Have you experienced loving someone online?

There are certain people who fall in love with each other online, through text messagings or video calls. This happens a lot globally and it remains unsolved. Some people do not find this as an issue because they found that social media increases their chance of getting a boyfriend or a girlfriend. However, they do not realize the consequences of it. Some couples turn into real couples and get married from online dating, but somehow there are many more that fails from online dating.

Woah! A Beautiful Girl There!

There are many applications that enable boys to search for girls online. This is really risky for girls, to be honest, but some girls find this as an additional job or a way of getting some money. Some boys search for the types of girl they want and select, just as a girl is like an item, then calls them home or at a condo. Some of you might not be able to imagine how that works.

Well, there are many dating sites online, including CooMeet, Tinder, eHarmony, and many more! In these apps, boys and girls can post photos to promote themselves and to call attention from the opposite gender. They can start messaging each other if they clicked. There are also contacts linked to their accounts. Therefore, they can immediately contact each other and meet up! Simply saying, they are finding couples through internet search, and risky their life at the same time. Saying “risking their life” would sound hyperbolic, however, it is definitely inevitable. 

The dating application

Eventually Trapped!

Apart from online dating, guys can also deceive girls there. For example, girls usually earn money when they sleep over with boys. However, in some cases, boys trick girls into their rooms and ask for money or else they will expose certain things from the girls. For example, they might expose the saved chats that they had messaged each other. This might sound a little weird, but it happens a lot globally. 

Chats on online dating can easily be screenshotted from either the boy or the girl. When the chat is screenshotted, the other side would not also notice about it. This is when it becomes tricky. True relationships do really depend on reliability, isn’t it? How can we be sure that we are not getting tricked by someone online? Can we really trust those who play online dating apps? There are many people who are scammed by online dating. 

This can happen to anyone who is playing with the apps. Now that you have seen many examples of getting deceived by online dating, do you still dare playing it? Most people would still give it a try and answer “yes, definitely”. Do you think your future would be reliable on this if you’re stuck with online dating in your entire life? It’s pretty scary somehow…

Don’t Worry, Date Happy!

What is the main reason why people overlook deception via online dating? The answer is that they do not care what will happen next, but they just want to enjoy their dates because they believe that dating is fun and is an additional happiness to life. Yes, people date in order to fulfill their romantic needs, and to most people, when they fall for a relationship, it is really hard for them to literally get out of it. That is true, and you guys might also think like that because you just want to enjoy your love lives.

Well, some online dating partners do really turn into a real couple and get married. This is not often, but at least there are some couples who really turn out as real ones. Why? This is due to the fact that online dating is prepared for those who have the same interest, or mutual interests. The app will directly find a partner for you and you will be the one deciding whether you prefer this person or not. Before that, you must enter some information of the type of person you prefer, and therefore the app will gather those people and suggest them to you. That seems easy, isn’t it? Take a look at this.

This is how it goes. Everything is simple when it is technologically inserted in an application. You enter a bit of your information, and also the information of the type of person you want to date with. Then, there you go! The application will make a list for you and you can just choose from there. If it does not really match the type you want, you can also search by yourself instead of letting the app choose for you. You can meet people from your country, anywhere you want. This gives you an easier way of making friends or gaining relationships. This is way easier and quicker than finding someone in your real life! That is why many people prefer online dating sites more than finding people from their real lives.

Oops! Some failures!

While there are many people who enjoy using online dating sites, many also failed from it. People become not satisfied with the results of online dating because it does not go right, or does not go the way they wanted.

As you can see, some online dating couples lead to hatred and acts such as unfriending someone, blocking someone, untagging, or deleting posts. As you know, it is possible for all ages to experience this, but it is most common in teenages, because that is the age that includes people who are still not mature. In addition to that, teenagers are on their ages of love interests and focus on relationships more than any other things. That is why they will set high expectations from online dating apps and usually fail from it. By far, you can see that online dating sites provide both true couples and failures such as leading to blocked and unfriended. Nevertheless, it depends on your choices. Nobody can control how you want your relationships to be. It is up to you whether you want to take the risk in order to experience the challenging yet exciting feeling of dating someone you never knew before! XOXO