Fake news is a severe issue that almost every country tries to deal with differently; however, while doing your job as a good citizen by reporting the fake news to the anti-fake news organization, you can also enjoy some fake news at the same time since some of them are very unrealistic and amusing. This will be fake news that I found very funny to read, so I want to share it with others.

Sparkling lime water

This news is about drinking sparkling lime water that can cure many diseases, including cancer. A few years ago, this news was widespread among the boomer’s line groups in the form of an infographic. This news is spread highly for some time, but later, it continues to decrease. I think it reduces because there are more and more Facebook pages that are trying to educate people about health, which is excellent. After all, it shows that Thai people can use digital media in ways that are beneficial to the public. This news might not look harmful, but it is detrimental since it encourages people who have a disease to stay at home and drink sparkling lime water rather than going to the hospital and getting help from the processional.

Coffee can prevent Coronavirus

There is a post on Facebook about coffee from their brand having properties to prevent Coronavirus; as you can see, this is fake news. Currently, there is no way to cure Coronavirus yet, and so so many medical personnel are working on it, so why do some people think doing a simple thing like drinking coffee can prevent it? This thing looks too easy to be true as others fake news about health. Maybe it happens because health care in Thailand is still inaccessible or too expensive for some people as we can see that Thailand is one of the most unequal countries in terms of economy. For this reason, people who can not access medical care try to seek alternative ways.

Lime and vinegar

This one is also fake news about health; the reason why much fake news is about health might be because most people that consume fake news are the older generation and these groups of people have to give attention especially on their health since it is the fact that the elderly are unhealthy and prone to disease. Talking briefly about this news, it is about drinking lime and vinegar water can cure Covid-19 which is exceptionally ridiculous. Covid-19 is a global problem that many countries can not solve, and if it can quickly cure by drinking this solution, why so many countries cannot eliminate this virus yet. I think this news is also harmful for the same reason as the one above. Although the Ant- fake New Center had already announced the warning about this news on 9 April 2020,  that it is bogus, and there is no scientific evidence to support this news.

Announcement from Anti-fake news center that this information is fake

Marijuana can protect you from the Coronavirus

So this one is fake news about health again; I promised it would be the last one on this list. So this news is about the Endocannabinoid, which will release from marijuana when it meets the heat; if you smoke it, this chemical will cover your lung and protect you from Coronavirus. This is also fake news and quite an absurd one. In my opinion, every fake news related to marijuana is quite funny; why do people think it can cure any disease? Of course, it can cure some illnesses but not all of them. It is not a magical herb!

Arnold Wong

Around October 2019, many people have shared this photo on the internet and claim that he is King Rama 9. Turnout, the person in the photo, is Arnold Wong, who is a Senior Brand Manager and Buyer at the Attire House. As we can see, this is absolutely not true. In my opinion, most people who share this already acknowledge the fact that the person in the photo is not Rama 9, but they still shared it for some agenda, which you might already know. 🤭🤫🤣

Magical urine

Sorry I have to break the promise, but this fake news is so foolish; I absolutely need to include it in the list. Recently, there is news that spread throughout the Internet about using human urine to cure the illness, decrease pain, and improve your eyesight. Moreover, there is also a group where these people share experiences about using urine and the negative impact on their health. The news sounds very bizarre, and I think a standard person would not believe it, but sadly, some people still believe it.

I think this fake news is exciting, so I investigate furthermore by joining this Facebook group. It appears that people in this group genuinely believe that the urine can cure their pain and illness. There are a lot of posts about their condition being cured by using urine. There are even posts that inform people to consume Thai herbs to enhance their urine medical ability. There are also many parody groups, for example, groups that use feces as medicine; however, people in these groups are aware that the things that they post are false information.

Islam studies will be added in Thai education

This news is not very funny in itself, and it sounds possible, but the thing that is funny about this news is the reaction from many Thai. Several people, especially the Buddhist extremist, are furious about this news, which is very amusing to see. However, this shows that diversity is still unacceptable for some Thai, as we can see that several people still do not want to coexist with Muslims. I hope that these Buddhist extremists are a tiny fraction of the Thai society. If not, I think Thailand has a huge issue.


In conclusion, fake news might look funny for the people who know that it is fake news. However, we can not deny the fact that fake news negatively affects society, and some of them can be harmful or life-threatening for those who believe and try to practice according to the fraud information they received. So if you see any fake news or information that looks suspicious, you should report it to the Anti- fake news center.