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In today society, almost everything connects through the network. Everything can synchronize and exchange the data in this digital era. It seems likely to be a future trend as it more mentioned during the time. There is one term to describe this. It is the internet of things.

What Is Internet Of Things

Internet Of Things (IoT) is the coverage of the machines that is connect and communicate to other devices without human interaction.

This idea was discussed back in 1982. The first internet appliance was a Coca-cola vending machine at Carnegie Mellon University. It could report the inventory and loaded newly drink whether it cold or not. This term is more defined when more objects are connected. Cisco estimates that it began around 2008 to 2009. MOS transistor is a key driver to the internet of things invented by Mohamed M. Atalla and Dawon Kahng in 1959. MOS is the basic block for almost modern electronics like smartphones, smart TV, computer, and internet service.

How it impacts our life

IoT will change our lifestyle starting from the consumer level, commercial level, industrial, and infrastructure level. Imagine a city that every household has a car that can connect and report its status to the factory. Then the factory can provide a specific part of the cars that has a mechanic problem. The farm, that has an automatic water system and connects to the farmer smartphone. Smart bay that the crane connects with the transport truck or ships to drop the container on them precisely. They will be more exemplify in the next part.


IoT can help the user life with the IoT device that covers in various purposes such as security, lifestyle, and health. The stats shows that 27 billion devices have been connected over IoT in 2017. This number is expected to increase to 125 billion by 2030


Security for individuals is important especially when they stay in private or public places like their home and their working office. Having some IoT devices that help to watch all the activities and help them sending the signal to the security team when it is needed.

IoT security camera is an essential thing to have for the security in the building. Most of them connect with the owner smartphone and smartwatch so it is really easy to manage. It will send a notification into the smartphone or smartwatch if something is detected. Moreover, users can watch what is happening from the camera via their device.


When the IoT approach into human life, their life looks a bit happier. This can refer to individuals or organization lifestyles which can be different in purpose and their idea.

This is a smart parking developed by Chula engineering faculty. They made a parking lot in front of their faculty into smart parking by making an application. Users can reserve the parking. It can inform the user by using colors. Red is full, yellow is reserved, and green is available. Moreover, It includes GPS to indicate their location.


Elderly society is the worlds problem. They need someone to take care of. Some of them don’t have a family so they mostly end up in the care center. IoT technology will take a role to improve the caring system. In hospitals, it’s more than just extensive IT. IoT in Healthcare is a way to make hospitals work effectively. It can provide important patient data and medical processes quicker.

This is Aider, an IoT device that is a watch and a beacon at the same time. When the elder needs some help, they have to press on the Aider’s button. If they have some accidents that make the Aider moves harshly, it will send a signal to the monitoring staff.


Many industrial countries try to change their system to be like 4.0 states whether in agriculture, logistics and transports, and the manufacturing field. The workforce is changing. It is another big challenge that plant management must deal with. The need to pass on that knowledge and expertise to a younger generation of digital natives challenge to plant management. 


For agriculture, this is good news for them who have been doing hard work. The IoT device can reduce their task and gives efficient workload for them from now.

This is a smart farm in Thailand. DTAC, a telecommunication company push its effort to this project since 2008. Smart farming runs by fewer farmers and more IoT devices that can report them about the sunlight, humidity, and the water volume. Those information helps the farmer to plan their next move. Moreover, the farmer can control the water feeding from their smartphone.


IoT technology will improve the power system and the infrastructure of it like smart pipeline, smart meters, and smart grid. All of them called smart energy.

This is a district cooling technology to handle the heat in four big buildings. It can make cooling in the entire area, representing half of the air conditioner area. Moreover, it can reduce electric usage by 30 percent.

Micro grid

There is a setting Zone including sports Center, tennis court, swimming pool, badminton court. recreation building new parking building and football field. This is a demonstration area and trial of the micro-grid system. By installing solar power systems on the back of the 1-megawatt building, connected to the electricity distribution system to create a small electrical network. This can show an example of an efficient energy management system.


The most common use for the utilities field is the infrastructure through smart meters. IoT devices can manage, optimize the system of existing utility assets like smart traffic lights and, and smart building.

Smart Traffic

Stuck in traffic especially on the rush hour is annoying. Moreover, it make traffic congestion and generates more air, noise pollution. Here it comes to smart traffic, all road intersection will connect together and sent the data to all drivers. They can predict the traffic and make a better decision on driving.

Smart building

The building like an office building or huge building are consuming a lot of energy. This will cost a lot of money from left open air cons or the lights. The smart building can manage the energy consumption. There is a central point that connects every device to track its status. There are sensors around every section to indicate the user activity. If no one stays in that section. The power will cut automatically.

We Should Be Ready For The Future

The clock always ticking as well as technology that evolves overtimes. As humans, invent a brand new thing is never perfect in the first place. It should be the right time technologies pushing that thing to reach its potential. A motorcycle doesn’t exist before the bike and the plane never flies before the glider. It is very thrilling to see what will be coming and changing society again.

The world that all driven by technology next hundred years is over my imagination, it’s a pity that I could live that long. At least, there is a possible prediction and a trend that can assume from the current technology. It can’t argue that technology is becoming a part of human life. People should be preparing and learning toward technologies.