If we think about streaming channel, Netflix will be ​​the 1stvideo streaming service coming up on the majority mind. the number of people paid for the services is increasing every second it counts at the same time that Netflix keep broadcast and produce new content which fit the modern lifestyle, targeting every generation with diversity type of entertainment. We can say that Netflix is not a new movie channel or a new form of cinema ticket but it is a new opportunity for us to select what is deserved for the money we have paid to get entertain. Do you really enjoy watching movie that is not good as you expect and don’t get refund? Do you really want to risk your time and money for that? Netflix will be the answer for these problems. The only thing you need to spend after sign up with Netflix is your sleep time because you will not turn it off after just click on the first episode of these three example we present to you after these.

     We already seen The walking dead, World war Z, IZombie, Resident Evil,28 weeks later.And then we have seen Train to Busan last year, the movie that succeed in expanding Asian movie filed toward Hollywood, establishing new standard of zombie movie that require new idea and distinguish plot to raise attention in the period that zombie movie tend to suffer and boring. Following the successful of Train to Busan, Netflix’s Korean original series “Kingdom” emphasized the new born era of zombie genre through many good criticism and feedback, nominated from audiences to be a Must-Watch zombie series with no doubt. This series is perfectly merging zombie spin and historical epic together, providing new sense of mystery event via unique perspective and new way to tell the story. The revitalization is its setting that taking place in three or four hundred years ago when people lacking of technology and convenient to survive. Excepting watch people move by their own feet, it is fantastic to watch them using arrow and sword against the zombies than a gun or bomb in ordinary ways of this kind of movie. As it takes place in the Korean history, every details were created base on true story like we will see people run away from the zombie while carry the traditional disheveled suit. Not only concentrate about surviving but as it implied in its name “Kingdom” also be a drama series that provide the political game among Korean monarchy, fighting against each other to take power among the country. The story start after one of the wicked nobleman announced the crown prince Yi-Chang was the tyranny due to his concern toward his father sickness which was treated by the mystery way and turn him to be a beastly monster. Accompany with his personal guard, the prince need to find the ways to stop the beast from destroying the country at the same time that he need to take his throne he belongs back. It sounds like we watch game of throne and The Walking dead at the same time and that means the new levels of entertainment.  

      The TV show called 13 reasons why which was the very popular TV show in 2017. It was known by its unique story and how they present the story to the audiences. The series revolves around seventeen-year-old high school student and it talks about the girl who has killed herself after having to face a culture of gossip and sexual assault at her high school and a lack of support from her friends and her school. Before she dies, she sent a box of cassette tapes recorded her voice in the lead up to her suicide detail thirteen reasons why she ended her life. With this kind of the story, its make people interesting and keep watching this story from Netflix. For the ethic side of the TV show with the society, the director makes this TV show to satirize the society because there are still many teenager’s problems with the school, friends and family which bring them doing the suicide. The good thing that we got from this TV show is it helps us to think more about teenager’s problems that we still have in the modern why.It makes us realize about things that we ignore because everyone didn’t want bad things to happen but sometimes, we’re making it to happen but we didn’t realize that we are part of it. Differences in gender, personality, society, parenting, personal experience, attitudes, people around and many other factors, all make people think and act in different way and having relationships in various ways with people causes many events in life, both good and bad. Moreover, it makes us realize that when you love someone you better tell them before it’s too late to say and keep them. In the other hand, watching movies without intuition also causes problems. There is a new study conducted by the University of Michigan amongst suicidal teens treated in psychiatric care found that 49% of those who watched Netflix’s controversial 13 Reasons Why said it heightened their suicide risk.This TV show make the viewers feel sad, lonely, and also show them how to kill themselves. While this TV show had gone viral, there are many news those were about teenagers who were trying to kill themselves. For example; there is a news in the Florida,USA in 2018 that there was a girl who was died because the suicide. Her mother is blaming a Netflix series about a teen who kills herself for her daughter’s real-life suicide attempt. She was trying to do the same thing with the girl in the story. We can see that we have got a problem from watching this TV show. Therefore, we should always have critical thinking and contemplation for gaining the good benefits from watching Netflix.

        Lastly, RuPaul drag race, this program would make you stick with Netflix forever if you started watching it. RuPaul drag race is an American reality competitiontelevision series produced by World of Wonderfor Logo TVand, beginning with the ninth season, VH1. The show documents RuPaulin the search for “America’s next dragsuperstar”. RuPaul plays the role of host, mentor, and head judge for this series, as drag queen contestants are given different challenges each week. This program has been aired since 2009 until now and in 2018 , the show became the first show to win a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Reality-Competition Program and a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Host for a Reality or Reality-Competition Program in the same year. In the beginning of this show it was aired only on television but in a past few years, this program was added on Netflix which could gain more audience who interested in drag or LGBT community or even people who are confusing or ignoring this community.This program is not just for entertaining, Rupaul drag race also uplifts LGBT community online and offline because this show reflect the true life of drag queen and LGBT people to the audience by letting the contestants compete with many campaigns that based on creativity and talent, untucking moments in the program which could make them more human and there’s no any content that cause any harm to the audience which could be metaphor that LGBT people or drag queen would not cause any harm to the people in real life.Furthermore, this program could enlighten young LGBT people who are confusing in themselves or not have an audacity to reveal who they are to society due to many factors that this chaotic world forces them to be. Plus, the reasons why you would be stick with this program are; first, this is a variety program so you could be thrilled by the program easily and want to catch up every episode; second, this is all about LGBT life so it could amaze you the way they living; lastly, you would incredibly entertain their charisma uniqueness, nerves and talents. Well, if you want to know more about this program, check it out now on Netflix.

      In conclusion, as we know that everything in this world has pros and cons, and Netflix is one of that so you should watch Netflix in a moderate way because if you stick with it too much, it could destroy your whole life; whether it be a lack of sleeping, craving new episode all the time or even feel empty when there’s nothing to watch. If you feel that you are going to stick with it, you should stay with the present, stay with the real world or find some fun activities with your friends, family or your partner. We hope you guys would pick one of these Netflix programs that we selected to you for killing your free time or holydays by watching it wisely and don’t forget the real people or story in your life. Netflix is just a tool for escaping your messy life but remember that when something is messy it is easier to fix it and clean than running for it so let’s make your life as beautiful as your favorite Netflix’s program.