Film is creating a great comeback, gaining it’s popularity. As we’ve seen it happens with vinyl, and currently you’re slowly looking it happen with film. And for those who want to start film photography and have no idea which camera is gonna be your first. Here is my list of cameras which have great quality and good for beginner.Keep in mind that this list comes from my opinion ONLY, choose whatever you like.

Nikon FM2

The most notable film camera goes to Nikon FM series and for the best of them is Nikon FM2. One of the reason why I recommend this camera is It do not requires batteries. It comes with a high shutter speed at 1/4000th of a second, correct metering and mechanical shutter. It also works with a digital lenses which mean you can change styles of shooting instead of stucking with the same lense.

Olympus OM series

This camera has a good performance as Nikon FM. Mentioned as the best film camera for beginners. For my recommendation goes to Olympus OM-1 which has a built-in meter to tell you a proper shutter speed. It has a machanical system which mean it works without a batteries. Olympus are very well-known from its lenses and compactness. The OM 100mm f2.8 is the smallest SLR 100mm lens.

But if you want some convenient, try OM-2. It comes with an automatic shutter speed so, you don’t have to be concerned, just focus and shoot. And if you are in low budget, my recommendation is Olympus OM-10, go for it. Eventhough, it’s cheaper but the result is barely different.

Canon AE-1

If we’re talking about a well-known camera brand, Canon will the first that comes up in your mind,right? Canon AE-1 is also a well-known film camera model. Many photographers recommend this model because it’s made to be easy. With an affordable price and exposure automation, you can just focus and shoot. The shutter speed will be automatically adjusted. These features are the huge forward of camera technology than any cameras at the time. If you are looking for some more analog, Canon AT-1 is your pick because it will force you to take a deep dive into basic photography and learn how things work.

Nikon F3

For those who want something true analog, Nikon F3 is a way to go! Although, its average price is over $200, a little bit high for a budget beginners. But, still recommended in manual focus camera. Also recommend Nikon F and F2 for manual lenses camera.

Pentax K1000

Yet again, another camera for beginner. Eventhough, it’s not being recommended by all photographers. But, keep in mind that there are over thousands of camera model but they mentioned this. Compared to other brands and series, it might not be the best but if you want to try it, it still worths the shot.

Minolta X-700

The truly budget film camera for beginner. Minolta X series is a top picks for film camera that prices are around $100. With the option of full exposure automation, you will not regret for buying this for your first camera. The most mentioned one is Minolta X-700 and it comes with an affordable lenses. If you want a camera that you can learn basic photography and affordable lenses Minolta X-700 is your answer.

Minolta HI-Matic E

What about rangefinder film camera that is portable? Budget? Introducing Minolta HI-Matic E.

The Minolta HI-Matic E is a mechanical rangefinder camera with lens Rokkor 40/1.7 and comes with automatic exposure which is good for keep in your and take it along with you anywhere. I,personally, got this one from my mother and I really recommend this one for a starter. But, it is a rangefinder camera, you can not change its len. So, you need to be concerned about range. You can use this camera for a short to medium range photos. And it comes with a user-friendly price which beginnerscan afford it.

Olympus mju ii

This might be the most worthy film camera for beginners. Olympus mju II is a compact film camera and with its size and functions, it’s one of the best choices for you. Everything in this camera is automatic which means you don’t need to be concerned things, just point and shoot. It’s fast and easy even in one handed because of the compact size. Accurate auto-focus, precise and reliable. It even auto load your film.

But nothing is all perfect, As I also owned this one, Olympus mju-II comes with fussy problems like Auto flash is annoying, Viewfinder is small and too close to the grip, Shutter button is not that clicky button so, sometimes, I accidentally click the shutter button. Anyway, still recommend this for a compact camera users.

Leica M6

Now, for those beginners who are wealthy enough and want to maximize the quality of photos. Leica M6 is the best pick for high-end film cameras. It is a rangefinder film camera that is known for its incredible image quality and beautifully designed. It has 2 models which are M6 and the M6 TTL. Leica M6 is expensive because it is handmade one-by-one by professional engineers which make every single inch of it is the modest camera ever made.

So, This guide has come to an end and I have to conclude that no matter what camera you picked. It still can not do its max performance without your skills, basics and improvements. Although, you have the Leica one but you don’t have any knowledge about photography. It won’t worth your money. Thank you for visiting this blog, Have a great day!