Do you believe in luck?

The horoscope or Fortune telling is a study of the symbol that can approximately predict what will happen in the future as a guideline for people to prevent the bad situation, encourage them, and give advice. Tarot reading is one of the methods of Fortune telling that is very famous as well because it’s very easy understanding and quite precise. Fortune telling is typically based on personal beliefs. People is likely to into the fortune telling when they are starting something important such as business, weddings.

Now, come to the world that people can connected to each other through technology, people still remain the traditional beliefs. It’s amazing that when new technology come, it does not cause their beliefs disappear. People’s beliefs still exist and create a brilliant combination with modern technology as a new way of earning income!

Beliefs + Technology = How can it make money?

The Horoscope is not just a random thought made up by fortune tellers (Someone who uses tarot might define themselves as tarot readers.) The product that they sell is the credibility of themselves. Nowadays, when technology has changed the world, fortune teller is like other careers that can adapt and extend their platform to online. It is not like the older days that fortune telling thing is just a word of mouth and it is difficult for the new face in the career to be well-known.

Technology really helps at present as fortune tellers can to promote themselves and if the outcome turns out well, the clients will be pleased to give reviews to the fortune tellers. This is one of the ways of building credibility and good reputation for themselves. Sometimes, they might provide some promotion for their target group who would be prospective clients such as giving free general fortune telling which is like giving the sample of the product to help the clients to make decisions whether they will get private fortune telling service or not. It might effect more improvements because the more platform is grown up, the more people can approach and it causes more competition. And the knowledge of fortune telling become easily accessed, some experts has their own website or community for the fortune tellers to learn and exchange their opinions. In the other hand, increasing platforms may increase the opportunity for con artists to spoof people for money so you should be careful if you want to use fortune telling service.

Channels to get Fortune telling service

  • Fortune telling Application

There might be different features in each application, for example Scan Duang (สแกนดวง) has face scanning for analyzing physiognomy, A Duang has live stream, community and direct chat so you can directly contact with fortune teller that you choose due to plenty choices of fortune tellers in the application. It also has general fortune telling articles and community board to exchange your opinions with others Application name has a palm scanning feature to analyze your fortune as well. In some application, you can set to receive the notifications that will remind you of your fortune of the day. Korean gypsy application will let you choose the cards. It depends on what title you pick you might pick the fortune-telling in your overall, love, work, or money, etc.

If you are interested in fortune telling application, I recommend A Duang application because the interface is minimal and easy to read, providing professionally generated content by professional fortunetellers. You will experience daily fortune telling by yourself or asking questions in live stream, chat, call privately with professionals.

This is examples are some examples of the various features in fortune-telling application that I mentioned above.To use the fully featured in some application, you might have to pay.

  • YouTube Channels

Fortune telling Youtube channels are one of the current platforms for fortune tellers to create free fortune telling video content for promoting themselves. The titles and specific contents posted naturally depend on the owner of the channels, and you can select what you prefer to watch. Most of the target group is teenagers to young adults who would like to know the possibility of personal success in their life, so majority contents of the published videos are about love, work, and study.

Not long ago, Youtube had the updates on more features like Youtube story to post short videos promoting and Youtube community where they can post and get more participation from the audience to make it more interesting, hype up the next videos. In this platform, it is quite difficult to get private fortune telling due to inconvenient message features that receive mixed notification from comments, subscribing, likes, and community.

  • Any other social media platforms 

Fortune telling in social media sites is certainly different from other ways because every social media has different features so the fortune tellers might pick the best for their own fortune telling styles. Some people might combine and post the contents related using many platforms together. Twitter has a limitation in amount of characters so only short message and limit of pictures allowed to post but it can be linked as a thread and timeline goes very quick. Instagram mostly post as pictures, and stories. For example, a fortune teller post contents in Twitter and capture threads posted in Instagram too.
Social media sites are very convenient to get private chat for fortune telling. Also, promoting advertisements can be bought to promote page account. The contents can become well-known and trustworthy as the movement of shares goes faster than traditional way of promoting and clients can check on past activities from reviews of other clients as well.

However, technology is only the medium that help people improve their careers to become easily reached by the audience. Fortune telling depends still on people’s personal beliefs so audience have to use critically their own judgements too. Moreover, you don’t have to obsess with what fortune tellers say, just consider the advice they give and adapt to your own lifestyles in appropriate way.