In today’s competitive society, advertising plays an essential role in business. 

The advertisement represents the brand in order to give awareness to the target customer, not to mention that it could show the position of the company through the strategic plan of the distinguished message.

Today’s pop culture brings positive and negative outcomes to the advertisement industries because many companies tried to create noticeable content via promoting their brand. This makes higher competition to serve customer needs through customer’s interests like music, art, fashion, film. However, it goes beyond until it becomes an overstatement, stereotype in order to serve spectacle and differentiation between common products. 

Mr.Clean and gender role

Start with Mr.Clean, advertisement categorize the gender role for women in order to responsible for household chores from an early age. It appears a mother and a daughter cheerfully using Mr.Clean cleaning sponge. More than the visual, they also challenge gender stereotypes in the use of text, color, and people. This advertisement also limited how people see themselves and how others see them.

The advertisement challenges society’s traditional gender expectations through the text. The use of the text “This Mother’s Day, get back to the job that really matters.” This text is spot on for women, especially mothers. It is making a connection between mother to the household cleaning activity to being a part of a woman’s activity. The afterword – “The job that really matters” linked to mother’s day makes this ad sexist. Because it settles the duty of household cleaning to women, even there is holiday time. This is how society portrays how women supposed to be taking care of the house, expected to maintain good care of themselves. From our analysis from the text, it showed the words used were intended to categorize women for taking care of the house.

The word “Job” infers that a woman’s main priority should be a housewife. As a whole, women are expected to be clean and serve others. The creators seem to imply that for a mother, what should really matter is cleaning. The choice of colour which they chose for this advertisement is categorizing women in the division of household labour by showing both females wearing white clothing. This colour signifies purity, cleanliness, and innocence. Society’s expectation for women is to have a mentality and personality around those meanings. The visual that they wear white implies that they care about their environment and want to keep it clean.

This ad evokes the ideology that women should be thinking about maintaining the household clean at a young age. Shown by having a mother and a daughter in the advertisement. According to society’s expectation, young women expected to start an interest in feminine characteristics and behaviors from an early age.


Kenwood Chef Ads

The Kenwood Chef advertisement shows a man and his wife in the kitchen with a man wearing a suit as if he is going off to work. The wife is shown in a submissive posture wearing a chef’s hat.  In large pics, the ad read “The chef does everything but cook- that’s what wives are for!” while they are selling kitchen equipment, is devaluing a woman as a whole and supports the stereotype that all women can do is about the household chores. This product is not appealing to the women directly as a buyer but it aimed at the husband to buy for his wife to use.

The article affects both sexes as men may only consider women as cleaning household specialists while women may see this as their only duty from being women and conform to the stereotypes

Video Advertisement by Mercedes-Benz

According to Mercedes-Benz advertisement, this advertisement video hit 1.2 million which is one of the most popular advertisements for Mercedes-Benz.

There is some illustration through each scene that could enhance our analysis associate with Gratification, spectacle, media stereotype.

Initially, they use the quote“kids love crash toy cars “. Toy car could be considered as dream car that makes every kid wanted to buy this car when they get older, this tells how the brand “Mercedes Benz” created the process of gratification where people find something that satisfies themselves on the media, likewise, this could gain attention from car lovers for exploring more about function, price, a new design of Mercedes Benz on the internet in order to persuade to buy Mercedes Benz car.

As you can see from the above picture, women could describe a gender stereotype where all women-run over the Mercedes Benz car; how all women are insane and fascinating over this car which creates the perception that (men)whoever drive this car will have charisma in order to attract women.

This portrays women in a certain way, this could create the inequality that how men always deserve this kind of attention that men always considered as leadership but women considered as followers. Contradictory, if men who run and follow the car, this could turn out as surprise because the society always labels women as the follower.

Game and Hyperreality

Game is an excellent example of Hyperreality.

Hyperreality means an inability to consciously distinguish the reality from the simulation reality word by the advance technology from postmodern society

So to put it in a nutshell all thing that tries to copy reality to be on media or on your device that you simply cannot recognize that it is being made up and misled to your liking. Imagine as Inception movie that creates a fake world in your brain but you feel it just like your real word without knowing it fake.

We can see several games that try to copy reality especially one with named with a simulator like a racing simulator, farming simulator, pilot simulation and so one. Even a goat simulator existed in 2018.

But why do we have this kind of game? And how come it is so successful?

The sim, we all can agree that the sim game is the most played game and most well-known game in this century especially gen Z and Y kid, even girls know this game. The sim is basically a simulation game that simulates a human lifestyle, for example, creating a family building a house getting a job making friend love and marriage but also simulate disaster as well as thief, broke pipe, baby screaming and job.

Why do they even make this game? It is what you already face in real life?

People are trying to escape from their reality as the reality is not a cup of tea, to be honest, and the problem that sometimes if you make a mistake there is no going back as well as the current situation where we cannot go outside as our wish anymore. Thus, the game allows you as a player to control your world, the world that you design both character and house to your preference. And if you make any mistake you just restart the game of recreating your character again.

For some, it is a place where they can do what they want. To illustrate, getting married, having a baby or making friends in the real world does not allow you to do so whether financial issue, social issue or you just cannot and are not ready to do so.

This game is seeking to fill up the hole that people are looking for which has become a commodity or a product that lures people to like this game. Therefore it simulates the reality of our world to become hyperreality that people cannot separate the different.

Later when technology is improving and developing each day, we come to the world where people play games for us already, such as YouTubers or game streaming or Live on the Internet platform. What they do is casting a game that can be separated into 4 types of games; story game, single-player, multiplayer, and competitive game. Story game is by its name is a story in which he or she will play the game by walkthrough meaning that they will play the game from the beginning till to end as the game is given.

We as an audience tend to watch a funny and entertaining person that played the game and be able to explain the story of what he or she is doing. Or watching a professional player while it is a type to watch to obtain their skill to your skill or learning by watching, mostly seen from the competitive games.

It comes back to a question again that why? when you can simply play it by yourself? And it is more fun for the game that is created to be played, not from watching others play for you?

It is because people are lazy, to be honest, we are better letting others do a thing for you rather do it by yourself. For example, you rather let your mun wash your dish than you do it if your mum doesn’t force you otherwise. Therefore those people that streaming or playing or casting game on media platform is to compensate for your lack of productivity that you cannot do it. For example, watch a professional gamer compete with each other. You simply imagine yourself that you are on the stage competing but because you did not have that skill to be on that stage of the competition so you rather watch them at home.

Another point that is suitable for Thailand audiences is that most games come from a foreign country so the game is generally in the English language both speak or sound and subtitle. Therefore, it is easier for Thai people to watch those gamer understand the story and language that they familiar with.

Most value that compensate us are



-Game play (able to understand the game till the end)


-Lack of equipment

-Time and space (to play the game by themselves ).

-Friendship (sometimes people are often playing with their friend which lead to those who have no or only a few friends to play with)

-Opportunity (When you watch those professional or anyone does the thing that you will not and never will be able to do it, so by watching them make you feel like you experience the thing that they do too)

-Burden (watch someone go through hardworking and troublesome just so you don’t have to)


An image or simulation, or an aggregate of images and simulations, that either distorts the reality it purports to depict or does not, in fact, depict anything with a real existence at all, but which nonetheless comes to constitute reality.

As the audience , they have to differentiate what should be perceived or not perceived and find the reliable source in order to check whether that information is true or false. 

Not to mention, every company should not overstate and give the wrong information to the audience because this could lead to the reverse impact or destructive consequences eventually. 

Written by:

Phobphum Suwantawit 6107640283

Narongyot Chernviriyakul 6107640770

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