Because Covid-19, I had to come back home, and for a long time I felt lonely so I tried to find something to read. Then I found the series of Percy Jackson and the Olympians which is a book that I really liked in childhood. Even if it’s not the first time, these books always make me feel fantastic. So today I would like to share some of Percy’s epic stories with you guys.

Percy Jackson

When I talk about Percy Jackson, people probably think of a Hollywood film that can only be screened in two sequels and then stop shooting. In fact, this series has amazing novels, even being the best seller in many countries. No need to worry that once you read the book you will be disappointed like in the movies, because this series of novels is really cool. The story about Percy Jackson—son of the god of sea, Poseidon, when his father is a god. Of course, his mother must be human. He lived for 12 years without even knowing that he was a demigod, and his father is one of the three great gods. Moreover he has a pen that can be changed into a sword. Oh God!!, Percy is shocked to the point of shocking death. After that he went to Half-Blood Camp, the camp of children who are demigods—I mean, those whose parents are gods. Yes, they have powers that are different from normal children, and there, Percy begins his adventure.

If you’re ready, I’ll start the journey right now, Let’s check it out!

Season 1 : Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Book I : Percy Jackson and The Lightning thief 

Plot : Twelve-year-old Percy Jackson is on the most dangerous quest of his life. With the help of a satyr and a daughter of Athena, Percy must journey across the United States to catch a thief who has stolen the original weapon of mass destruction — Zeus’ master bolt. Along the way, he must face a host of mythological enemies determined to stop him. Most of all, he must come to terms with a father he has never known, and an Oracle that has warned him of betrayal by a friend.

Review : If you’ve watched the movie before, I will tell you to forget it, this book describes briefly in detail the origins of the demigod, the relationship between the gods and what’s going on in the 21th century world. Beginning when Percy didn’t know that he is a demigod, living in camp half-blood until he has to travel across the continent according to the prophecy, which gives us a clearer picture of the life of a demigod. This is a very impressive opening book.

Point : 8/10

The sea does not like to be restrained.


Book II : Percy Jackson and The Sea of Monsters

Plot : When Thalia’s tree is mysteriously poisoned, the magical borders of Camp Half-Blood begin to fail. Now Percy and his friends have just days to find the only magic item powerful to save the camp before it is overrun by monsters. The catch: they must sail into the Sea of Monsters to find it. Along the way, Percy must stage a daring rescue operation to save his old friend Grover, and he learns a terrible secret about his own family, which makes him question whether being the son of Poseidon is an honor or a curse.

Review : Percy have to go to the Sea of Monsters—aka Bermuda Triangle, to find the Golden Fleece to save Thalia’ tree. He has to fight with monsters in Greek mythology such as Dracaena, Hydra ,Charybdis, Scylla, Cyclops and also his old friend—Luke Castellan. In this book, there are additional important characters like Tyson, and also many characters to pave the way to the next book.

Point : 6/10

Families are messy. Immortal families are eternally messy.


Book III : Percy Jackson and The Titan’s Curse

Plot : When Percy Jackson gets an urgent distress call from his friend Grover, he immediately prepares for battle. He knows he will need his powerful demigod allies at his side, his trusty bronze sword Riptide, and… a ride from his mom.

The demigods rush to the rescue to find that Grover has made an important discovery: two powerful half-bloods whose parentage is unknown. But that’s not all that awaits them. The titan lord Kronos has devised his most treacherous plot yet, and the young heroes have just fallen prey.

They’re not the only ones in danger. An ancient monster has arisen — one rumored to be so powerful it could destroy Olympus — and Artemis, the only goddess who might know how to track it, is missing. Now Percy and his friends, along with the Hunters of Artemis, have only a week to find the kidnapped goddess and solve the mystery of the monster she was hunting. Along the way, they must face their most dangerous challenge yet: the chilling prophecy of the titan’s curse.

Review : For me, this book is a bit more stressful than others because there are characters that make the readers worried about Percy’s big prophecy. Moreover, Percy and friends have to travel, despite the fact that two of them have to die. I was worried that anyone couldn’t travel until the end of the trip.

Point : 7/10

There is always a way out for those clever enough to find it.


Book IV : Percy Jackson and The Battle of the Labyrinth

Plot : Percy Jackson isn’t expecting freshman orientation to be any fun, but when a mysterious mortal acquaintance appears, pursued by demon cheerleaders, things quickly go from bad to worse.

