Most people might think the Nintendo Switch is the normal game console. You can think like that but, if you look more closer to this console you will know that this console can flip the aspect of the gaming gear like the smartphone change the function and platform of mobile phone. Moreover, it can be the best selling multimedia device in the future.

The beginning of the War

First of all, before the explanation of why the Nintendo switch is good? what the function of it? and why it can be the best selling gaming device? etc. the first information that the reader needs to know is the history of the gaming console. The big boom era of gaming console{the last of fifth-generation game device} started in 1994, the PlayStation one came out and it was the talk of the town during that time. it makes Sony gain a lot of customers and many game companies started to make the game for the PlayStation one. the units sell are 102.49 million. at the same time, the Nintendo also created the gaming console but the display and the game were not good as Sony {it also known as Famicom} and the united sold is only 30.8 million, this showed that Sony was having the brighter future of the gaming console war. However, this was just the beginning of the real gaming console war.

Famicom and PlayStation one

The 3D screen war

At the age of millennium, technology improved very fast, many things seem to be more likely in science fiction such as TV becomes more convenient to use, mobile phones become lighter, and CD become more popular to use in many display devices like PlayStation. But, the model is not the same, Sony in the 2000s was releasing the nuclear Bomb for the gaming console war which was killing a lot of many gaming device companies and their weapons named PlayStation2. This was way better than the PlayStation one in many ways such as the united sell, the graphics, the design, and the game. over 1000 game producer was made many games for PlayStation 2. moreover, the new enemy for Sony and Nintendo had come because many technology developer companies saw the opportunity in the gaming console market, especially, Microsoft. the gaming console that was the new enemy of Nintendo and Sony is called X box. But the X box in this era still cannot nock the dynasty of PlayStation 2 but it made the Nintendo being the third option of choosing the gaming console.

The 7 generation war

When the seventh generation of gaming console came Sony still being the king of gaming console because Sony released the PlayStation 3 and Sony still have a strong fan base but, the Microsoft also released the X box 360 which was almost beat the Sony because many platforms and graphic is good as PlayStation3 and the joy controller is better than the PlayStation3. However, Nintendo seems to come out from the seventh generation war so, Nintendo’s new goal is focused on the family’s play console or we also know as WillU. This family’s play console still grabs some attention from the gamers because it fits good for the family, children, and the Nintendo fan but, most of the game in WillU is the sports game and some Nintendo franchises game such as Mario, Zelda, and sonic, etc. Which it does not cover all the customer’s needs like playstation3 and X box 360 which have better graphics and better gameplay.

The current War

finally, the present generation (eighth generation ) came to the world, Sony always came like a storm. there have made the PlayStation 4 which is the best gaming console ever because it has the touch function in joy controller, the 1080 full HD display, and a bunch of the high spec games is released for PlayStation 4. Not only the PlayStation 4 but also the Microsoft also bring their bran new storm named X box one. Same as the seventh generation the Sony and Microsoft still being the good rival. these two companies are forgetting the enemy which lost them since the fifth generation. However, Nintendo is not the same anymore because Nintendo got a new Idea that they want to make a game console which also can be the handheld game. This solution came out and it called Nintendo switch. At first when Nintendo switch came out it not as popular as PlayStation4 because most people have the prospect that Nintendo is the family game console and the games that first released in Nintendo switch are the family games and the Nintendo’s franchise games. In the 2019 Nintendo switch gain, a lot of partners from the grand opening of Nintendo switch red boxes, this one has a longer battery life and a more stable processor. It makes many game companies produce a big series game to Nintendo switch such as CD Projekt red, UbiSoft, 2k, and EA sport, etc. Now Nintendo switch is on the same level as PlayStation4 and x box one. Moreover, it more convenient and portable to use than PlayStation4 and x box one which is the home dock console. In 2021 Nintendo has an idea to bring Netflix into the Nintendo switch because in 2018 there had brought a YouTube to it and it made the Nintendo switch to become more popular. If Nintendo can bring Netflix to its device, there will have more applications that are not for the only game that accessing the Nintendo switch. For example, Amazon Prime, Disney TV, and Apple TV, etc. This is the sign that the game console in the future won’t be only for gaming but also it will be the multimedia device the same as the smartphone. For now, Nintendo makes the CEO of the PlayStation said Nintendo will be the winner of the console war in recent years.
The technology always changes it depends on how convenient it is and the most important is the Ideas. The Nintendo Switch is a good example that shows that a good idea can change the aspect of the gaming console. So, if you have any ideas, let’s show it and make it happen!!!