Have you ever thinking of getting a cat?🐱 They are many kinds of cats, and each kind of cat might suit different types of people. Some people prefer outdoor cats with not much interaction, some people might want a lot of attention from them. However, you might want to find a cat that interacts with you whenever you want to. One thing you must know before you get a cat is all the cats are not the same, just like human. We as a human, we all have different characteristics and personality, so do cats. To find a cat that suits you and your lifestyle is very important. however, there is no guaranteed way to choose the perfect cat. Knowing what you want and know the basics of a cat’s personality will help you to find a cat that can adjust to the new environment.

They are many aspects when you considered getting a cat, one of an aspect is breed. According to CFA (The Cat Fanciers’ Association), They have recognizes 45 pedigreed breed and non-pedigreed breed, each breed has different characteristics and personality. However, some people might choose from the cat’s look or their behavior. These are some cat breed you might consider when getting a cat.

  1. Ragdolls🐱

If you are looking for a cat that follows you around the house, you might consider Ragdoll. They love their owner and easy to bet along with other of your pet. Ragdoll is a large cat with blue eyes, The color of the body is lighter than other parts (the face, legs, tail, and ears) They have such fascinating looks. Moreover, They are considered to be one of the most docile cat breeds as well. It has all the characteristics that people want in a cat. This type of cat suit with people who want a close companion and It is also a perfect fit for families and children.

2. Main Coons🐱

Main Coons consider as a large and sociable cat. The first thing you might notice about Main Coon is they are very big! They can grow up to four feet long. Upon their size, They like to get attention from the owners. They can make you feel like a puppy that you don’t need to take for a walk every day. “Sweet and gentle” is the best description for the Main Coons. The Main Coon can easily adapt to a new environment. They are so affectionate and love to receive affection as well. Main Coons have to hide their hunting skill, which means if you need a good mouser, Main Coons will definitely be on your list. They also consider a very smart cat. They are a fast learner which they are happy to learn tricks and play with puzzle toys.

3. The American Shorthair🐱

The American Shorthair is perfect for your companion cat. The American is playful and lovely, They can get along with your family members. The American Shorthair is the perfect cat for those who want a cat that enjoys being on your lap. The American said to be an easy cat to take care of because they can spend time just sleeping and also tolerates when being left alone. They love to learn new tricks and challenge themselves with puzzles and toys. They have quite a long lifespan, They can live to 15 to 20 years. So If you need a cat that will grow along with your kids or your family members, The American might suit you. Moreover, The American Shorthair has many colors and patterns for you to choose from.

4. Sphynx🐱

The hairless cat with big ears and eyes has recently become one of the most popular breeds in the cat fancy today because of its rare and unusual. Their characteristic can attract people at the first sight. Even though they are entirely hairless but they still have some downy hair covered their body. Sphynx is an outgoing cat and also loves attention. They like to sleep with their owner. Sphynx is the type of cat you will see at the door when you arrive home. However, you can’t leave them out in the cold, They don’t like cold surfaces and prefer something warm. They like to entertain their owner, and also follow their owner around the house like a puppy! They love to show off for attention so which means they want to be a star at your house. If you planning to get The Sphynx make sure you give them attention. For their own safety, the Sphynx should be pet indoor only and considered as an exclusively indoor cat.

5. Scottish Fold🐱

This little big eyes cat might be your perfect companion! Scottish Fold, a charming cat, is easy to adapt to the new environment. They can get along well with a kid and all members of the family. Scottish cat is a medium cat with round looking. Their eyes are bright and beautiful. There are two versions of coat for Scottish Folds. The short coat can be easy to take care of. In another hand, The longhair might need regular care but their coat will feel super soft and you will want to touch them all the time. Scottish fold love to being brushed and play. However, you need to take care of their weight as Scottish fold are not as active as other breeds and they are also a good eater.

6. Persian🐱

Persian known as being sweet and quiet cat. Persian is a relaxed type of cat. They are easy to pet and love to be around their owner. The Persian like to be involved in your everyday routine. They sometimes jump and sit on your lap, sleeping on your bed when they are in the mood. Persian is friendly to anyone, They can get along with everyone around you especially your family members. Although, The Persian coat needs to be take care of regularly. As they have quite a long coat, They need to get brushed and combined to keep their coat from tangling. They also need regular baths to keep them clean and sweet-smelled. If you prefer a quiet cat, Persian will be your perfect companion.


7. British Shorthair🐱

British shorthair is a perfect cat for a good companion. They have a quiet voice and not overly affectionate. British Shorthair is an easygoing cat, They can follow you everywhere around the house. As they have quite a “big” size, they not really like to be carrying around. They will like to stay on the couch near you, as they not generally a lap cat. The British Shorthair shouldn’t be overweight. Take care of their food is also necessary. The British Shorthair can suit well with any environment. Also, They should keep them indoors to protect them from anything that might harm them. British Shorthair does have a lot of color and pattern, “Blue” is considered as the most popular color. However, you can pick/choose from whatever you like.

8. Siamese🐱

Siamese is an intelligent cat. They are fast learners. They are also talkative and very sociable. They love to talk to their owners. Siamese not only beautiful, but they can also be your lovely companion as well. Siamese has a unique appearance which makes them famous around cat-lovers. They enjoy talking with human friends, They are very affectionate and loyal. So it is important to interact and play with them. However, They don’t like to be left alone for a long time. This type of cat might suit a house that has someone all the time. Siamese will stick with you all the time whether you are sitting and watching TV or sleeping on your bed. They like to get attention from people. They will use their voice to tell you what they want. If you don’t like loudy cats, Siamese might not suit you. On the other hand, If you want someone to have a conversation with and enjoying to have someone to talk to. Siamese will definitely suit you the best. 

After you know what breeds you want to get. Before getting a cat, you need to prepare everything because your daily routine is going to be changed forever by these little ones. You need to make sure that the environment in which you keep a cat is good enough for a cat. These cats will become your best friend and also a part of your family. Make sure that you studied your cat’s behavior and prepare the best for them. Cats are like a human, If you considered getting a cat, you need to care for them and give love for them as much as possible. Don’t forget that all cats have their own characteristic and unique personality. It is better for you to find a cat that matches your preference and lifestyle. Remember! Only get a cat when you are ready.