Ari Aster is a director and writer of cult movie he also one of my favorite movie directors. He succeeds and being famous by directed “Hereditary” in 2018. After that he start his new project “Midsommar” and release in 2019. This movie makes me very interesting because Ari Aster claimed that he is very stern with this movie. Midsommar, start with Dani (Florence Pugh) and Christian (Jack Reynor) are a young American couple with a relationship that almost going to falling apart. But after a Dani family tragedy keeps them together, a grieving Dani invites herself to join Christian and his friends on a trip to a once-in-a-lifetime to midsummer festival in a remote Swedish village. What begins as a carefree summer holiday in a land of eternal sunlight takes a sinister turn when the insular villagers invite their guests to partake in festivities that render the pastoral paradise increasingly unnerving and viscerally disturbing. This movie is a horror movie in light spot which is it gave new experience to the audience. This movie gets 7.1 score from user in IMBD, gets fresh tomato eighty three percent from Rotten Tomatoes. Most of user review like this movie. In this article I will quick overview of Midsommar leading up to the ending, what happens at the end, and what it probably means, though there are plenty of alternate interpretations available. 

Warning: Spoiler Alert

 1. The runes meanning 

  I will start with rune which is appear most in the movie. This rune has one meaning when presented as intended and another meaning when reversed or merkstaved, which assigns them a “dark” meaning. In the second image, you’ll see on the left side of the cross is rune Fehu, which can mean wealth, power, or charisma, and on the right, there’s the rune Raidho, which can mean journey or control, or growth or evolution. I think Fehu rune is refer to Swedish village is wealth and powerful, furthermore Raidho is refer to Dani and her friends that travel to Sweden and the growth of Dani lead to the end of the movie. 

 On Dani outfit you will see a merkstaved Raidho rune on the left and a merkstaved Dagaz rune on the right given to participate in the maypole dance, before she is become the May Queen. Raidho normally means growth or evolution, but reversed it means discord. But it is also altered, which in normal runes shouldn’t be. Dagaz is one of the symmetrical runes and is holy. 

The runes in the barn that they sleep in also told what is going to happen next, and runes are also all throughout the building where Pelle’s guests stay not only on the ceiling, as Dani noticed, but also on all the walls. In this photo, you will see three rune: From left to right, Perthro, which can mean fate or prophecy, Othala which can mean home or inheritance (and is also the shape of the tables where the Hårga eat their first meal, where the two elders are honored before their sacrifice), and Fehu again. 

Speaking of Josh and Mark after Josh disappears because asking too many questions about the runes and the Hårga religion, Christian sees his leg sticking out of the ground, with the rune Ansuz carved this rune means knowledge or insight. He has this rune because he seeks for a knowledge for his research, but it too much it caused he ends up with killed. 

Next, I will analyses runes on stone in sacrifice scene. First, the X runes in the corners are Gebo. Which means gift. The left and middle are Raidho, which is growth or evolution or the journey to seek those things. The one in the bottom is Pertho, which is secrets or the occult. The one on the right is Tiwaz, which means honor and justice and self-sacrifice. It’s the symbol for the Norse God Tyr, who put his hand in Fenrir’s mouth knowing that Fenrir would bite it off when Tyr betrayed him. The one on the top is Algiz, which literally means shield. It also symbolizes protection and it is one of the earliest runes. People carved it on everything, on amulets to protect against spells, on rings to protect against poisons, on belt buckles to protect the belly or the groin, on the breast of jerkins and armor to protect the body in warfare. But this Algiz is merkstaved. The reverse of Algiz means hidden danger or the loss of divine connection. So, the 9 runes together like that is a spell and covenant. Reading it top down, you need to make the appropriate gifts as payment to prevent the loss of divine favor. These gifts have to be of both physical and spiritual growth and has to be willingly given in self-sacrifice. And the Perthro at the bottom finalizes the spell as magic and mystical and of change. The woman put her blood and the blood of the other elder on Raidho and Tiwaz. She’s acknowledging that she’s ending her life as the ultimate self-sacrifice and she does it willingly and with honor. 

2. The Oracle Girl  

In this movie you will see a disable girl that villager said her is oracle girl receive massage from god. She writes a weird language and symbol on a book; villager define it a god language. I think director symbolize this girl be a god and villager symbolize as a believer because the villager will do everything that the girl writes. Eventually they do not know that is a real or not, however they still follow the girl order even they have to kill people. 

3. Pelle is the one who control everything 

In the end of the movie, Pelle is the one who given a crown of flowers to Dani and the elder says “you will now be recognized for your unclouded intuition”. This phrase is actually used earlier in the movie. When Josh receives an explanation of the Oracle, a product of inbreeding, the elder says they have “unclouded intuition”. Next, Pelle draws pictures of the feasting table that Dani eat at in Hårga. I think Pelle was prophesying before they all went to Sweden. Lastly, I think the deaths of Dani family at the beginning of the movie aren’t suicidal at all. Perhaps Pelle killed Dani’s family to make her feel bad so he can fulfill her and convince to become the May Queen.