Due to the world’s current situation, the COVID-19 or coronavirus pandemic is still spreading around the world for months, the  number of infected people have been rising and many countries are locked down. Coronavirus disease can spread easily from person-to-person by droplets that can land in the mouths or noses and possibly lead to lungs. So we cannot know when the situation will soften and when COVID-19 will end. If you are the person who came from RISK COUNTRY, you will be able to get a high chance to be a SUPER SPREADER! To take the responsibility and prevent it for other people, you have to be quarantined for 14 days and lucky for you that we have 6 LISTS recommended while you are self-quarantine at home. Let’s turn crisis into opportunity by giving yourself a break!

Here is our recommendation for everyone who is self-quarantined at this time. It might feel boring when you stay at home for many days and don’t know what to do but we trust that if you follow all of the 6 idea below, you will not be bored. Also, when we are going outside don’t forget to eat hot, use a serving spoon, wear face masks and always wash hands. We hope our blog can make your satisfaction and bless you in good health and stay safe.

1.House Cleaning

On a normal day, you may feel that you are too busy for arranging or cleaning your house. You may be too tired to clean the house after coming back from work or school. Therefore, this is a big chance for you to arrange and clean your house. You can use the theory of KONMARI which is anything that is not joyful for you, you just throw it away. It will help your house clean and more livable. Moreover, you can also use this time to start decorating your house to look beautiful and minimal as well. Just like this, your home will not be untidy anymore.
Furthermore, after you came back from the risk country or the risk area. You also should clean your shirts, clothes and your belongings as well. Because most of them may be at risk of infection from outside the home. This is the reason why you should clean it first when you come back to your house.

2.Watching Movie and Series

Some of you may not have enough free time to complete all movies or series on your list. This is the best time for you to spend long hours watching movies and series from the list that you haven’t watched. It can help relieve the stress from work and enjoy free time. You can watch them on Youtube and also on other streaming services such as Netflix, Viu or Line TV. Moreover, it will make you feel less bored during the quarantine, help you to kill time and also help you to entertain in another way.

However, you should manage your time appropriately. You shouldn’t skip any meal and get enough sleep for your own good. 

3.Workout and Exercise

If you are the kind of person who does not prefer to clean the house or watch Television. Exercise is one of the very good options to kill time from quarantine in 14 days. You can do a bunch of exercises at your home such as Yoga, dance or work out following on Youtube. You can decide what types of exercise are suitable for you because each type has its own prominent advantages. For example, Yoga will maintain a balanced metabolism and improved respiration. In this situation, to enhance respiration can assure that you are infected with COVID-19 or not. If you are suffocated, you have a chance to infect the virus. Additionally, exercise is an effective activity during this situation since the primary prevention for COVID-19 is to be healthy.  When you are healthy it will be difficult for viruses to attack you. Hence, exercise can be another interesting activity that is worth the time and also leads to creating the strength for quarantiners. 

Here! If anyone doesn’t know how to start. We have examples of teaching yoga for beginners.https://youtu.be/v7AYKMP6rOE


Cooking is a good activity to enjoy with other people but in this situation it is better if you cook by yourself. The benefit of cooking on your own is you can make all the decisions on the plate and the dish you cook will be exactly how you want it to be. Plus, you can eat the whole dish. For the ingredient, you might want to order it online as it is an easier way and remember you are on quarantine. This is the opportunity for you to cook any menu as your desire also you can learn how to cook during the quarantine. Perhaps, you don’t need to order any food from a food delivering company, just cook it by yourself. Furthermore, this activity will lessen your stress; it will help you more about concentration as well. It’s for the best. Let’s find your favorite dish and get started.
Those are the recommended cooking channels on Youtube  so you guys can check it out!



5.Study and Work Online

  During the quarantine you have plenty of time, why don’t you learn some new things? In this era, online platforms influence and play an important role in our daily life. We can use it in a useful way such as learning and working. On online platforms, there are so many ways that you can find new knowledge and work through this channel. Start with finding the topic that you’re interested in and you will feel like you want to keep doing it. Who knows, maybe you can make an extra income from an online job.
For those who have to learn and work as a duty you should think that it’s an opportunity to know more about media platforms. During the quarantine there are many schools and organizations that start working and studying via online platforms. Moreover, doing it from home can decrease boringness. Take it as a holiday so you don’t get bored.
Some of you might be struggling with the process of media platforms as generally you don’t use this platform everyday. This problem is very easy to solve. As you all know, the internet can be accessed by many people and it includes people who are good at technology and kindly share it on media platforms. You can learn to do it through this channel and follow the instructions. It should help you find it easier and you will get used to it if you do it more often.

6. Stay Updated via online

  In this situation it’s very important to stay updated on the news because the situation can change all the time and it can be worse. For your benefit, it’s better to know the incident that happened in society. Luckily, in the present day there’s an online platform where people are connected, it is easier to receive the news. The news agency keeps uploading news through online platforms all the time as it’s become a platform that lots of people consume, so you will be able to consume updated and fresh news all day. The news doesn’t come only in the form of an article to read but you can also watch and catch up the missed news program. There is also a live news program from some news agencies. 

On the other hands, sometimes people release fake news through online platforms. It is better to double check about the information and don’t trust everything on online platforms. It can help if you consume more news from a reliable source. It is very important to keep up on the news for your own safety.

We make this content to recommend activities for people who came back from the high risk country. To prevent the danger of spreading, people have to stay at home for 14 days to not distribute other people. As this contagious disease happens, we have some suggestions for you who need to quarantine at home to not be boring and also unharmed to themselves and others. Social media is the one of the accessible thing to make your life easier to doing things without  going outside from home.The activities that you can do at home while quarantining are,working out,working and studying online and keep up with the current situation via online or social media platforms.You can also cooking and self cleaning as well,you can search for how to cook on the internet if you have not been cooking before.These absorbing lists can help you beguile the time and have fun with the activities. Last but not least, if you guys have other interesting activities, you can share it in the comment and we will also attach the infographic for downloading as well. To stay away from COVID-19 ,we hope that our content will help you  find some new things to do during quarantine and enjoy it!