Most people around the world are using Facebook. It was created by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004. Facebook is a social networking site that makes it convenient for people to connect and share with family and friend online. If you are a new user, here is your chance to read these. Those are 13 contents that I highly recommend you to experience through it. I believe you will get a beautiful memory after reading this. What are you waiting for? Here you go!!!


Reading meme will make your day. I believe that the ones who posted meme got the idea of it from their daily life. They posted pictures with the text. It definitely turned your dark day into your funny day. Some meme talked about your true behavior at school.


If you’re a creative person, you’re encouraged to watch DIY video which mostly take you around 3-5 minutes. You will get more ideas with it. Moreover, for people who are bored at home and got nothing to do, especially during this quarantine. I am sure that after watching DIY, you will value everything around you as your own product and it also helps the world to recycle as well. More over you will new idea to decorate your things to be a unique one.

3-Reading Webtoon

Once you decided to read a few photo of webtoon, you will scrolled it for two hours. I can tell that you that you will treat yourself as a main character in the story. You will automatically smile, cry, excited or surprise with the story. It also brings you back to the childhood memories as well as you used to buy and read comic books. Furthermore, your English is improved if you read in English.

4-Live Movie

If you find out that it is hard for you to watch the movie on the website or you don’t know which movie watch. It is the right place to be in here. They will live movie that is not available on You-Tube. Let’s challenge yourself to watch the movie that you have never known or heard before. Sometime you will cry at 2am because of the movie. Some movies will show the value of your life and bring you the best experience.

5-Shoping Online

Believe it or not, you can bargain the price through text. It is very convenient to buy things online, when you are busy or you just lazy to go outside. You can watch them live the product online or just click your favorite things and inbox to bargain price with the seller. If you are a clothes lover, then your outfit will be on trend once you follow the post from them.

6-Reading News

You and I and our classmates rarely or never watch television since we are obsess with new media. So we all will only read the news when it is published in social media. So just click and like the news on Facebook page but make sure you click like the company that is reliable. Reading as much as you could because ‘’The more you read, the more you know’’ Reading might lead you to another world!

7-Work Out With Your Favorite Influencer

Are you lazy of doing exercise alone?

Choose your favorite influencer and do exercise with them. Once you love them, you will treat them as your role model and your exercise at home will improve a lot as well as you wish to be healthy or have a slim body.

8-Cooking Class

Most people expect to learn how to cook from their parents or relatives but it isn’t easy as what you expected. You don’t really have enough time eating lunch and dinner together so how can you manage to learn from them. It is a good chance for you to learn from here. So learning how to cook through online will not only teach you to cook local food but you will get to learn how to cook other foreigner food such as Korean food or Japanese food. After you know how to cook new food, go and cook for your family and your beloved one!

9-Online Gaming

Lots of people will think that only gamers will only interest in this content. But it is not like that. You guys can experience through it too. It brings you so much fun and reduced stressed. If you are a gamer, you will get know more technique from them, it will help you to improve your skill. Also link you to friends who have the same interest as you.

10-Frank Video

I will guarantee that this content will make your day. Not everyone can make this prank video happen because the content creator needs to film it with people in real life without telling them. You can challenge with your sibling by trying not to laugh while watching it and see who can hold longer.

11-Product Preview

If you hesitate to buy anything, you should watch them review products so you are more likely to have more choice if it is like what you think or not. Once you order it, it hard to cancel. So it is a better way to see how the product will work before you buy it.

12-Ghost storytelling

It will scare you once you click to listen to it. It is scarier than what you have thought. The voice, sound track, pictures and the filter of the video will scare you not to breathe. Otherwise, someone people found it funny to be scary. They like to listen to those video especially at 12a.m.  

Don’t dare to try if you are a nervous person!!!

13-Video Reaction

When you see your friends laugh, you will laugh a little louder and end up laughing together without any reasons. If you are these type of people, you should watch the video reaction such as react on popular songs, food, funny video or something that is popular on Facebook. It will bring you so much fun, especially when you watch your favorite content creator do it. Happiness won’t come to you if you don’t make it! Laugh a little harder and live longer!

These contents are really popular on Facebook nowadays. If you just watched only a few of its, don’t forget to go and watch all of it. Trying something new will help you to find out yourself. I bet it brings you fun, knowledge, experience and more idea. You can also share, like and comment on those content as well. Don’t forget to share those to your news feed and tag your beloved people. Maybe you can make someone’s day!