Time is running out for Percy. War between the gods and the Titans is drawing near. Even Camp Half-Blood isn’t safe, as Kronos’ army prepares to invade its once impenetrable borders. To stop them, Percy and his friends must set out on a quest through the Labyrinth — a sprawling underground world with surprises and danger at every turn.

Along the way Percy will confront powerful enemies, find out the truth about the lost god Pan, and face the Titan lord Kronos’ most terrible secret. The final war begins… with the Battle of the Labyrinth.

Review : This is the book that I like the most in this series, there are many things that happen. The journey in the maze was very fun, and exciting. You never know where the maze would take you to, and what monsters will encounter you.

In this book, it talks about the protection of nature that Rick Riordan has included. It’s so sad  that nature is getting worse everyday because of humans. For me the main idea of this book is the nature, the environment, and the eternal sustainability of everything.

Point : 7/10

Be careful of love. It’ll twist your brain around and leave you thinking up is down and right is wrong. 


Book V : Percy Jackson and The Last Olympian

Plot : All year the half-bloods have been preparing for battle against the Titans, knowing the odds of victory are grim. Kronos’s army is stronger than ever, and with every god and half-blood he recruits, the evil Titan’s power only grows.

While the Olympians struggle to contain the rampaging monster Typhon, Kronos begins his advance on New York City, where Mount Olympus stands virtually unguarded. Now it’s up to Percy Jackson and an army of young demigods to stop the Lord of Time. In this momentous final book in the New York Times best-selling Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, the long-awaited prophecy surrounding Percy’s sixteenth birthday unfolds. And as the battle for Western civilization rages on the streets of Manhattan, Percy faces a terrifying suspicion that he may be fighting against his own fate.

Review : This book has more losses than before. I was shocked to feel that the story had arrived at the end. (When I didn’t know that there were 5 more books waiting). This book Percy grew a lot from the first, from being a leader of journeys, but this time he had to be a leader of the war.I like the story of the enemy demigod. The story and the relationships of the characters that we are suspicious come to reveal in this book.

Point : 8/10

It’s hard to enjoy practical jokes when your whole life feels like one.


Season 2 : The Heroes of Olympus

Although the war of Titans is over, a new chapter of prophecy is coming. The story of these demigods beings continues in this new part. With new heroes, new enemies and new clues, but don’t worry because Half-Blood Campers who survive from the war of Titans still play an important role, like Annabeth, Chiron, Grover, etc. But except Percy, because… Ah, let’s see by yourself.

Book I : The Lost Hero

Plot : Jason has a problem. He doesn’t remember anything before waking up on a school bus holding hands with a girl. Apparently she’s his girlfriend Piper, his best friend is a kid named Leo, and they’re all students in the Wilderness School, a boarding school for “bad kids.” What he did to end up here, Jason has no idea—except that everything seems very wrong.

Piper has a secret. Her father has been missing for three days, and her vivid nightmares reveal that he’s in terrible danger. Now her boyfriend doesn’t recognize her, and when a freak storm and strange creatures attack during a school field trip, she, Jason, and Leo are whisked away to someplace called Camp Half-Blood. What is going on?

Leo has a way with tools. His new cabin at Camp Half-Blood is filled with them. Seriously, the place beats Wilderness School hands down, with its weapons training, monsters, and fine-looking girls. What’s troubling is the curse everyone keeps talking about, and that a camper’s gone missing. Weirdest of all, his bunkmates insist they are all—including Leo—related to a god.

Review : It is a beautiful opening book for the new chapters and characters. Both Jason, Piper and Leo have their own background stories. The new half-bloods who have to get a journey without preparing. They fight with monsters and new enemies who need their lives. The battle in this book was so exciting, and discarded the clues that will lead to the next sequel. 

For this book, there is a third person view, which, if you follow up from the first sequel, will feel a little bit strange, but still maintaining the beautiful language impressively. This book has three main characters. Which can spread the script very well. Every character has their own importance. The events in the story are unique, original and exciting as Rick Riordan style.

I like the idea of dividing the gods into two parts—Greek and Roman, which is very interesting and expands the scope of the story. Another Roman camp is very excited. How is Percy going there? Read until the end and almost picked up the next to read immediately. I think this series will definitely get more fun.

Point : 9/10

I’m not good with children,’ the god confessed. ‘Or people. Well, any organic life forms, really.’


Book II : The Son of Neptune

Plot : In The Lost Hero, three demigods named Jason, Piper, and Leo made their first visit to Camp Half-Blood, where they inherited a blood-chilling quest:

Seven half-bloods shall answer the call,
To storm or fire the world must fall.
An oath to keep with a final breath,
And foes bear arms to the Doors of Death.

