If you were one of the crown fans, you could see that prince charles hated princess diana so much but what about in real life. Do they really hate each other? Back in the past when people thought that this love was fairytale but what about the affair between Charles and Camilla that happened during the marriage of Them. How did the royal family feel about this situation? Is it like how the crown portrayed?

Prince Charles and Princess Diana- The crown

In the crown season 4, It is the beginning and almost the end of relationship of Diana and Charles. In this season Prince Charles try to find his lover who worth to be king’s mother and to be queen if charles abdicated his throne. To be Charles’s wife not only that you have to be good for him but you have to be good for Windsor family, newspapers and the world will look at you and think you are good enough that means she has to be both beautiful inside and outside and she has to behave correctly.

But first let me tell you some short details about what happened in the crown. Prince Charles had known Diana since she was around sixteen because he dated her sister once. When prince Charles go met Diana’s sister, he met Diana first and they talked for a while in that day. Fast forward to years later when Diana go tell Charles that since the day they talked at her sister house she can not get Prince Charles out of her mind and this is where it all begins. there was an episode when the Windsor family was in holiday in their side-country house and Diana also there and pass all of the test from the queen and prince Phillip, after that the queen said this is the one for Charles and arrange the married. the sad part is that prince Charles was already in love with another woman and her name is Camila but she was not replete as Diana. Prince Charles was sad and he did not want this marry, he did it for his family. the marriage was bad, they did not understand each other even princess Diana want to keep this marry but prince Charles did not want this he want to be with Camila. After they went to social events together Prince Charles was jealous for Diana’s popularity. He cannot bare to see Diana was more popular than him and she stole the thunder in every social events that they both went together until one point where prince Charles can not keep this relationship no more. This relationship was just faked couple but behind the scene it was not a fairy tale. They both did cheated on each other when it comes to the point that they both can not keep it anymore but they need to stay married for the family. And in this the crown season4 there are many of yelling and fighting between this two while Diana struggling with bulimia she didn’t have any support for her husband, she try to did her best to keep this relationship but Prince Charles wasn’t he is in love with someone else.

When princess Diana go to visit America by herself, she did an amazing job, she went to the poverty side of America, hug children that has HIV and American people love her, this is when camilla go tell Charles that she can not bare to be in this relationship anymore because Princess Diana is so amazing that she couldn’t compare herself to Diana. prince Charles was so angry to princess Diana because she made the love of his life feel bad about herself so they got into a fight and then they took a Windsor family picture and this is all the recap from the crown season 4 but what about in real life?

But what really happened between prince Charles and princess Diana in real life?

This marriage was fairy tale at first, A prince of Wales married to a beautiful young girl but little do the world know that prince Charles already have his lover (to this point this story makes me feel like it is some soap opera). They do met when prince Charles was date to Diana’s older sister like how the series tell us. They both do like each other at that time after that when Diana was 19 she got engaged with Prince Charles, they did not know each other that well they only met for dozen times. when they  announced for an engagement in February 1981 the reporter asked them if they are in love prince Charles replied that “whatever ‘in love’ means” after that Prince Charles was flied to Australia and new Zealand before he went there he had a phone call with Camilla Parker Bowles. The wedding in July 1981 becomes fairy tale to people around the world. Around 450 millions people was watching their wedding through the television. weeks before the wedding Diana found the bracelet. It was engraved with the letters “G” and “F.” refers to Charles and camilla nicknames. Diana said, “He took the bracelet, lunchtime on Monday. We got married on the Wednesday.”

When they had their first Child together in June 1982 princess Diana suffers from postpartum depression. She said it by herself that when she have her first and second children she was totally lost in the darkness. She had to fight with bulimia decease that she had, depression development at that time. Charles, diana and William went to Australia and New Zealand together which she gain many of popularity.She said in one of the interview that prince Charles was jealous of her popularity but before harry was born six weeks prince Charles and princess Diana was very close to each other but boom after harry born everything went down the drain. one the reasons of it was that Charles hoping a girl.

UNITED KINGDOM – FEBRUARY 01: Prince Charles, Prince of Wales and Diana, Princess of Wales with their baby son, Prince William, at home in Kensington Palace (Photo by Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images)

But do they really hate on each other, I do think it is just some misunderstanding between the two of them that they did not want to communicate but I can not say for them because I did not know or live with them in this relationship. the scandal of the third wheel “camilla” comes in 1986, they had known each other before but this is when their romantic relationship reignites. In the same year Diana got in a relationship with Captain James Hewitt, a cavalry officer who has been her riding instructor. They remain involved for five years. in June 7, 1992 there was a documentary about Diana that show intimate details. there was also recording that Diana complains about royal family and married life with Charles that it is a “real torture” leaked out from her phone call. November 13, 1992: The “Camillagate” scandal begins and asking the question whether Charles should become king. This show that they did not have feeling for each other even if they tried and Prince Charles is so in love with camilla that he can do anything to be with her but not try to live the best life with his wife.

UNITED KINGDOM – OCTOBER 21: Prince Charles And Camilla Parker-bowles In 1979 (exact Day Date Not Certain) (note: Special Fees Apply For Use Of This Photograph) (Photo by TIM GRAHAM/Getty Images)

In 1992, Prince Charles and Princess Diana separate but the couple will not divorce, and Diana will still become queen should Charles ascend to the throne. After this Diana was having secret interview with BBC in November 20, 1995 and saying about camilla involved in this relationship. in December 1995, in the interview she not only talk about her life with Charles but also talk about the family that she got to marry into that they do not want her do be a queen. She also admitted that she had an affair. After secret broadcast aired. The Queen decided this married should come to an end, Charles writes to ask Diana for divorce.

July 15, 1996, Diana and Charles file the divorce. after the divorce, Diana was having a new relationship and do the charities work. I think this is her blossomed time that she can be herself and did not have to take order or feeling unwanted by her old husband and she was free. but she did not free paparazzi have been following her everywhere. She had a new boyfriend which made the paparazzi crazy they’ve been following her everywhere, take all the pictures no matter what she do.

Lady Diana, Princess of Wales, sitting on the diving board of Mohammed Al Fayed’s private yacht “Jonikal” as a seagull flies overhead. (Photo by Stephane Cardinale/Sygma via Getty Images)

Diana and her boyfriend decided to go to Paris together, the accident that nobody thought would happen was happened there. they got into the car crash, BIG car crash in tunnel, in Paris

The world was mouring to her death, Her death was a tragic accident and I think that her popularity will live on no matter how many years pass. She was truly a strong women that any girl would look up to and I think she would inspire to many people to do a good deeds and charity work.

After 8 years of divorced, Charles finally married to the love of his life Camilla.