Corona-virus” and name of disease is “Covid-19”. In shortly this trouble is big issue of the world. Every people around the world are afraid of this issue so that they find every way to protect themselves from this virus, by avoid to go any places which overcrowd. For this reason, many company, school and organization decide that employee and student should do their jobs or duties at home and in other can called “WFH” which is stand for Work from home.

The definition of WFH or Work from home is the concept where the employee can do his or her job from home this give more flexible working hour to do their job. This can help people extremely to keep away from meeting a group of people because we do not know who are infect this virus or not. So, everyone should to protect themselves from the virus. Therefore, many of people are do their own duties from home so this blog will suggest about the application which can help many people to do their job easier via these applications.

1. Line

First, is Line application, is a freeware app for instant communications on electronic devices such as smartphones, tablet computers, and personal computers, this application is very popular in Thailand. Nowadays, people are using Line to contact with each other by send message, free voice or video call. Moreover, this application can create group for do their group task or meeting. Users can also chat and share media in a group by creating and joining groups that have up to 500 people.  On the other hand, it has some limitation which is Line accounts can be accessed on only one mobile device, plus one personal computer. Additional mobile devices can install the app but require different mobile numbers or e-mail addresses for the Line account.

Based on my perspective and experiences with Line application I think it is very convenient and easier to use furthermore almost of people use this application so it not hard to contact with each other. But, it has some disadvantage point which is people cannot share the screen while they presenting or teaching so it is hard and not convenient with presenter or teacher. When compared with other applications that can share the screen and have more function to use I think this point is very crucial at this period. 

Group Chatting
Free voice call
and Video call


The next application is Skype, this application First released in August 2003 it is a telecommunications application that specializes in providing video chatting and voice calls between computers, tablets, mobile devices which is a free application. These must use the internet to do the activities. It can contact with people who has the Skype user around the world. Moreover, Skype supports conference calls, video chats, and screen sharing between 25 people at a time for free. This application is about firstly of conference calls, in the past, people use this application to communicate with each other.

Skype can download on Window, MAC OS, or on mobile phone, it is very convenient because people can choose their platform to meeting or studying. However, it has some point that is not good which is this application can join group or video conference just between 25 people it is a few of amount. Them, it cannot create a large group of people but some of school, university or school have a numerous people so this application will not suitable to use it.

3.MS Team (Microsoft Team)

Third, is MS team or Microsoft team this application very popular now because it has a many features to do with. It is a unified communication and collaboration platform that combines persistent workplace chat, video meetings, file storage, and application integration. This service is relate with office 365. Their features are very interesting, for example, team it is features that allow communities, groups or teams to join with specific URL or invitation which sent by administer or owner of group. Moreover, channels it is the other feature which is member of team can create their own channels for chatting, their purpose is provide users to communicate without use of e-mail or texting via SMS. This features can use in privately in the same way. Users can share media through this channels such as, picture ,video, or GIFs.

In addition, MS team can make the schedule for make sure that member will meeting at what time and can record the video to play it again. It is good to use this application to working and studying because it very easy to use, users can share screen and present their own work together. But, this application is need to paid but users who is work or study with organization that have Office 365 account, they can use it by sign in with e-mail of their organization, company or university.


For the next one is, Slack, this is well-known application with the organization, it is a workplace allow user to organize communication by channel of group discussion and it can send the private message. Public channel is the way that people can communicate with each other and they can react other’s comment or post by send emoji. Users can post and share media such as picture, GIFs ,MEME or video. This application not only can share file and document but also create poll for every users to vote some topic together this is very important when turn in work or do the task in group.

Moreover, Slack is collaborate with another application and website to make work be better. For example, set schedule by Google calendar app or use Google drive to contain files. So, this co-operate will make users receive the best result. Comparing with another application, Slack cannot call or video conference so it not proper with the users who want to work together and communicate by talking because this application can just chatting and sending the messages.


The last application is Zoom, this application very popular around the world, it is the service that combines video conference, online meeting, and chatting. For owner of group, they can create group and invite people to join group or give code to them. Zoom is offer free video conference for up to 1000 participants, with 40 minute time limit but if you paid for subscription you are available to allow more participants, time, and can use more features. This application is very suitable for student and workers because it very easier to use and can use it free. Users can share screen and write it together, in addition, they can set schedule for when they will have meeting or study.

Zoom, has many features that very interesting even, user can change background when open camera, you can change it by customize by yourself. I think this application is very useful in many aspects, many people can use and has many features to do. It can download on any device such as, Window, MAC OS, mobile-phone. So, users can use it everywhere and every time.

User can change background
Available on every platforms

For currently situation, these application are very helpful for people who are working or studying because they cannot go anywhere while quarantine so they will download application for their own duties. This reason will make many applications get more download. For example, Zoom are very rising 67% from the start of the year to mid-march. Zoom gained over 2.22 million users in the first months of 2020 which is more users than the entirety of 2019.