Who are the other four mentioned in the prophecy? The answer may lie in another camp miles away, where a new camper has shown up and appears to be the son of Neptune, god of the sea…

With an ever-expanding cast of brave-hearted heroes and formidable foes, this second book in The Heroes of Olympus series offers all of the action, pathos, and humor that Rick Riordan fans crave.

Review : For those who miss Percy, of course, this book will definitely not disappoint. After disappearing for eight months Percy has returned to the camp. But… it’s not Camp Half-Blood. It was Camp Jupiter—the camp of the Roman demigods.

The story of Percy’s journey and battle is even more spectacular than any other book in the past. It was a long time after Percy realized his origin. Finally, he grew up to be able to use his power perfectly. And also his new friends who come with a mysterious and sad background. In the end, it was the friendship and sacrifice of the demigods that made everything better.

In this book, the character’s script can spread to each very well. In the beginning, Hazel and Frank had a bit of a flashback, but it was a very interesting story. For Percy—Of course, there’s nothing to think about because he is amnesiac. The only thing he can remember was the face and name of his girlfriend—Annabeth, which made me very shy.

Point : 10/10 (For sure, I gave 10 because I miss Percy lol.)

Life is only precious because it ends, kid.


Book III : The Marks of Athena 

Plot : Annabeth is terrified. Just when she’s about to be reunited with Percy—after six months of being apart, thanks to Hera—it looks like Camp Jupiter is preparing for war. As Annabeth and her friends Jason, Piper, and Leo fly in on the Argo II, she can’t blame the Roman demigods for thinking the ship is a Greek weapon. With its steaming bronze dragon masthead, Leo’s fantastical creation doesn’t appear friendly. Annabeth hopes that the sight of their praetor Jason on deck will reassure the Romans that the visitors from Camp Half-Blood are coming in peace.

And that’s only one of her worries. In her pocket Annabeth carries a gift from her mother that came with an unnerving demand: Follow the Mark of Athena. Avenge me. Annabeth already feels weighed down by the prophecy that will send seven demigods on a quest to find—and close— the Doors of Death. What more does Athena want from her?

Annabeth’s biggest fear, though, is that Percy might have changed. What if he’s now attached to Roman ways? Does he still need his old friends? As the daughter of the goddess of war and wisdom, Annabeth knows she was born to be a leader, but never again does she want to be without Seaweed Brain by her side.

Review : The story of the journey of seven demigods in the big prophecy. Now, they have come together after sending the leaders of the two camps to exchange culture (lol). For this book they have to travel to the Mediterranean Sea, the land of gods and giants, the most dangerous territory for half-bloods, especially when they are faced to the goddess of earth—Gaea, who prevents them from completing their mission easily. The conflicts between the demigods seem to be more intense, especially when everyone has a secret in their minds. Annabeth has to face the fate of the daughter of Athena in order to find and return Athena Parthenos—the symbol of peace of Greek and Roman to its origin place, the things that made the gods recover from the Multiple Personality Disorder—between the Roman and the Greek in order to help the half-bloods can travel smoothly.

After being familiar with switching character progression in the last two books. In this book, add new challenges. Because all the 6 + 1 demigods have come together, and switch their parts. Each event is not continuous, causing more excitement, because if you’re wanting to know what each event will be, then have to flip through the next page quickly. This is one point that makes this book very interesting. In the distribution of roles, I feel that some characters are not as prominent as they should be such as Frank, who has almost nothing, and the most outstanding characters are Annabeth, Piper, Percy and Leo.

The previous two books had really paved the way for this book. The plot in The Mark of Athena is becoming more complex. And the adventure began to intensify. The characters are beginning to develop and accept their identity. Moreover, it can be seen that the relationships between characters, not only lovers, but there is still a friendship that develops to another level. Between Percy and Jason, who both had leadership, they must learn to rely on one another rather than fight by himself. This is a very important point.

Point : 7/10

I try not to think. It interferes with being nuts.


Book IV : The House of Hades

Plot : At the conclusion of The Mark of Athena, Annabeth and Percy tumble into a pit leading straight to the Underworld. The other five demigods have to put aside their grief and follow Percy’s instructions to find the mortal side of the Doors of Death. If they can fight their way through the Gaea’s forces, and Percy and Annabeth can survive the House of Hades, then the Seven will be able to seal the Doors on both sides and prevent the giants from raising Gaea. But, Leo wonders, if the Doors are sealed, how will Percy and Annabeth be able to escape?

