The Hunger Games, a youth literature written by “Susan Collins,” has been adapted into an adventure-drama film. Based on politics enough. By telling the story of the events that happened in the future world after the collapse of civilisation In the country called Panem, there are 13 counties with the Capitol as the capital. The game (which has 12 districts) is about 24 teenagers who are recruited into the game who must kill each other to survive, the last one is the winner.

Briefly tell In the first installment, the film opens up to 12 districts in the dark period (12 districts), which fall under the rule of a central city called Capital, with the rulers who live a well-pleasing life. Is the one who determines the fate of the 12 regions that are in need of poverty And oppressed by capitals Therefore, the people of the 12 districts did not dare to change anything. Due to the fear that the Capital had created, it was all over the place. One of the tools to create fear and suppress people is The game at the Capital requires every The district is required to send one girl and a boy to the Hunger Games every year, with a simple rule that 24 children compete against each other on the TV screen. Until there is only one survivor left.

By the way choose to go and risk your life. In which the percentage of death is greater than that of survival The story in the movie shows that the main goal is to fight for. “Surviving, Live and Going Home” so most of the children recruited are driven by destructive situations. Another party of all forms. To hate the opponent, although never known before, while some conscience twitch to the reluctance to kill or eliminate the opponent brutal Ruthless like everyone else.The protagonist is A young girl named Katniss Everdeen is represented by District 12, the poorest district. (And she made the sacrifice for her sister), she refused to kill. Try to save yourself from being hunted and killed without killing anyone. In the first part of this movie She and a young man named “Pita” from the same district became the survivors. And for the first time, Capital was forced to announce two winners. It was Katniss’s victory that showed a lack of submission to Capital. Until it became a cause for a revolution And the origin of the story in part 2, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Part 2 of this movie is very politically oriented. It is a continuation of the Capital By the leader named “President Snow” is trying to stir up the hatred of division among the 12 districts. By organising winners such as Katniss and Pita to tour shows in different regions Hope that people in different districts anti and organise another special round.But this time it turned out that Katniss has sparked a conflict with the Capital among the people. In this installment, the symbols are used, including the Mockingjay bird symbol that the heroine carries all the time with the Three Finger Salute, or the arms raised up 3 fingers forward to denote the intolerance of unrighteous powers.

All of this said just in case. For people who may have never read a book or watch a movie.The Hunger Games, especially during this time, Thai people who opposed the coup have adopted a 3-finger symbol like in the movie. Therefore there are those who do not understand the origin Or misinterpret the meaning of this symbolSuch as in social media like Facebook Many people understand that raising 3 fingers is only used to thank, rejoice and say goodbye to death. In fact, this symbol in the first part. Has a meaning in that way But later there was a rebellion against the Capital. People in other districts Therefore took the symbol that is used in the 12th district where the heroine is Used in a way of resistance, to resist and show discomforts.

The introduction of a three-fingered symbol was something like the easiest to do against the coup in Thailand.And convey their meaning in the most clear and straightforward way At a time when the military took control of the peace of the country at this time.If compared to lifting A4 paper written various protest messages May be more difficult to do Or more complicated (Because you have to prepare paper + pen) and may risk being easily detained If you go to lift in a public place Or at a rally, despite the presence of many protesters Because it was considered an offence as the NCPO regularly announced.


If you look back at the use of symbols in political activism. We can see it all over the world. For in Thailand before I had a group The PDRC also has groups wearing white masks (V masks) protesting against Thaksin’s regime. And opposed to the elected government’s administration of state affairs, Miss Yingluck Shinawatra, with the widespread use of the white mask in opposition. The Guy Fawkes mask began as a protest in the movie. “Masked executioner” in the United States in 2006 by a group of opposition parties, who are opposing the movie and the movie supporter All wearing masks. To protest against unrighteous powers in many countries, such as white-masked Egyptians protesting Mr. Mubarak, or the Brazilian government protests. Was also wearing this white mask in Thailand The white-mask protest first appeared in 2012 when a group of university students protested against removing universities from the system. By campaigning for the participants to change their profile picture to a masked Guy Fawkes, later in 2013, there was a protest on Channel 3, abruptly ending the broadcast of the drama “Nuea Mek 2 The Magician Slayer”

But when it comes to its origin, the true meaning of the Guy Fawkes mask is a little different from what the protesters are trying to convey. Because this white mask comes from Mr. Guy Foch or “Guido Foks”, a member of a radical British Catholic group The infamous Gunpowder Plot was planned and promoted as part of the assassination plan for King James I, but that Guy Fawkes campaign failed and he was put to death. (But Mr Fawkes killed himself by jumping off the gallows before being executed.)

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However, even with the introduction of “symbols” in political movements as well. But the white mask of the past is a picture of anti-aristocracy. Even today it can be interpreted as an anti-corruption, or against a government it does not support. But there are still doubts about the masking of protesters’ faces.That implies not daring to confront directly Or be brave enough to show up honestly to those who have the upper hand? While a new generation of resistance that adopted a 3-fingered symbol is a more open-faced expression And use a powerful interpretation of Freedom – Equality – Brotherhood The way residents of the 12 districts rise to the capital’s power (in part 3 is the answer to a very compelling urban uprising).

Still, the use of symbols in any kind of political movement Need to be careful and be careful in the various limitations That existed now with public expression. Among various regulations In the past, they could do as they would like, no one forbid and no one to do anything because the state gave everyone the freedom of freedom. But now the situation Changed already Maybe you have to ask yourself Is it worth the risk?