Have you ever believed in supernatural or special phenomena that we can’t prove?

 Have you ever seen or watched any of the special kinds of everything that science can’t process, prove, or even explain? Well, is it evolutionary biology of humanity or is it a Force from StarWars? How did it happen or was it real? How could we know it? And why do many people believe in some mystical things that they cannot understand? Yeah, it is always our questions for our entire life. And yes! People believe what they believe in Culture, Mythology, Novel, Magic, Disaster, God, Guardian, or even Science fiction. With technology nowadays, those Supernatural things can be seen in many ways through the view of media and science. Cool right! It is not just some superpower that old fashioned people used to think that it was Satanic, Angelic or Chaotic. With nowadays information, research, technology, experience, experiment, evidence, knowledge, and more! It makes things get better and clear shots! That is why that power makes us understand more about everything we were afraid of or scared of! For now, we can use all possibilities to process the way we use to understand all phenomenons which we can predict through space and time!

Mystic Magic picture, by wlado for: mystic draws photoshop contest ...

Mystic Or Blinded

Supernatural is always a huge issue for all content in the media. Sharing the content of Supernatural in the media is very capable of all people nowadays. Which means this content makes people feel and interested. And yeah it’s gone viral and gets shared on every platform. Yes! It is not just popular among all platforms but also makes people believe in all Supernatural unconditionally. Let me explain why? In some societies this kind of stuff always gets popular and people in this society believe in it without any questions. It was like when we were in 2012 that some of the popular predictor said that this planet earth would’ve been cracked in 2012 and then people believed and prepared for it like it would definitely come, definitely. If they are truly believed in something. It’s not going back. Some of this stuff is related to the legend, myth, or even religion. Moreover, it is also combined with Culture so it is really hard to not believe in it.

Sometimes even science can explain it, people still believe in it, sometimes it is just a phenomenon of the galactic or natural and some people use it to make people self gain popularity by using all the situations. And sometimes it is hard to question the content of this stuff in the media. Yeah, it is! When you have your own beliefs it is hard to accept other beliefs. Supernatural nowadays is kinda like science for technology’s vision through the media, however, some people who can not use or are capable of using technology won’t have any idea of it, especially Thailand. It is always like a talk of the town every week. When one shares something like praying the black water and drinking it for luck and health. Yeah! That was crazy and unbelievable but it always happens. And even scientists, doctors, or even some technicians explain that it was a pipe waste that actually broke. They still pray and drink it in a good way. Just the next day all the platforms post it like “ The villagers believe that drinking black water helps cancer and cure all the decease ”. And then the next day after the news spread on the platforms especially FB, more people went to the location and drank it. Even many scientists, doctors, or people who knew what it was warm they still drank. And yeah combined with their beliefs, it appeared those people who drank it got into a bad situation, in a process of the hospital. Just guess? What if that news wasn’t public, what would it be? Or what if people just thought and had some media literacy rather say understanding more before choosing to believe or sharing, what would it be? 

Blinded is always a true enemy of the truth -avid fan of mystery, 19

Beliving Or Seeking

As a result of the first present-day, more people now concern more about the media which slightly becomes a part of their life. It is important to find out the news and acknowledge before you share it. And nowadays New Media is the part of their life to use it in everyday routine since you wake up you use it since you try to cook you used it, since you try to find the information you used. So now this thing is kind of like a common of our life tools to help us live easier, even how we can access information easier than before or how we use our new media to share easier and this is like a new community for now. However, it is hard to believe all the information or it is not safe to believe all of the information on the media platform because nowadays fake news and any clip that be in the New Media can be fake or be like an illusion to see through the true information. It is hard to change their beliefs even when I was just a kid, I always believed in all the supernatural on YouTube or even on any platform because I like it and I believe in it but when I grow up I have to understand that this one is fake or not. This clip is made up or not because we should have some kind of media literacy. What we should do is to think critically before we choose to believe and choose to share it because it might cause a consequence to all the people who already got shared information. And even now some of the popular people who have owned the credit that people would believe in the information might be fake because now they can be fake accounts or get the wrong information before they share it. So, what we should do for now on, we should think before sharing and don’t just think like ” Okay it’s okay to share ” but think that ” Is it good to share or is it already revised enough to share “.

Just like what we should do ” Doubt in everything and think critically “

– Sydney Swift