What is YouTube Premium?

it’s a ‘special service’ from YouTube which is make the service applicants watch YouTube and YouTube music without the advertising and distracting for the users when they wanted to open the video or song from YouTube but when close the screen, lock the screen or change into others application the music or video will stop immediately.

What YouTube consists?

  • The first one is ‘YouTube Premium‘ which users can listen and watch YouTube by have no any ads and can use as a background player
  • Secondly ‘YouTube Music‘ is a n application which users can listen to the music while playing others app similar with the application JOOX and Spotify.
  • The last one is ‘YouTube Original‘ which users can watch movies and series content  only in YouTube with an Ads and when users close the application or window the music and video will stop immediately.

Compared YouTube premium with others steaming services

The strongest Point is YouTube became the first streaming service which has win number one about watching the online videos. Soothers companies want to do a streaming program like YouTube does.But until now YouTube still number one streaming service. Moreover, looking at Youtuber which they are produce content only in YouTube. For example, many people are covering Justin bieber song’s you can only watch it through YouTube if there can listen or watch in others streaming service is not as much as in YouTube. Even if others companies want to and trying to be like YouTube. But it’s need to take such a long time because many users involve in YouTube and they give a lot of feedback through comment and sharing in Social Network . Looking at YouTube Music the strongest point is while you listen to the music you can change to music video immediately by not distract the sound and video and having a top hits suggestions to you 24 hours.

And this is the difference of YouTube compared to others. It is a part from official video YouTube that have the remix and cover version that’s have only in YouTube. 

Package and Technical for apply YouTube Premium 

  • The major packages of YouTube premium consists of YouTube premium or YouTube music which focus on listen to music. 
  • Each package can choose threes packages which are individual, family and students.
  • For a Family Plan which can provide 1+5 or the owner can shares to others 5 people.
  • And the Student plan will be released soon.

The effects of the income for YouTuber (creator )

  • As you already know, the main income of youtuber comes from Ads that pop up on the video . Many people are curious how Youtuber receives the money from youtube because they remove the Ads for youtube premium  and the outcome is off course, but it would be in negative or positive affect we will keep eyes on it.Because when we register the youtube premium the Ads will not show up so the income of youtuber in this part will be missing but youtuber is the main part of youtube business so youtube will provide the revenue sharing from the application fee of youtube premium to youtube.
  • Therefore, the more we watch the video from any youtube channel the more they will gain the revenue share from the subscribe (monthly application fee) from users but they are not official announcement for hoe the will play for youtubers.

As a YouTube premium users I like the way that Ads is not interrupt me while I am enjoy watching the video and can close the tap to switch an application to chatting with my friends and others application.To sum up with I would like to use and paid a membership for YouTube Premium rather than others streaming services.And let me know if you would rather use YouTube Premium or not. I would feel great to read it. Let’s see what you all think!

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