What is a little person? This might be the first sentence when people heard about it because people still misunderstand and have no idea about a little person. So we should give importance to this group of people and get to know more about them instead of ignoring them because although there is a small group of little people, we are also live in the same society. They have to been through a lot of things to prove themselves but they never give up on their dream and goal even people keep making fun of them, look down on them, and prevent their opportunity. It is the perfect time for us to know and care more about them. Their story might surprise us and change our perspective of a little person.

What is a little person?

The first thing that we have to make it clear, little person or dwarfism is a person with a disability. However, we should not call them that because we need to respect them and not look down on them. A little person is one of the more than two hundred medical conditions known as dwarfism. Dwarfism is a medical or genetic condition which the result usually about the height. The adult height is around 4’10” or shorter than that but in some cases, they can be taller than that. Basically, the height range of adult with dwarfism is from 2’8” to 4’8”. The condition can also cause other symptoms, not just the height.

How does a little person live?

They live like us and can do a lot of activities such as basketball and dancing. They are also able to join the school and have their family including son and daughter. There might be some access to technology to help their life easier such as the automatic closet which they can control the level of the shelf in the closet to move up and down as they want. They have a happy life however, there are some bully people in this world. The little person usually gets bully by be calling midget or big head and make fun of them. Some people when they see the little person on public transportation they just take a picture of a little person or keep staring at the little person. Is not it better if we treat them as normal and do not pay attention to them to make them feel uncomfortable?

The difficulty of a little person 

As I said they have a happy life until we pay attention to them too much and they get uncomfortable which causes a hard time for them. When it comes to public transportation, it was hard and they really get annoyed by people’s sight and when it became crowd the little person gets trouble by that because there is no place that proper from them to stand. The public place and transportation should think about a little people too for their place and spot to make them have an easier life and live like us.

The little person who became successful

These people can become successful in a way that we did not imagine. They got some talent and opportunity to become a star. Each and every single one of them is successful and cherished by many people in their own unique way. They can be prosperous in many fields such as basketball player and actor. This is some example of them.

1. Peter Dinklage

Peter Dinklage was born on 11 June 1965 at Morristown, New Jersey. While grade 5, he played the supporting role in the stage The Velveteen Rabbit and that was inspired him to want to be an actor. When he went to casting it was hard to get an opportunity for him due to his body condition but he did not give up. Now he is known as Tyrion Lannister from Game of thrones. He performed in a lot of movies such as 13 moons and the station agent. For the station agent, this movie becomes successful and makes him being well known. He has been nominated for many awards and that make him received a huge opportunity to play the role in many movies. That movie also gives him an opportunity to get a role in Game of Thrones and received many awards including the golden globe award. He was seen as a joke to tease and bully for the half of his life however now he becomes successful

2. Warwick Davis

Warwick Davis was born on 3 February 1970 at Surrey, England. His first movie was Return of the Jedi which is one part of Star Wars and it was successful after that he was playing the same role in The Ewok Adventure and Ewoks: Battle for Endo. Then there was one movie name Willow which the leading actor was created for him specially and he has been nominated for awards from this play. He also played in The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, The silver chair, Star Wars – Episode 1: The Phantom Menace, and Harry Potter. He was very successful and play in any role in many movies. He was also played the role in the stage in Snow White, Peter Pan, and Aladdin.

3. Jahmani Swanson

Jahmani Swanson never gave up about his goal and passion even he was born with dwarfism. He idolizes the NBA legend who is Michael Jordan and Allen Iverson. He was played for Monroe College, a junior college in the Bronx and played professionally with touring exhibition teams. He has posted his video about his skill and he was going to the one on one game with the celebrity and the result is he won. He ends up joining the Harlem Globetrotters as the shortest player in team history. While he is not playing or practicing basketball, he usually enjoys speaking and encouraging kids to follow their dream.

4. Alan Eggleston

Alan Eggleston was a doctor and local politician in Port Hedland, Western Australia. He was a liberal member of the Australia Senate and known as a little doctor. He retired from politics in 2014 after that he was awarded a member of the order of Australia for significant service to the Parliament of Australia and to the communication of Western Australia. However, during his study at medical school, a bunch of doctors tried to kick him out because he is being short. Then he got some problems that cause him to leave medical school but he takes qualifying exams for Royal medical colleges in London. He went back to Port Hedland for work as a doctor and mayor of Port Hedland.

5. Paul Steven Miller

Paul Steven Miller graduated from Harvard Law School but he got reject for the job, due to his condition: dwarfism, but fortunately he got hired one in LA, USA. He advised presidents and changed laws then he taught law at the University of Washington in Seattle, a job that he is work until he dies. He also helps President Obama about Departments of Justice, Education and independent agencies. Then he went back to Seattle, USA to get cancer treatment and he died of cancer.

As you can see from those people, even they are a little person but they still become successful and they been through a lot of hard times in their life. They have to prove that even they being like this they can become a successful person. They are not only being insulted by others but also have a restricted opportunity due to their conditions. This portrays that they ultimately have the potential to work and be successful just like anyone else. Now is the time to stop making fun of them and give them the opportunity they deserve regardless of their look.