Do you guys ever get tired of chasing new fashion? I guess not.

With the revolution of fashion among time from disco styles in1970s to streetwear in the 2010s, we can observe that the media always impose the definition of how people get dressed up in their daily life in that particular era through pop culture and identity from mass media.

Do you prefer to wear a cut-off sweatshirt with ripped knees and doing big hair or putting a hard makeup on your face with black colours on your lips and nails before taking your favourite jackets from KISS’s concert? The answer will be neither of them because it is already out of date. You will get a lot of attention during your walk through the mall with that confident attitude as the hippies from Jaws or the Kids from stranger things who get lost from their era. The popularity of superstar or pop culture is relevant to the changing of fashion.

Fashion back then can be regarded as the answers for majoritarianism theory that at the end of the day people will follow the decision of the majority whether it contrasts with your belief or not, and sometimes people are judging others by how they get dressed. The identity of fashion is shaped by the key influencer who has an impact on the majority perspective, so the different styles and others trend which not be portrayed in media or be shown as the negative ways in mass media will seem to be not acceptable.

Right now, the media disruption and new technology enhance the ways of spreading new trends, becoming much easier than before through lifestyles of many influencers on social media. So, we here to update you on the fashion at this moment for you to keep updated after being stuck in the house since the epidemic of Covid-19.

Minimal fashion

Nowadays, most men in society don’t know what their dressing styles are as they just follow dressing influencers like Justin Bieber, Travis Scott, and more. These celebrities create a hyper identity for fans to follow their fashion style. Also, these celebrities became opinion leaders and commodities which made fashion styles gain their value. There are two main types of men dressing today which is Minimal and Street fashion. So, how to know which one is Minimal? If your closet contains many thick sweaters, straight-leg black jeans, crisp button-ups and ankle boots mean that your style dressing is Minimal. Minimal or Minimalist style is a kind of dressing that has one main goal which is “Get back to basics” the styles of Minimal is based in the past from artists in 1960s who present their artworks to be feel or understand in minimalist or simplicity which means cut off things that are not necessary for the works and left just circle mean circle, square mean square. So, the dressing style will be simple, not flashy, and too decorative.

It can be seen that many Minimal dressing influencers usually wear plain colors: white shirt with white pants and black leather shoes, brown sweater with white t-shirt inside and blue jeans. It is true that this is Minimal style but it is not true that minimalists need to be only non color but it can also be colorful for example…

Which means that, when you select a bright color, be sure to pair it with a more neutral base, like dark wash jeans or black, wide-leg trousers. If you want some more colorful, give a chic, tonal outfit a try like pairing a fuchsia top with rose-colored trousers. If you are good at matching minimal shirts, the simplicity and plain color dressing can make you feel confident when you go outside and surprise people with your attractive dressing. For example many men are minimalist influencers nowadays in social media.

Brock DeHaven |@brockdehaven

Jordan Bunker |@jordanbunker

Naufal Z |@Falzuh

Words form a minimalist influencer “Just like a capsule wardrobe declutters your life, a minimalist outfit declutters your look. Have fun getting back to basics in the chicest way possible!”

Street Fashion

In 2019, It is undeniable that street fashion is one of the most trending dressing styles today. Street fashion is spreading around the world as it is easy to wear and has the uniqueness in each element of accessories.The influencer or celebrities that most impact the trend of street fashion is Hip-Hop artists. These artists create a hyper identity in terms of fashion style to their fans. Which means the audience would dress the same as their icon or would choose to wear some items that the artists wear to accomplish their hyper identity.

Travis Scott is one of the artists that influenced the trend of street fashion. Travis Scott is a popular Hip-Hop artist that got nominated in the Grammy Awards for the last two year. He is well recognized not only by his music but also his dressing style as well. Last year Nike picked him to do a sneakers collaboration and the results are very successful. According to stock x (sneakers website), Nike Air Jordan 1 x Travis Scott retail price tag is set at 5,700 baht and it sold out within a minute at the launch date. However, the resale price now is high to 44,000 baht which is higher than the brand name shoes. The price is this high because people who love his fashion want to buy it and Nike produced it in the limited amount as well.

Another artist that influenced the trend of street fashion is Pharrell Williams.He is a very successful artist and also a fashion designer. He has designed various products for many fashion brands such as Channel , Adidas and etc. His fashion identity creates success in every brand he designs items for. One of the most well-known accessories that Pharrel designed was the Pharrell x Chanel x Adidas NMD Human Race was auctioned off for 38,000 baht but the shoes are now being resold for almost 10 times that price. The numbers from the StockX have the shoe’s average resell price of 370,000 baht, which made this shoe the most expensive Human Race NMD currently listed on the site.

