In November 2019, I have a chance to work as a media marketing team for a tourism company

My first job is to Go to Vietnam for 5 days!! with the tour And taken all the video and picture , feeling , about this trip as much as possible . To make a advertisement such as trans-media , cross-media ,native ads !!!

Working for the first time with a big responsibility of work is a big challenge for me. I need to plan lots of things I’ll use and for things in unexpected circumstances. I will elaborate my experience, what I been through and what I prepare to make this trip and my work accomplish to be a knowledge for someone who want to work as video, advertisement creator.

Great time

5 days for normal people in aboard trip is a chill, happiness vibes  . However, for video,content creators it is 5 days of hard works.

Due to the company policy I can’t show all the video , footage

Let’s go !!!

1. The big prepare

For this trip, I need to record every place I go such as lunch, dinner meal and people and environment so I need quite a lot of memory. I buy 2 more 64 gb memory card . 128 gb from my calculation is enough .I don’t want to bring more memory card because I need to stayed in multiple hotel it have high chance to lost it .  I bring 2 battery because 1 battery can use for 5-6 hours and 2 is enough for the day. I bring the most comfortable jean , shirt ,shoes for quick situation such as running filming or bent filming . I tried to make my bag lightest as possible.

2. My schedule , time  ,responsibility

I’m a staff of this tour so I was brief to wake up , eat , walk the same as guide ,tour leader .

Why is that a big deal ? 

Guide wake first ,eat last ,walk first

I wake up at 4.30 everyday and sleep 12-1 am everyday (very very sleepless)

I didn’t have chance to eat on time everyday and only have few foods on the table .More vegetable ! Less meat !

I need to always walk quick in front of the tour and always holing my camera

This is a backbreaking work .

But it is the job I love so I do my best up the hills  

3. Take all the footage as much as possible

This is the hardest part because it is not part time or full time job . It is full day- night jobs . I need to capture all moments and feelings . I don’t know how to explain about feelings in a photography world but I think my footage can make you understand more of it . It feels very good to see people that are happy and taken the picture to be their memories .

4. To be informative

My job need to be informative for customers and local guides too . I need to know more about the company and tourism to answer customer questions . I need to recited some of the basic knowledge and Q&A with my supervisor a few days before the trip .

5. Best of service

Yes, it is job is a service job . I need to entertained and maintain customers feeling and mood to always be happy . If the customers are happy staff is happy (Everyone told me this before the trip ). I didn’t think by myself that customers are happy but after I see these photo I know they are happy in the trip. More or Less

In deeper , This is what I planned to be in my video content for the company

  • Video insert of the environment : I capture the place environment and trying to represent the vibes of the place
  • People and culture in Vietnam : This will mostly be an insert in the ads video
  • Photo Customers : this is the most important factor because every customers expect to have a good and beautiful picture in their trip .
  • Video of customers : Video of customers is as much important as photo
  • Wide shot of multiple places : Places in Vietnam such as hotel , art architecture are very beautiful .

Its was a very tired trip but so much fun . I learned that working in the job that I love is important because I always want to do it and make it better . Even though, there are tiredness from sleepless night , walking up the hills ,entertaining , . etc. In third day , I need to walk up the hills for few km. but the view was so beautiful that made me I forgot how tired I was.

Vietnam have a great environment especially when I went up the mountain . Every places I go I smell like pure oxygen and cost of living in Vietnam are not expensive . I have a great time with staff, guide and local guide and customers . Furthermore , all customers are very nice and easy-going they always go along with staff . The timing for this trip was great, no rain when we arrive at the places and the weather was cool and beautiful sun.

This job makes me see more and understand more about the world .

Moreover, I have new connections and friends in Vietnam . Vietnamese are very sweet and kind . If I have a chance I will go back again .

“ Traveling is meaningless without a companion ”

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