Hello everyone! If talking about current online shopping, I can say that there is no more popular application than on Instagram for Thais teenagers. There are clothes and many accessories to choose from. Hence, today I would like to introduce 8 online clothing stores on Instagram. Which aside from being convenient and not having to go out to face the hot weather. There are still many products to choose from. I can assure you that shopaholic girls will definitely like it.

IG: Cllcloth 

Let’s start at the Cllcloth store. Anyone looking for a dress to work and go to the beach, this shop has all the items. Whether a mini dress, long dress. People who like to dress up sweet. This shop is the right way. Because the style of clothes is quite sweet but also slightly sexy. If anyone is interested, try to see on Instagram first. The price will start at 650 baht. They also offer free EMS delivery.

IG: Chamniii

A UNISEX clothing style shop that can be worn by both men and women. The shop will focus on casual clothing with vintage fashion combined with Korean fashion. Which is came out perfectly. The style looks not cute like a Korean girl. However, there are have many franchises at many Multi-Brand stores. The Prices range from 590 to 690 baht. The price is mid-priced, not expensive or cheap.

IG: Cintageshop

This shop focuses on girls who like pastel colors. It is another popular Korean style shop. The most important thing is the cheap price, starting at 200 baht, including T-shirts, pants, skirts, robes, street clothes. Which can be worn in everyday life. Therefore, it is a favorite shop for teenagers. In addition to the price is also attractive, their clothes are also modern style. Which is receiving attention, not falling in trend at all. I can say that if you click to see this shop, you might have to click transfer money immediately.

IG: Simplest.style

The most popular jeans shop. There are many styles to choose from. Each type of jeans makes us have long legs and shapely like a model. In addition to having chic jeans, they also have other trousers for us to choose from as well. There are have both short legs, long legs, and a skirt. Complete in one shop. As well as the best price. It’s a must-have item.

IG: Napatvogue.bkk 

Girls who like crop tops shouldn’t miss this shop. There are many types of crop tops in this shop. Each model is so good that I would like to press and order all. Besides, they also have chic pants and chic coats for us to shop as well.

IG: Mitr 

It is another shop that vintage girls will like very much with coolness. Retro high-waisted pants but still look modern and colors that are more than earth-tone, that is come with fresh colors, not too boring. Anyone who is a vintage girl can try to see this shop’s clothes.

IG: Ladyjanebrand

Mini girl’s clothes shop with chest, waist, hip proportion who always like to find difficult clothes sizes. Come to this shop! They will focus on classy clothes, in a color tone that is plain and polite, looks comfortable. The price is a bit high, but it is worth the price for his tailoring and neat cutting. The office girl will like it.

IG: Makjachic

Any girl who likes basic clothing, don’t miss the Makjachic shop. This store has many styles to choose from, including dresses, T-shirts, skirts, and shirts. You can choose according to the style you like. Importantly, we don’t have to wait for pre-orders as well. They ready to deliver. Suitable for girls who like all types of Korean clothing because there are so many to choose from. Also, the price starts at 150 baht.

This is all that I collecting 8 clothing shops on IG. You can go shopping online comfortably at home after you read this article. Each brand has different designs. Conversely, do not forget to follow. I guarantee that trendy products are always constantly updated. However, there are many IG clothing shops from many stores to choose from. Nevertheless, be careful as well. Choose a reliable store first. Most importantly, do not do shopping until forgetting to look at the money in your pocket too.