Colorful Choices

It’s not easy to let anybody wear neon or colorful costumes in their daily life. Since, there is a fashion trend of Earth Tone style and Minimalist fashion. Those fashion trends are to wear the neutral tone or aesthetic colors like white, beige, and navy. 

Also, these trends will not include lots of accessories, they will only use the one that is small, those accessories usually come up with gold, silver, or rose gold colors. Minimalist style and Earth Tone style make people think that less is more, therefore, not many people will be confident to go out in colorful costumes from head to toes in everyday life.

However, time changes, things change. In 2019, people are starting to break the rule of fashion trend of wearing Earth Tone and Minimalist style. Can tell by the fashion show in 2019 that many models are wearing costumes that are covered with lots of colors and the style is not too plain as before. For instance, shoes and bags will combine with fur or chain to make it more fashionable. Showing that the colorful fashion trend is becoming popular since that moment. However, it does not start from full colorful costumes but it started with accessories like headbands and glasses.

You can see that many fashion brands produce their own products with a lot of colors to attract and gain attention from the customers and that is also effective to the buyers. I cannot deny that I am also interested in the products of this fashion trend too!

Also, they expand their target and their style by collaborating with other brands like UniqloxMarimekko and GuccixMickymouse. People who are interested in Marimekko will be easier to buy the costumes since it is collaborated with Uniqlo. As well as, the Mickeymouse fans can buy or collect other things than toys or dolls from Disneyland because Gucci just collaborated with the Mickeymouse character.

The amount of people that wear colorful dresses or costumes are dramatically increasing after some of the celebrities, artists, and media influencers often wear the colorful fashion style , and also they posted it on the online media which everyone knows that anything online can easily go viral. That made a huge impact on the people who are into fashion and following the fashion trends , they will imitate the colorful fashion from the celebrities that they are following. These are the celebrities and media influencers that are leaders of this trend.


As the global fashion revolution changed through time, people are more open to accept new things, following trends and fashion. According to the postmodern era, there is no more identity to define each sex, that’s why many brand launched clothing lines that are suitable for every gender. That is to say, men, women, LGBT, can confidently wear the same things and feel comfortable with it. 

For unisex clothing, most common product would be t-shirt, and women tend to wear t-shirt more often to get a casual look, also oversized t-shirt is in trend thats why women start wearing men t-shirt since it’s comfortable and also trendy. The US brand Megayacht, launched a limited edition t-shirt collection of 2019, which korean artists, Jennie Blackpink is also wearing , so it becomes a trend, since a t-shirt is limited, of course resellers movement occured. 

Street style involves the creation of unisex fashion, the brand Supreme, which most buyers are men, launched a crossbody bag collabs with Louis Vuitton which women can wear it and still look cute, also suitable for other sex. 

Influencers have a major impact towards many people especially teenagers who always stay updated to trends via the media. Though each brand has their own identity, as we know that Chanel represents high-class women with some sweetness, but when fashion icons like G-dragon wearing a Chanel Gabrielle Bag, men teenagers started to wear women’s crossbody bags more, Chanel Boy Bag, and other designers brand like Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton, are also be widely used. This became a fashion trend in 2019. 

For women, accessories are needed, but in 2020 men are also wearing accessories as a trend. The street brand Salute launched a necklace collection which is unisex, Thai artists Urboytj and the actor Jaylerr wore it and became a fashion icons, many people especially men follow this trend which represents unisex accessories.

Media has a lot of impact on the fashion movement these days, varieties  of style are reached by people mostly through social media. In the future, there might be more things that are created to be unisex, because of media, people recreate the look by what they like and become a fashion icon, creating more categories of styles for others to follow, which impacts global fashion trends later on.

In the end, knowing the trends is important but knowing who you are is more important. Right now, we already live in the world of hyper identity where everything is reconstructed in the media world and sometimes we put most of our attention in those hyperrealities. Fashion is not just a trend ; it is what people use to reflect who they really are through the color, texture, and styles. Then,at this moment, many people really enjoy fashion more than before as many people can create their own styles or go back to other trends in the past like vintage or neon color. In 2020s, people will look forward to more combinations of styles so we  hope you ,reader, can use our information about the modern trend we already update you above mixing it with your styles to create a postmodern fashion for getting ready in this postmodern era.