In many movies, the creators tend to hide some of the details of the movie they created before, called the Easter Egg for viewers to find.

Many people are confused about what it is, its direct meaning is Easter eggs. Oh nooo, I’m not kidding  you, but normally on Easter Day they play hide and seek “Easter eggs” in various places for children to find. So when using the word “Easter Egg” in the movie it usually means the things that the creators hid in order to surprise the audience. Anyone who is quick to find will be excited and then make it viral.

As said It’s a Disney tradition that tends to hide Easter eggs in different spots in each movie, which today I have compiled an interesting point to see.

If you’re ready, Let’s check it out

1. Rapunzel and Flynn in Frozen

The makers of Frozen did an amazing fan service that included Rapunzel and Flynn as guests of Arendelle. There is a lot of information saying that this is normal for Disney, some say that Rapunzel and Elsa are relatives, and some say that both of these animations are the same universe. The stories are linked, like a hero in the Marvel universe, and this meeting would probably show that this is the Disney Princess Universe. Next time you watch the coronation scene, look at the guest closely 😉

2. Mickey, Donald Duck and Goofy Under the Sea

Did you know that Goofy, Donald Duck, and Mickey Mouse can breathe underwater? Apparently, they can, since they’re present in the crowd at the beginning of The Little Mermaid, when King Triton makes his grand entrance. We could see that there are strange guests that are not sea monsters. After looking carefully, we found out that they are Mickey and Goofy from the story of Mickey Mouse. A second later, you can see that Kermit the Frog is there, too, but sitting away from the other Disney pals.

3. Nani’s Poster and Mulan Restaurant

If Stitch is hiding in other Disney movies, so who is hiding in Lilo & Stitch? Well, as you can see, the Mulan poster is on Nani’s bedroom wall. There are also Chinese restaurants named Mulan Wok.

4. The Spinning Wheel in Tangled

In Rapunzel’s movie Tangled, there was a scene that appeared in the spinning wheel in Rapunzel’s room. Which is similar to the Sleeping Beauty. But not only the Spinning Wheel is in her tower. There are also an apple for Snow White, a slipper for Cinderella, a rose for Belle, and a shell for Ariel.

5. Bootleg Zootopia DVDs

There are a group of Bootleg (Bluray) DVDs, that is the animals’ parody of modernizing Disney movie like Pig Hero 6 (Big Hero 6), Wrangled (Tangled), Wreck- It Rhino (Wreck-It Ralph), Meowana (Moana), Giraffic, Floatzen 2 (Frozen 2) and any other name of Disney character. And there is a scene where the police chief Bogo says, “Life isn’t a cartoon musical where your dreams come true, so let it go!” that is the parody from Frozen—Let it go.

6. Baymax in Moana

It was hidden seamlessly. When the face of Baymax, a bloated cartoon character from Big Hero 6, hides in the Gamamora colony that people can’t see because it’s only a small figure.

7. King Triton’s New Orleans Debut

The Princess and the Frog has a reference landscape from New Orleans. It’s also through a great Easter Egg for Disney’s fans. One of the biggest Mardi Gras floats is Ariel’s father—King Triton.

8. Sebastian and Genie

Existence is the restaurant of Aladdin, says Genie and the Genie is the master of it. But when the Genie goes through a menu of royal choices for Aladdin’s new princely identity, a crab — namely, Sebastian from The Little Mermaid — pinches him.

9. Maui turns into Sven from Frozen

There are many Easter Eggs in this scene. As Maui struggles with his newly recovered fish hook to shape-shift, he transforms into Frozen’s Sven only for a split second. In the video below, skip to 1:23 to see for yourself!

Including the scene of the giant crab in the movie. Tamatoa lays on his shell at the close of the credits, then struggles to get back up. He then turns to the camera and says, “If my name was Sebastian and I had a great Jamaican accent, you can support me absolutely.” I mean, he’s not wrong. 

And for the last one in this scene you can see the Genie’s lamp from Aladdin after Tamatoa finishes singing because Maui leaps up on his back to catch his string.

10. The Magic Carpet flies to Louisiana

We see a normal street scene just before the title comes up in The Princess and the Frog, with people going to work, driving cars and shaking out a carpet. Hold a minute — the carpet looks familiar with the tassels and the blue-and-purple pattern. It is the Magic Carpet from Aladdin. The Little Mermaid and Aladdin-themed Easter Eggs were inspired by directors John Musker and Ron Clements, the team that directed The Little Mermaid, Aladdin and The Princess and the Frog.

How is it with the Disney universe? Although Disney hides the Easter Egg in many movies (and there are still many The story that I didn’t talk about) but the movie’s taste has not changed or caused us some confusion. Instead, these Easter Eggs make us want to go back and watch that movie again and feel the need to act as a detective, want to know how Disney brings the characters, or these things came into the scene for what? It is also a review of our childhood memories in the past that how much we can remember things in Disney? I hope you’ll see the secrets hidden in our favorite movies and hope that the next time you read the novel or watch a movie, you will notice something and be happy to find the Easter Eggs.

Hope you enjoy :))))