They have no choice. If the demigods don’t succeed, Gaea’s armies will never die. They have no time. In about a month, the Romans will march on Camp Half-Blood. The stakes are higher than ever in this adventure that dives into the depths of Tartarus.

Review : Compared to this journey, Percy thinks the past seems to be easy. Tartarus is a real cruel place. Percy and Annabeth have to go to close the Door of Death in the center of Tartarus. Two little demigods walked around the house of thousands of monsters. While on the other side House of Hades are the places that Jason has to close the door. The enemies ready to attack them from all sides, whether by land, water, or air.

This is one of my favorites. The story has dimensions with more aspects to be interpreted and thought. The previous has nothing to think about much after reading that directly. But when I finished reading this book, instead, it left a small piece in my mind that has not been eliminated. It made me start to see that when the characters get older and begin to experience, these will make each stronger, and I very happy to see the character development clearly in The House of Hades, although some events are deliberately a bit as though wanting to spread the script to all characters, in order for each character to grow through these events.

There are many things I like about this book. The first is that one of my favorite characters is brought back, which I can say without spoiling that is Calypso, pairing with my favorite demigod. Another thing that I liked is that each of the characters grew up—Jason, Piper, Leo, Frank Hazel and Nico have to work together to break through the monsters that are needed to attack them. Each of them has to prove their potential and overcome their limitations if they want to survive to the House of Hades. Also Percy seems to have grown up when the terrible misery makes him discover that all of his past successes didn’t happen by himself alone, but because of the people around who are helping in difficult times. In addition, there is a small love story enough to not forget that everyone is still a teenager, which can say that it will definitely surprise.

Point : 9/10

But magic is neither good nor evil. It is a tool, like a knife. Is a knife evil? Only if the wielder is evil.


Book V : The Blood of Olympus

Plot : Though the Greek and Roman crewmembers of the Argo II have made progress in their many quests, they still seem no closer to defeating the earth mother, Gaea. Her giants have risen—all of them, and they’re stronger than ever. They must be stopped before the Feast of Spes, when Gaea plans to have two demigods sacrificed in Athens. She needs their blood—the blood of Olympus—in order to wake. The demigods are having more frequent visions of a terrible battle at Camp Half-Blood. The Roman legion from Camp Jupiter, led by Octavian, is almost within striking distance.

Though it is tempting to take the Athena Parthenos to Athens to use as a secret weapon, the friends know that the huge statue belongs back on Long Island, where it might be able to stop a war between the two camps. The Athena Parthenos will go west; the Argo II will go east. The gods, still suffering from multiple personality disorder, are useless. How can a handful of young demigods hope to persevere against Gaea’s army of powerful giants? As dangerous as it is to head to Athens, they have no other option. They have sacrificed too much already. And if Gaea wakes, it is game over.

Review : It’s still the story of the journey of demigods, but this is the last time, the summary of past battles. They have to kill the giants, defeat Gaea, conquer the goddess, requesting help from the twins gods, escape from the crazy Roman army, and bring Athena Parthenos back to Camp Half-Blood—yes, they bring it from Greece. They have many things to do. The path to the original Olympus seemed insecure, but to end all threats, they need to go on.

In this book, Percy was diminished, maybe it’s because in the previous book he is an important character, causing the script to be reduced to allow other characters to outstand. But for Percy’s big fans like me, this is quite a little sadness. In spite of the end of the series.

One scene that I felt was very exciting. It was the scene when the Olympian fought beside their children, it was a great feeling. And Gaea, the last boss, seems too easy in her death scene, even if it had to be exchanged for the sacrifices of the demigods as predicted. However, overall, it is considered as an amazing closing book of the series.

Point : 7.5/10

No one can hate you with more intensity than someone who used to love you.


If you finish reading and you are wondering whether you are a demigod? You can do the test to prove that. If you’re similar to us, WELCOME TO CAMP HALF-BLOOD!!!

Here is the epic of Percy Jackson in the world of Greek mythology, there is an amazing journey, right? (lol) I hope you enjoy it as well.

If you like Rick Riordan’s work, there are also many works that he wrote based on mythologies, including Kane Chronicle—Egyptian Mythology, Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard—Norse mythology, The Trials of Apollo—also Greek Mythology, etc., those are waiting for you to follow up!!

Enjoy Reading :))))

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