Due to quarantine, I am able to take more time for myself while I am being stuck at home. Even though, It is quite boring . It is such previous time for me . I found  myself more and discovered  my new hobbies : exercise and cooking. Normally, I am food lover. I eat a lot in one day. Definitely, I also like buffet because It is my true love. My friend and I always meet at Buffet restaurant every week. However, my true love and I were separated by COVID-19.

Throwback to last New Year’s day 2020, I swore with myself. I would look after myself and made myself happy. I am pretty sure I am not one person who said flower words or something like this on New Year’s day. 😂Hence, I thought it right time to follow my wish list. I would like to be healthier when I get older, I will be stronger elder. It is a bit funny because I am just 20.😅 However, our life is unpredictable. We don’t know what will happen in our live for example COVID-19.

       Here are exercise benefits which changed my mind.

1. Having Happier life

When I am being bored, I will frenetically release those through exercise. It turned out that I am happier after exercise. Exercise is able to increase the production of endorphins which make you feel positive or happy and decrease pain, depression, anxiety and stress. Therefore, exercise has not only physical but also mental benefits.

2. Weight Loss

Exercise increases your metabolic rate, which will burn more calories and help you lose weight. In a nutshell, you should exercise if you want to lose weight.

 3. Having strong muscles and Bones

Exercise can build muscles. We will know it as weight training for a beautiful shape, strong muscles and bones. It may also help you prevent osteoporosis.

4. Boosting your energy level

When your body is active from the exercise, you will get more energy because your physique and mentality are strong even people suffer from illnesses.

5. Reducing the risk of Chronic disease

Regular exercise is good for your heart and blood pressure. It also affects in decreasing of belly fat and blood sugar and fat levels- in diabetes patients and coronary artery disease in order.

6. Having healthy and strong skin

Exercise stimulates the function of antioxidant protection and blood flow, which can protect your skin and delay signs of aging.

7. To improve the potentiality of brain and long-term memories.

During exercise, your heart rate is increase, which stimulates your blood circulation and deliver more oxygen to your brain. After the exercise, you feel fresh and clear head. Moreover, it reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and schizophrenia.

8. To have a good night’s sleep

It is super fantastic. I really like this because I am fast asleep without thinking like taking a sleeping pill and wake up fresh in the morning.

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Highly recommended! This website is super fantastic for people who are interested in health stories.

There are many physical and mental benefits thereby I began exercise for my long life. Normally, I use Instagram the most so I started to follow the both Thai and international health & Fitness influencers. Those people can inspire you and also you can learn how to exercise and eat healthier from them. On the other hand, they remind and encourage me to be on the track and don’t give up .While I was watching them. I desired to have an appearance and healthy like them.

 Here! There are my three favorite and wonderful Instagram accounts for home work out with no equipment which I always adapt it with myself.

1. homesquatguide

Definitely, the type of exercise corresponds with an account name. They share content about how to squat. As I have too much cellulite on my legs. This posture can build my legs are fastened firmly. Especially, person wants to have a firm booty.

Link to the profile click here!

2. koy_livealife

At the beginning, I worked out by following her tutorial. I think her video is easy to follow and is not boring. It is good option for beginners and there are many postures.

Link to the profile click here

3. dasolmom_

She is Korean influencers. I enjoy each of her postures. It is super easy and her video is not long . I usually use it when I want to work out for 15 minutes. From my perspective, her muscle is so beautiful. Even though she did not write in English, I can understand her video without problem.

Link to the profile click here

Certainly, only exercise is not enough to be healthier. You have to balance a diet. Have you ever heard this phrase? ” You are what you eat.”

For this reason , I began cooking , paid attention to the labels of nutrition, and consume natural food- having minimal process and less sugar, oil, and sodium. My body is sensitive to Carbohydrate so I do not eat the refine carbs and have low-carbs meals.

Here is the interesting information about clean eating.

There are my three favorite and wonderful Instagram accounts for cooking delicious clean food.

1. prw.diet

Her food looks good, right? She is the first person whom I followed. She greatly encourages me to cook . Her dishes have not many process and equipment.

Link to the profile click here

2. caloriedetails

There are many special tips or recipes to reduce calories or make it more clean as much as possible. It also serves knowledge about calories in food. I always use when I want to bake dessert. Here is my favorite breakfast- “Protein pancakes” . It is tasty and easy cooking for rush hour in the morning.

Link to the profile click here

3. pum.preeyarat

Of course, this account is for Thai clean food recipes. Honestly, I cannot quit eating Thai food . She adapts from traditional recipes but it has minimal process and adding a little bit of oil, sugar and salt. She tries to make it more clean as much as possible.

Link to the profile click here

Now, I have been doing all of these for three weeks. I enjoy being like this and I knew myself more from observing. I had quitted eating instant noodle –one of my favorite food – since I began having clean food. It may be insane and incredible . I am also wonderful with myself as I can do these. I am as a human like you so if I can do it, you can do it too – just believe in yourself.