Netflix has become an important part of the 20th century. It becomes the culture, it becomes the hobby, it even has its own term “netflix and chill”. Netflix is so famous and popular that it no longer requires media content from other producers besides their own. And they have done a really good job so far.

So it’s the weekend already or maybe it’s just Tuesday night or Wednesday morning? What should I be watching or let’s call it binging. Don’t worry, there are thousands of movies, series, or documentaries to watch on this website. But I am here to make your life easier by providing suggestions based on my own experience in watching some of the Netflix show that do not only fulfil your entertainment purposes but will also open your perspective toward certain topics. 

Below you will find the top 6 worth watching shows on Netflix that reflect the truth of the society we are living in. It is a mix of different genres from thriller to comedy to sport. You might be wondering how all of these genres reflect society, you’ll be surprised by how they actually are.  Some of them are so impactful that it received multiple praises as the best Netflix show due to their portrayal of the harsh truth. Trust me, you’ll love all of them not because they are fun to watch but because they will leave you speechless.

Formula 1: Drive to Survive

Are you an F1 fan? If you do, then this is something you CANNOT miss! The documentary follows the real life of F1 drivers including the F1 teams and the people operating it, both on and off the track. The series gives viewers the real insight into the racing world and what they have to sacrifice in order to lead the team to a podium. 

Why should you watch it?

Formula 1 is probably the world’s most famous car race with the world’s biggest car manufacturers such as Mercedes and Ferrari, hiring the best drivers and engineers with only single purposes, to drive on the track as fast as they possibly can. Furthermore, the series explores the politics and personal life of those within each team, reminding us that besides your talent, it requires a little wit to stay in the industry. Some might think it is unfair, but that’s the harsh truth we have to accept about how most industries work. The connection, the power, the money, all of these contributed to what’s going on the track.  


This American drama series follows a story of a well known sibling of Bridgerton and the society that pressures them to find love. Revolving around high-class British society, the series explores the cultural oppressions for women. It chooses to represent the racial integration as well where people of different races are granted titles and nobility. It has become the most renowned series for the representation of mixed race Queen Charlotte. 

Why should you watch it?

Well apart from its racially diverse representation which is considered quite unique in this type of series, Bridgerton is basically like Gossip Girl with a mix of Pride and Prejudice. The story does not only show the downside of being a female back in those eras, but it also shows the  constant pressure women have to struggle with in order to find a husband. We all know gender inequality was a really big issue back in those centuries and this series has not failed us to portray the truth in a more upbringing way. But that’s not all, the costume and the architecture in this series are EVERYTHING. 

Sex Education

This British comedy-drama series follow a story of Otis Milburn, an insecure-teenage-boy who has problems expressing and discussing about sex, even though, his mother is a sex therapist whom is very open and frank about sex. Having been bullied at school for his sexual discomfort, Otis and his classmate, Maeve, set up a sex consultant business in order to help other students with their sexual-related problems.

Why should you watch it?

Sex is a topic we should be able to discuss freely without the pressure of society telling us whether it is appropriate or not. It is rather natural for humans to be having this talk, in which the series has expressed and reminded us in some way. Most teenagers are struggling with discomfort in talking about sexual-related topics. Nevertheless, Sex Education shows us how important it is for all of us to be expressive about this topic and how it should be normalise in the society, which I strongly believe is a very good show that offers entertainment and (sex)education.

When They See Us

This American crime-drama miniseries is based on a real life event of the 1980 Central Park Jogger Case, where five black teenagers are falsely accused of rape and assult of a white woman in central park. The 5 teenagers have to go through difficult phases while serving their jail times.The series received many praises for its outstanding cast and its visionary director, Ava DuVernay, who is a strong supporter of political and racial inequity.

Why should you watch it?

This series explores the harsh truth of being a person of colour, while shining the light into the injustice in American legal system. It explores politics, social, and racial problems in America, where people of colours are wrongfully or falsely accused of the crime they did not commit. The series is showing the negligence of the New York Police Department that failed to conduct a rightful prosecution. During the real event that the series based on, there were multiples protest proving the innocent of the 5 men, which they later sued the New York Police Department for malicious prosecution, emotional distress, and racial discrimination. 


Fans of something a bit more darker? This is the one you don’t want to miss. This American psychological crime thriller series follows a story of two FBI agents, Holden Ford and Bill Tench, and their attempts to get inside the mind of many notorious serial killers in order to try to understand them. Together, they initiated a research project to interview convicted serial killers and hoped that their psychological explanation would assist them in solving crimes in an ongoing case.

Why should you watch it?

The best part about it? Some of the characters are based on real-life people. In other words, serial killers are the best part of this series. From Charles Manson to Ed Kemper, the series astonishingly cast a very similar, if not identical, character to portray these roles. Besides the serial killers, let’s talk about the psychology aspect within this show, for you to understand what a psychopath thinks, you must become one. It is surely disturbing to even acknowledge all the horrible things these people have committed, but some argued that it is the society that shaped them this way. Just like the quote “serial killers aren’t born, but they are made”. It is certainly an addictive thing to watch and try to comprehend.

The Queen’s Gambit

Chess lover? This one will leave you love it even more. This American coming-of-age drama series tells the story of an orphan, Elizabeth Harmon, and her journey on becoming the world’s greatest chess player. Alongside her road to accomplishment, Beth is struggling with drugs, alcohol, and personal problems including mental illness that lead her astray. The series received many praises including its outstanding protagonist, playing by Anya Taylor-Joy.

Why should you watch it?

This miniseries contains a well-told narrative of the main character since the beginning of her journey until the end. The story also includes the aspect of feminism, being a woman trying to make her way to the top in a male-dominated industry, the series did a very good job in portraying the female empowerment of the main character. Being in a world of chess, it is undeniable that it is a man’s world. It shows us how unfair the society may be when it comes to equality, not to mention the pressure and disrespect women might receive back in the day or even nowadays. And let’s not forget about chess, all the strategy and games that were shown in this series are real, which leaves us feeling amazed by how complex chess can be!

Okay, I know there are many more shows that we can consider “worth-watching”, but these are simply my own suggestions to you. As I have mentioned before, I know that series are mainly for entertainment purposes, but I want you to see the stories from another perspective as well. These series are surely well-produced, they are full with narratives and side-stories that really do need to be discussed.

One way or the other, we see that they are telling the truth of our society through narrative entertainment stories in which I strongly believe will leave you questioning the norm and the belief that continues to exist in our everyday life. I sure hope my lists will pop-up into your mind in case you ever get indecisive about what shows to watch on Netflix!