During quarantine, the activity that I often do is playing Twitter. For me, I play Twitter to consume controversial issues or what we call “Drama”. Frequently, the dramas on Twitter are different from what we see on Facebook or Instagram. The distinctive point of dramas on Twitter is the over-political correctness. Firstly, I will introduce the term of political correctness. According to the Cambridge English Dictionary, political correctness is “the act of avoiding language and actions that could be offensive to others, especially those relating to sex and race”.
From the first paragraph that I noted that Twitter posts are over-political correctness, I did not mean to oppose the multiculturalism ideology, which created the term of political correctness. The main problem is the imbalance between the way of “Freedom of Expression” and “Multiculturalism + Human Security”.

Disclaimer: Although I disagree with over-political correctness, I do not support the freedom to express hate speech.
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The political correctness inflation of radical feminists on Twitter.

 The drama hashtags which I saw on twitter mostly are about sex issues such as #ปิ่นโต and #โอตะหื่นกาม. The content of these dramas aimed to politically correct the language and actions that they saw it discriminated against women and LGBTQ. From these dramas, I recognize the mindset of radical feminism from some twitter accounts. This ideology seems to spread widely without any interruptions. These are some behaviors of radical feminists.

 Disclamer2: I believe in gender equality. Don't call me Donald Trump, please.

1) Overtly sensitive

Many controversial issues on Twitter are from jokes, memes, and posts that related to the women’s body such as chest and genital. In my opinion, we have the right to expression about those things without mentioning specific persons. Additionally, it must not mean to oppress other genders and races which might lead to violence in society.
From those dramas, For example, the video of DJ Poom who made a sandwich that is similar to the women’s genital. After this video went viral, there were posts on Twitter, that politically correct this video. Plus, some posts gain more than 10,000 retweeted. The popular statements, which many radical feminists always claim, are:

“Women are not sex objects.”
“Men are verbal abusers.”
“Men don’t have the right to make fun with women’s bodies.”

What do you think about this, are they too sensitive? OR maybe I am too ignorant about this issue.

Ironically, political correctness, which is used by leftists, works in the same way as religious prohibitions, which many progressives always oppose. 

2) Forcing their idea to other’s throat

Some radical feminists and vegans seem to have a mutual point. They always force their idea to other’s throat. They wish that people must have the same ideology as them. The group of people who disagree with their points is differentiated as ignorant and uneducated.

3) Logical fallacy

This happens not only radical feminists but also among some Twitter users. These are the example of logical fallacy happened on twitter dramas

Exceptional Fallacy

This fallacy also is known as the stereotype fallacy. It is to conclude a group of people by just individual data. For instance, some women faced bad experiences with men’s behavior so they stereotype all men as trash.
The famous statement “Men are trash” had been once used in the group of radical feminists.

Tu quoque (you too)

Radical feminists always respond to hate speech by saying hate speech back. Plus, they claim that they did not do anything wrong from replying with hate speech because others also do it.

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The problem of political correctness

 Nowadays, radical feminists on Twitter hold the destructive weapon called “Political correctness” which can refute any arguments from opponents. Furthermore, some people try to reprehend the word or actions of the guys they hate. Then, they bully them by using the righteousness of political correctness. The reasons below will explain the problem of political correctness inflation.

1) Political correctness users can infinitely expand the term of discrimination.

In short, every topic that opposes to the pro-politically correct can be defused. Not only race and sex that we cannot criticize, but also everything related to personal characteristics such as talent, education, taste, and occupation. Everyone will be a political establishment that we cannot negatively involve because it considers as discrimination. For this reason, it is simple to use political correctness to be a weapon to attack others. Everyone can differently decide what is politically correct.

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2) Political correctness seems to be magic that uses for silencing the negative statement without using rational argument.

For example, I said, “The sex issues on Twitter are overly sensitive and nonsense”. The radical feminists might silence me by using magic words “Huh, you are sexism”, “You are misogyny”.  From the above example, it does not have a logical argument occur in this dialogue because it ends up accusing a person who criticizes them as a discriminator.

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3) the act of avoiding language and actions that discriminate against others is also counted as discrimination.

For instance, If I said to my friend ” that is so gay”, the pro-politically correct and anti-sexism might condemn me as a discriminator. Not only the word that is sexism, but also any words that related human basic characteristics such as nigga, Cambodian, whore, and stupid. If the pro-politically correct triggers to those words, it illustrates that they also think that the mentioned words are the negative word. It means that pro-politically correct also look down on those people. In a nutshell, the more sensitive you have against political incorrectness, the more discrimination you are. 

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Opinion view

Finally, this blog does not mean to stop political correctness attitude or support people to hurt other’s feelings by both language and actions. However, I just recognize that currently, it is too politically correct happened in this society. Political correctness seems to be a two-edged sword that has both advantages and disadvantages. If there are too much or too less politically correct, it might bring a problem in society.

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