COVID-19 change people lifestyle ? — Asia people use telephone more than 7.3 hours per  day

Therefore, prevent spread And do not make the problem worse In many countries, the government is launching a policy to let people stay home and have social distance. By closing down places, restricting outings to Lockdown, or closing down cities-closing the country.

What follows is that people stay at home?

Causing living outside of the house to decrease That means that activities In the daily lives of many activities Move to be on the “online” or “digital platform” from waking up to going to bed, whether working, studying, relaxing, open for online entertainment such as Video Streaming, buying food through the app, Food Delivery. Personal and work matters

Then how social media effect our life while the situation ?


Nevertheless, the COVID-19 pandemic will reduce economic activity, but if we look at the other side, e-commerce will become more common. And when people have moved from home to work. There was a need to use the Internet for networking purposes. Including communication tools as well as the market for consumer goods as normal. Usage of distribution and e-commerce platforms in particular to reduce the level of out-of-home costs.

So , this is the good chance to start business and you can promote business by online platform like application as Facebook , Instagram and twitter. 


when people must to social distance so they should stay home . Absolutely, they will find activities to do while stay home and the popular activities at home is seeing movies and online series.

That will make your quarantine not bore any more. More than that you can enjoy and consume creativity content from blogger in Youtube channel.  This is the top movie application which you can follow and subscribe to see the movie



This platform is very popular in Thailand and many country. Plus, now there are new package only 99 Bath for seeing on mobile phone.

2. Viu

Platform that has a lot of Korean content, including movie series and variety shows. And Asia, which is free to air, is free, but it has to watch commercials and only get SD picture clarity. If you want to watch Full HD without advertising, there is a membership fee of 119 baht / month. But during this Covid-19 on the VIU, there’s a campaign called “Break the Crisis, Covid-19 comes to be attached to Viu (View), watch the free series for 14 days” by giving free codes to fancy series and having entertainment content across Asia for 14 days.


This is have various content : Europe , Chinese, Korean, cartoons are out of stock. Some content is also updated very quickly. Showing less than 24 hours from the US, there are Thai subtitles already. While the price is just 100 baht / month and looks free for the first month as well. Very amazing.


It can’t deny that social media help people to receive and access the information faster and easy via finger trap. The most popular platform that Thai people use to speak and describe this situation is Twitter with 65% and 20% on Facebook. Twitter is fast communication that you can receive and write information , including you can find what going on of corona virus via hashtag “ #covid19 and # โควิด19

I have recommenced accurate and reliable channel to follow Covid-19 situation

  • Department of disease control website
  • Twitter @mthai and @covidtrackerth
  • Facebook page #ชัวร์ก่อนแชร์ by Thai news agency MCOT in order to check the accurate information and news


 social media is the best platform to communication in Covid-19 situation. To be illustration, It can help many company to pitch the project and meeting via online conference. Plus, you can send the information document through email very faster and easy. More importantly, many university must closing to prevent pandemic of virus. So online learning is the best way to figure out. Plus , the popular application is Microsoft team , Zoom and Skype. From my experience , I use MSteam and Zoom to study and talk with my friend. Both of application is very goo in this situation that you can talk face to face and you can record live .