It is hard to deny that people always face with one problem which is worried about whether we are getting sick or not. Actually, they want to see and ask the doctor. But, they are always lazy to go to the hospital since they do not want to waste their time of travelling to the hospital and waiting for the queue, not to mentioned about people who fear the hospital.

Nowadays, telemedicine technology has developed a lot, allowing people to make an appointment with the specialist doctor through the application. Also, people can ask for advice immediately, and the cost is considered to be much cheaper that the private hospital.

Even though you can use these apps, if the doctor tell you to go the hospital.



This app is called the Raksa app, a good app that will make us not have to guess or do not need to search what diseases we have on the google. Plus, this application will allow us to consult health problems or diseases with a specialist doctor who is licensed to practice medicine.

Moreover, The doctors on the app have an average of more than 10 years of professional experience in treatment and have consulted patients in leading hospitals both in Thailand and the United States. Thus, we can choose a specialist doctor in various fields to consult the problem, ask for advice or solve concerns to match our illness.

Symptoms or diseases that can be consulted through Raksa app

-Various allergies / allergies
-Rash / skin disease
-Sore throat, stuffy nose
-Diseases of the ears, eyes, throat, nose and pharynx
-Vomiting / diarrheas
-Child development
-Hospital follow-up (follow up)
-Other diseases can check all items in the app.

2. Chiiwii Live

“Chiiwii LIVE” is an application to discuss health problems with doctors with specific knowledge by talking through video calls, speaking with voice or messaging. To provide services for those who need privacy in consultation with a doctor, users can choose a doctor to advise by themselves, and they can consult anywhere or anytime which can save time of traveling to see a doctor. “Chiiwii LIVE” is mainly designed for women. There are more than 20 specialist doctors ready to help and advise various problems such as skin, beauty, cosmetic surgery, mother and child, female health Menstrual problems, birth control, pregnancy, etc.

Chiiwii LIVE is an app that does not replace conventional treatments, but it is a new alternative in the form of telemedicine that allows users to consult health problems anytime and anywhere under the slogan ‘Chiiwii LIVE Take care of you … to take care of others’.


  1. Please take a few minutes to provide useful information about yourself. This will be a key information that our doctors will refer to when answering your questions.
  2. To make your life easier, after you logged in you can just click ” Ask Now” and type in the question box then “Submit”.
  3. Your question will be sent to our specialist .
  4. An alert will be sent to your phone or email to let you know that your answer is ready.


Ooca is a tool that connects psychiatrists or psychologists with anyone who needs advice to help alleviate the negative feelings. Therefore, people who feel bad can use Ooca immediately by downloading the app to activate an appointment psychiatrist or psychologists and can talk via VDO Call.

The service fee is not high, starting at 30 minutes, 1,000 baht for psychologists and 1,500 baht for psychiatrists. Usually visiting a doctor at the hospital may cost 500 baht, but have to wait for a month. Or maybe losing thousands of baht.

The new generation is open and responds to Ooca’s services very well. Understanding that seeing a psychiatrist or a psychologist is not a matter of psychopaths, but it’s normal. The convenient service can make an appointment via VDO Call. Also, people do not waste time for traveling, and the service fee is not high should help to solve problems and prevent stress, depression better.

4.See Doctor Now

Online doctor consultation is not new in other countries. Due to the advanced technology, people can see a doctor easier. With the fact that 30% of OPD cases who visit a doctor is not necessary, and in some cases it may take only 5-10 minutes to check the symptoms, compared to the cost of time from traveling, queuing does not seem to be worth.


-Click the button to receive advice
-Type the initial symptoms
-Talk to a professional nurse
-Go to the examination room with a doctor
-Get recommendations

This app is quite simple. It will cut the money via credit card. Also, people can consult 24 hours. Service fee is 490 baht for the first 10 minutes of usage. After that, 49 baht per minute (but most will not exceed 10 minutes), which is considered quite cheap because of this price which the transportation cost to go to the hospital is already exceeded.

However, not all symptoms can all be used by See Doctor Now, if the nurses screened as an emergency or need to check the symptoms thoroughly will send to the hospital again.

5.Samitivej Virtual Hospital 

Samitivej Virtual Hospital is like an online hospital that provides telemedicine services which provide the technology to help patients and medical personnel can interact with each other in real-time, aiming to provide convenience for the customers. Plus, all services will be provided by the specialized medical team and nurses.

Samitivej Virtual Hospital 24-hour Real-Time Video Call medical consultation Service. Also, including home blood collection service, and drug delivery services. Service recipients can access Samitivej’s services from anywhere, easily, conveniently, and save time with a reasonable service fee, just like coming to the hospital. By providing medical advice and services in a limited according to the information the doctor has received from clients, but not classified as a medical diagnosis and cannot provide services in emergencies that require urgent medical care.

Channel for receiving Samitivej Virtual Hospital services

-Via the Samitivej Plus application (Android and iOS)
-Via the hospital website
-Via the application LINE @Samitivej
-Via partner application (myAIS, MTL Smile service application, Sansiri -home service application, SCG)

For a 15-minute consultation with a doctor, a service fee of 500 baht will be given. Moreover, customers will receive a 20% discount on medication fees in the Samitivej virtual hospital.