The right to get the various information of Thai people about government is limited by  the recent Thai government or military Junta. As we all can see that many posts and websites that give negative information about them were took down. The news channels on television and the newspaper publisher are also controlled by the Junta which demand them to present only good side of government. If one channel present the negative thing towards government the producer will be sent to talk to the authority about his or her attitude, this is the reason why postmodern people who watch news only on television or read on the newspaper does not get the whole information and never get the chance to discuss with other people about the topic which we known that it is one way communication. On the other hand, digital native like us get more chance to expose and discuss the information and get news from variety sources so we can see both good and bad sides from it and decide whether we believe or not according to our media literacy.

However, being the digital native is not a good thing because it can create an echo chamber, we all consume news through social media which is the two ways communication because we can discuss and share opinion to each other which sometimes opinion of others can change the way we think towards the story. For example, hot issue about election candidates on Twitter, there are so many haters who tweeted accusation about Prayuth or the recent prime minister of Thailand. Different from Thanathorn, the election candidate from Future Forward Party, he is popular in digital native group of people as we can see the picture below, people in social media created the hashtag to support him and it went on the top of list about topic that was trendy in Thailand on Twitter.

If there are negative tweets, the supporters always defend the truth for him. This makes people who mainly consume news from Twitter or another apps online see only good side of Thanathorn and create echo chamber as well .So in case of Thanathorn,many people think he is going to win the election but when the unofficial result came out, Palangpracharath Party got the highest votes and it shocked people who have supported Thanatorn or the people in teenager ages (Digital native). Subsequently, there makes citizen think that Palangpracharath Party cheats the election so many people find evidence to support their opinion on twitter hashtag, for example , #กกตโป๊ะแตก or the Election Commission busted so this issue came from abruptly stopped publishing numbers after the vote, failed to clarify the next day, blamed the media when its own data was suspected and had some inconsistent statistics even when giving a final vote count on 24 March 2019 or Election’s Day. Also, in the end, it announced that Palang Pracha Rath, the party allied with the ruling junta, has 8.4 million votes and Pheu Thai party, the opposition party allied with exiled former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra, won 7.9 million votes. In addition, the main reason that makes many people feel unsatisfied is the election commission or the EC has a large budget and plenty of time but had these problems. Moreover, BBC news also reported about Thailand election via Conversely, the Future Forward’s policy sound like it will bring bright future for Thailand but it is hard to believe that he will accomplish his goal because most of his policy be ideal policy so there have ever no one achieved it before. Thus, there still a lot of people support him even it hard to be happened.

Media literacy is the ability to encode and decode the symbols transmitted via media and the ability to synthesize, analyze and produce mediated messages. In the case of Thanathorn, one of his policy about the royal family that his party will overshadow the king in a government role by amending the law 112 which is the section about the royal family. Due to this policy, some group of people concerned about the sustainability of Thailand. Moreover, there are rumors said Thanathorn is anti-monarchy. The news program on TV name TNEWS reported “Thanathorn is dangerous” because he was the partner of Same Sky magazine which is the magazine that commented numerous negative feedback towards monarchy, TNEWS also pointed out about the behavior above lead to sustainability of Thailand and Thanathorn is dangerous to our country. However, Same Sky magazine was shut down. When people see negative news about Thanathorn, some of them believe it and start posting and sharing those news without considering whether it is true or not. At this point, people should aware of consuming news more because it might affect their lives according to the Cybercrime Act, Section 14. If any person commits any offence of the following acts shall be subject to imprisonment for not more than five years or a fine of not more than one hundred thousand baht or both:

(1) that involves import to a computer system of forged computer data, either in whole or in part, or false computer data, in a manner that is likely to cause damage to that third party or the public;
(2) that involves import to a computer system of false computer data in a manner that is likely to damage the country’s security or cause a public panic;
(3) that involves import to a computer system of any computer data related with an offence against the Kingdom’s security under the Criminal Code;
(4) that involves import to a computer system of any computer data of a pornographic nature that is publicly accessible;
that involves the dissemination or forwarding of computer data already known to be computer data under (1) (2) (3) or (4). Including media its own should be the good watchdog and not pick a side.

Audiences play a role in interpreting media messages because each audience member brings to the message a unique set of life experiences. Differences in age, gender, education, and cultural upbringing will generate unique interpretations.

Picture below is fake news

Prayuth order to close Princess Ubolratana’s Campaign
12 countries signed up about prevent Thais people entry to their countries

Therefore,postmodern people should also have media literacy, in the past people did not have enough media literacy which leads to tragedy because there have fewer media during those periods so people have to consume media via newspapers. For instance, 6th October massacre Thailand, the newspaper called Dao Siam created a fake message that agitated Thailand citizen for making them disunited and finally sanguinary happened, many have died just because of lacking media literacy and ethics of Dao Siam (media) in order to it is a take side media. On 5 October, Dao Siam, a right-wing Thai-language newspaper, reported that the skit about the murdered labor activists was actually a mock hanging of an effigy of the crown prince and that the student activists wanted to destroy the monarchy. Right-wing forces circulated copies of a photograph and the newspaper article about the alleged mock hanging of the crown prince. Dissident students were accused of being Vietnamese, Chinese and communists, all three being code names for persons whose activists were treacherously un-Thai. On 5th and 6th October, these accusations were taken one step further when the armed forces radio called for mobilization against the students massed inside the walls of Thammasat University.

Furthermore, the majority of postmodern people use Line application to share information in their own group with mostly having the same aspect about government party so they will not consume any news that opposite of their side anymore and not accept the truth whatever there are evidence come to support the other side. These can be effect who consume take side media and create an echo chamber more.

For example, this created a rumor that Thaksin married princess Ubol Ratana so postmodern people believed without considering what is really the truth. For the mainstream media, Nation TV, edited the fake video about the conversation between Thanathorn and Thaksin so it wants to discredit Thanathorn but it is busted!!. Lastly, many people who have enough awareness found out that the voice clip was fake thus they create the hashtag #เนชั่นโป๊ะแตก or nation busted and it becomes the 1st trending on Twitter. This hashtag gives benefit to people seeking for the truth and tries to find information on different sources but for people who already believe the news and not seeking for various will never know about it. Therefore, this hashtag is the 1st of trending on twitter means that many people find out that the Nation reported the fake news which contrary to the ethics of journalist hence this significantly affects on its reliability decreasing and people will watch their news less.

In conclusion, people every in generation should be aware of their media activism,  just only one click can bring disaster to your life. From paragraph above had bright our eyes that mistakes in past event happened because of lacking awareness and do not let echo chamber manipulate you, do yourself the research to find out the truth about both sides. Also open your mind to various informations from the real world not only on online sources which would help you to get the most accurate information. In addition, in these days people in digital native generation should even more aware of their media activism because situation in the past should illustrate them problems that it would cause, give the lesson to them and remind them that history should not be repeated itself.