Sex is the key factor that definitely classifies human biological but what about gender? Sex and gender are distinguished for analytical purposes. In reality, sex and gender interact (mutually shape one another) to form individual bodies, cognitive abilities, and disease patterns, etc. (Nowatzki & Grant, 2011; Fausto-Sterling, 2012; Springer et al., 2011). In relation to intelligence, women develop more white brain matter, and men develop more gray brain matter (University of California, Irvine, 2005). There are some facts in the brain development process, a male brain represents more information processing centers, and a female brain represents more networking between these processing centers which would affect the way people communicate to each other and result of that communication. When we communicate, men and women have many different ways of communication to persuade or older people. On the other hand, the receiver side also has a different mindset among different gender. Not only on the face to face interaction but in social media gender can affect the way we understand the content from different gender that sends the messages too. Since we are raised differently as a boy, or a girl it is inevitable that different genders have different thought processing. Furthermore, the vital differences in communication between men and women are all in the thought process.

      Boys and girls are raised and treated differently because of the values which people believe that we cannot do stuff like boys to the girls. Parents will treat girls softly to create feminist daughter but treat boys to do the masculine stuff to be a gentleman while there is another model which is if a son is closer to mother than father, son might learn how to communicate from mom which will let son communicate in a girly way while daughter also can closer to father more than mom and learn how to communicate from father which will let daughter act like boy more and that will affect in communication too, this kind of model usually happened in family that have single-dad or single-. These can affect their personality and perspective.

Therefore, the way women and men talk will be different. Women can persuade and convince people more effectively than men since their voices, posture, and emotions are softer, reliable, and less overwhelming. But on the other side, men can do more on ordering people. Most of the people believed that men can be a better leader than women. Therefore, people willing to do more from the men’s order because of the value that men can lead us better than women. My example is, most of the leader of the company is male while the famous influencer is female. Another important factor is the social environment that the boys, or girls are in. Most of the boys that graduated from boy’s school would have more difficulty in approaching girls, since in their high school years their social environment only consists of boys, and the same goes for girls that graduated from girl’s school they often have this same issues. Differ from boys and girls that graduated from multi-gender schools would have more advantage in approaching opposite genders since they are accustomed to talking to different genders since they are children.

 Social media is the place that we all can publish an opinion and create the image of ourselves via the various platform. Men and women create a different identity on social media based on how they want to presents the image of themselves and showcasing their interests and lifestyle. From our experience, we found out that women spent their time on social media more than men which showing that women pay attention to social media more than men. Women also tend to used trans-media. They like to post the same picture through a different platform because they know that when they do this they will gain more attention through social media, for example, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. We can see that selfies posted on Instagram are more likely to be posted by a woman which is easier for them to become an influencer later on social media as you can see in top 10 most follower, female are twice more than male in ranking number statistic.

   From our perspective, we recognize that men don’t care as much as women in some type on social media. We went to have a look at many friends in Instagram both women and men and we saw that women’s account are more exquisite by controlled the tone of their Instagram and framed every picture of them in the same mood and tone. While men’s account doesn’t care much about the tone of their profile, they just posted whatever they want to. But still, there is some men’s account that does e same as women do which is framed the tone of their pictures. Another case that we saw in social media is most of the people who is not a celebrity and live on Facebook or Instagram are women. As we asked our women friend that usually live on Instagram about why she does it, she said that she wants to clarify herself to the audiences that followed her through live feature. She believed that when she lives, people will know more about her identity more than only pictures on her profile. The other reason is, she wants to know how much she can gain attention from the people on social media and she wants to have an interaction with her audiences. On the man side, we also asked about why most men don’t like to live on social media. My friend said he is too shy to talk alone in front of the camera and he doesn’t care much about how the others defined his identity. The other reason is he pretty sure that his friends going to make fun of him for sure. We can see it very clear that women and men are different via social media.  

   Pain has biological aspects (sex differences in pain signaling) and also cultural aspects gender differences in how men or women report pain, and how men or women physicians treat pain in men or women (Leopold et al., 2014). How men and women report pain differently may suggest a sex difference in how a device functions, for example, but these differences in reported pain may not necessarily be related to the medical device itself (U.S. FDA). Pain is one factor that affect communication because it is a vital feeling that could easily affect people behavior. The most group of people in communication study theory that get the effect from pain would be the receiver. A lot of people get emotional after receiving information from the sender. In this generation of technology, people can become sender after once a receiver because of news media. The sender that get emotional after receive information can change the medium in the message that they pass to other people. Emotional happened in different ways in different people which might affect the meaning of the message that they would pass to others using news media in a different meaning.

In conclusion, gender in communication can be complicated, but there are some significant differences as mentioned earlier. You may be finding some claims are not true, or unrelatable. However, sex differences in communications are real. We experience it every day at work, or even at home. Acknowledging the differences between men and women communication can be useful to you on many social media platforms as knowing differences can make you understand people from opposite sex better, also you can find more effective ways to communicate to them. As a matter of fact, gender issues in communication has begun since you are born and it will be a part of your life until you leave this world. The society may be evolving in every moment as we are having more and more of gender-blending and metrosexual, yet boy’s taboo behavior and girl’s taboo behavior still exists and may be unacceptable to some as they still have their image of how men and women should be or should act. In spite of differences in multi genders through social platforms,

there are a lot of products, movements, and trends that caught both men and women interests.

      We are currently living our lives in the third millennium, certainly, new trends are coming our way for us millennials some women and men’s taboo behaviors may not sound so strange in the future anymore as many men are applying makeup right now, which in the past a lot of people might find it inappropriate. Even Chanel announced their men makeup line “Boy De Chanel”.

   All in all us millennials are heading towards a new direction in gender differences, it can be seen anywhere even if you like it or not, but the change is coming our way just like it has always been, we as a human will need to learn unfamiliar, and an inexperienced new direction of multi-gender. The more you know and see where this is going to be like the more you can understand society as a whole. =

Author :

Thanathat Sawangvit

Napatr Nualchandrkul

Poramin Sangkrairungroj