Work from home is a concept where the employee can do his or her job from home. Work from home gives a flexible working hour to the employee as well as the job for the employer is done with ease. Work from home is helpful to delivering work life balance to the employee, and also parallelly helps the company to get the work done. Nowadays, most of the employers are offering this option to their employees. In the same way, study from home, students have to study and doing an assignment from their home.

Benefit of work from home

1. No Commute, save time and money No more crowded buses or trains. No more annoying traffic jams. Back in my office job I always hated this part of my day the most. I found it very stressful and depressing. Working from home is a brilliant way to avoid those threaded daily commutes.

2. Comfortability Goodbye suit and tie, hello joggers and jumper! No need to do your hair or put on makeup. If you have a bad day, maybe feel a cold coming, just wrap yourself in a blanket and work from a comfy chair.

3. More Time With Family Since you don’t have to waste your precious time commuting anymore, you can also spend it with your family or friends. If you have a flexible work or class schedule, you can have breakfast with your family in the morning and shift your work to the afternoon.

4. Own Working Environment No uninspiring class atmosphere anymore. You can create your own working environment that works best for you. New environments like this can do wonders for your creativity.

5. Reduced Stressed You also don’t have to deal with stressful studying environments anymore. No teacher or the boss standing behind you, waiting for results. No keyboard-hammering, phone-call-yelling classmate anymore and no bullying or infighting. In the long run, this will save you a lot of nerves.

6. Food Preparation You get to prepare your own meals every single day. That means you can eat fresh and healthy whenever you want to and are not dependent on the food options at your office or your canteen. A study conducted by CoSo Cloud confirmed that 42% of all questioned remote workers eat healthier when working from home.

7. Work/Life Balance Many remote workers and student find they have more time for themselves. They can spend more time with their family and are responsible for their own work performance. Even though you spend just as much (sometimes even more) time working from home than you would in an office, you still feel like you are closer to your private life than before. The work/life balance improves a lot.

8. Health Increases No more daily commutes and a reduced level of stress can result in more and better sleep. In addition, you will eat healthier and exercise more. The increased work/life balance makes you happier and more satisfied than ever before. Of course, you will be healthier! Moreover, during Coronavirus or Covid-19 outbreaks it is safer that study at school or university and work in office.

Disadvantage of work from home

1. No Human Interaction Although you will have calls and online meetings with your clients or team members every now and then, you will be home alone most of the time. No quick coffee breaks, no lunch together, no exchanging weekend plans with your colleagues. The lack of social interactions can be really hard for some people.

2. Hard to Switch Off You sleep at home. You work at home. Sometimes it’s hard to separate private life and business life. You are not dependent on office hours and can literally work from early morning until late at night. Your whole life revolves around your work. If you like your job, you might not see that as a disadvantage in the beginning. But soon you could burn out because your work and private lives became one.

3. Many Distractions Just quickly do the laundry, go grocery shopping, clean the house, and maybe watch the newest episode of your favorite Netflix series? Potential distractions are everywhere when you work from home. It really takes a lot of discipline to focus on your job and actually get things done. However, there are apps like Time Doctor that help you stay focused by reminding you to keep on working as soon as you want to use Facebook, YouTube and such. Super helpful!

4. Lack of Productivity Along with the issue of distractions goes the reduced productivity. It is great when you don’t have a boss looking over your shoulder all day long. But some people won’t be able to get much work done without that bit of pressure. Either there are too many distractions or a lack of motivation or the missing feeling that this is actually a working day – productivity can be a huge issue when working from home.

5. Unhealthy Lifestyle On the one hand, working from home does wonder to your health and can increase it a lot, it can also be harmful. Most companies provide offices with ergonomic chairs or even standing desks. When you work from home you might not want to invest that much money into proper home office equipment. Even worse: Some people love to work while lying on the couch all day. Sooner or later this will surely cause you terrible back pain.  Moreover, if you work or study all day and can’t leave your house, you are not doing your body any favor.

6. Collaboration Suffers Of course, there are emails and video calls. But some things are just easier and quicker to explain when you are sitting right next to the person. Limited communication options can make collaborations harder.

Effective Ways to Work From Home During the Coronavirus Outbreak

1. Stick with your routine

Just because you’re not commuting and going into an office doesn’t mean you should skip your weekday morning preparations. Wake up at your normal time, shower, and get dressed in real clothes which is not pajamas. It may sound trivial, but this helps you mentally prepare for the day ahead and get into the “I’m going to work” mindset.

2. Create a work space

Although it’s tempting to stay in bed or head to your sofa, those who successfully work from home agree that you’re best off setting up a station. If you don’t have a desk, use your dining room table. Besides making you feel like you’re at an “office or university” this helps you maintian good posture, avoid distractions, and leave your work behind at the end of the day.

3. Move a little more

Sitting all day isn’t healthy you can invest in a standing desk if you prefer to work on your feet, but otherwise make sure to stand up regularly to stretch or move around. If you’ve gained an extra hour or two from not commuting, it’s a good opportunity to exercise, either by working out at home or going for a walk outside. A lunchtime walk can also help you feel like you’re not stuck inside all day. Here is some application that help you exercise

  1. Nike Training Club.
  2. Daily Workouts Fitness Trainer.
  3. Aaptiv.
  4. Zombies, Run!
  5. 7 Minute Workout.

4. Get some fresh air

Since experts advise to limit contact with people who may be sick and many companies are urging employees to stay home, you’re likely going to spend a lot of time indoors. Open your windows to let in as much natural daylight and fresh air as possible, and take short walks if you live in an unpopulated area — and be sure to wash your hands as soon as you return home.

5. Stay connected with your colleagues

If you work on a team, make sure to check in regularly just like you would in the office. Create to-do lists to keep yourself organized and focused, and share the status of your lists with your supervisor so they know you’re on top of your work. Besides email and messaging programs like Slack, it’s a good idea to set up regular check-ins via phone or video conferencing like Skype, FaceTime, or Zoom.

6. Take some break from your school

Stayed at home for a long time without go anywhere maybe you will stressed by this reason it will decrease your productivity here are some activities that will take you out from a bored room!

-Netflix Party,

a new way to watch Netflix with your friends online. Netflix Party synchronizes video playback and adds group chat to your favourite Netflix shows. You can link up with friends and host long distance movie nights and TV watch parties! There ain’t no party like a Netflix watch party! 

Take a (virtual) world tour

For people who want to travel abroad and see the world up close, You can do all that without worrying about spreading disease through virtual tours. And don’t use any money too!!

-Learn a new language

Now is a great time to learn or practice a new language. Duolingo is an easy-to-use, totally free app that gives daily lessons in 35 different languages. You can pick a standard like English, Spanish, or Cantonese, or you can branch out with Navajo, Esperanto, and Klingon or High Valyrian

Duet with your friend on TikTok

A TikTok duet is a video that gets placed beside another so that they can be watched simultaneously in the app. You can create your own content and share it to your friends, if you disabled the duet feature others cannot duet with your content.