“Fast fashion is like fast food. After the sugar rush, it just leaves a bad taste in your mouth.”

Livia Firth

Nowadays, we have to accept that the media is one of the biggest roles that support the fashion industry in this era. The impact of the media that affects the industry is not only in a positive way, but people are not aware of it. So, the effect that affects our world is the trend called “fast fashion”. This kind of trend is slowly destroying our world, not only the environmental problems but also people’s minds that are obsessed with their own greed.

What is fast fashion?

Most people already know what fashion is. But they did not know what ‘Fast fashion’ means. In brief, fast fashion is the products that produce very fast to fulfill the demand of the market during that time, so that people can reach or buy the products easily. It depends on the trends that are popular during that time.

Not only the clothes that can be fast fashion, but also accessories, cosmetics, or much more such as Prada sunglasses, a Bucket hat, Bomber jacket, Nike Jordan shoes, or much more.

How does fast fashion affect the world?

Have you ever observed how fast fashion affects the world?

The fast fashion trend is so cruel not only to the environment but also affects labor in the production cycle of those products that are also oppressed to produce it for the demand of the market that increases every day. Exactly, our behavior is the cause that supports illegal labor. In the case of Uyghur people have to live in the cycle of fast fashion that we have created. Uyghurs labor gets a lot of threats from the entrepreneur to make them survive day by day without a chance to make a better life.

Mulan, Uyghurs And The (Un)Ethics Of Fashion – Green is the new Black

Even if Uyghur labor is top of the trend in social media and a variety of media try to assume and giving information to the public, and hope these things that they do will make the situation better internationally or worldwide, but that’s not enough to stop these people behavior or make others aware of the issues. A lot of people also keep consuming fast fashion such as H&M, UNIQLO, ZARA, or many more that we are able to see in our daily life.

Fast fashion does not affect only in terms of the labor part but it also affects the way of supporting the ideal stereotype from the society that creates the norm and judging people through fashion. People start to indicate the social class with the clothes they’re wearing. This forces everyone to have the same standard as them by their own bias or norm. That leads to a social issue such as mental health that is a very sensitive issue.

Most people cannot deal with it and end up trying to suit society’s standards by catching up with all the current trends without caring that their behaviors are going to support fast fashion.

As you know from the past, there are lots of trends that people are going crazy about. For example, a case that is going to remind you is the Gucci belt trend from 2018. The trend made this product out of stock for a while, and the brand has to produce this product to fulfill people who need this item for their collection. These trends are very popular and most trendy people could not miss this trend.

“The Gucci Belt Has Won over 2018 Celebrities” – What’s GUCCI, Fashion Blog

The “Gucci Belt” that lots of people around the world have gone crazy for wearing this item even the superstar, celebrities, or influencers such as Kendall Jenner, Selena Gomez, or many more, to make them look more stylish in 2018. When pictures of these celebrities with Gucci belts are published on social media, it made this product go out of stock from the market for a while, causing people to want to look good and trendy like their favorite idol.

Even though Gucci tries to support sustainable fashion, it still gives off a fast fashion vibe for a high-end brand. But now, people stop wearing or finding those products because it is out of trend and going to catch up to other trends that are popular at that time. Also, the media like an intermediary to communicate with the people that are going to update the new trends on their platform and support the fashion industry. Therefore, the media is an important role in creating a big impact on fast fashion trends.

At this moment, the fast fashion industry becomes a big role in our lives.

Most people did not intend to support this behavior. But, it is the cycle that is going to shape our behavior which we aren’t aware of. So, the media can be a big cause that going to support and make a crucial impact that people cannot predict how huge the effect is.

The next example of a fast fashion trend is Matte lipstick that most girls are obsessed with. Most brands try to launch Matte lipstick for the need of people that increases every second. But, only one brand that is very successful and no one does not know this brand is the KYLIE COSMETICS by Kylie Jenner. 

The trend of the Matte lipstick is very trendy in 2015 but now they are out of trend. Most of the beauty influencers and celebrities try to create an image that convinces people to believe that they will be able to be like them by using the same product such as Kylie Jenner that create a cosmetics brand called KYLIE COSMETICS which promote her own brand by using herself to be an image of the brand with her plump lips.

During that time, most teens admire her lips and want to be like her. This kind of trend shows that people are easy to get persuaded by the media, and going to be influenced by the thought of how they are going to look more classy and up to date all the time.

“Is £1bn Kylie Jenner a good role model or just selfie-obsessed?” – Daily Record

As you know that Kylie Jenner influences the image of teens. So, most teens have a perspective that she was a fashion icon in the fashion industry. She has plumped lips which are the prominent point on her face and selling point for her product that she created. It creates an online trend that is known as #KylieJennerChallenge, a DIY way to make plump, bigger lips. This fast fashion trend is very popular in teen’s society and it has a negative effect or danger after they do those trends.

People forget that most cosmetics have to experiment with animals before they could launch their products. People are not aware or observe that their behavior is the cause of environmental destruction. Even though the latter eco-friendly trend has more influence power by using social media to publish the information, it does not work efficiently or not having enough power to make this situation better.

How is the media going to solve fast fashion?

Have you ever known that we could stop fast fashion trends easily? Even if it has to take a long time to solve them. By using social media through our technological devices to share the fast fashion problems that we have created.

Is it easy or not?

Otherwise, most of you could try the campaign and challenge of stop fast fashion #NoNewClothes or #WhoMadeMyClothes to learn more detailed information that going to give you some experiences or maybe create your own challenges such as wearing more second-hand clothes or old clothes that you have in your closet to mix and match them together and sharing this challenge to your own social media such as social media TIKTOK, Instagram, Twitter or many more than most of you had seen this challenge before.

These challenges are not only trying to use soft power to change people’s behavior but also encourage and let brands be aware to center their sustainability efforts around justice and wellbeing for the labor in the fashion industry. Therefore, media power is going to be a big role to change the direction to solve the fast fashion cycle for everyone, not eventually us but also the labor that is working hard to fulfill our needs that increase every second from the fast fashion trends today.

As you know that the media on the internet platform is able to spread out information really fast. So, anyone can be an information publisher to publish to the public in their own social media account. There’s no need to use much energy or money for distributing the messages to large audiences through the media as a medium that we use to communicate with others. Make it easy and simple. Everyone is able to help the world to solve this problem by starting with yourself and a mobile phone in your hands. It is not too hard to do right? 

“So, If you participate in the campaign against the fast fashion trends. Let’s show us some of the pictures and we hope that you will enjoy them. Everyone can be a hero by starting from yourself.”