Why it is popular on social media?

The films of bong jong-ho really got 99% certified fresh from rotten tomato website, meaning that a lot of critics really like his films. You may wondering what was jong-ho’s movie, i can say that his films were famous and his films were known by most of people, he be doing the movie in hollywood and learned from the oscar director winner a lot.

His films like okja that on netflix is one of his films that people talk about it a lot in Thailand and all over the world. It is a films that a lot of people like it is. And why okja is not as famous as parasite when the subject in the movie also so intense maybe because more daring in the issues it decided to tackle.Apart from also including poverty and capitalism in the picture, it also squeezes in overt corporate greed, GMO, and global food crisis as well as the crimes to humanity of A certain pharmaceutical and food company. It was definitely a lot messier, but the subject matter is more dire and has a clear villain.

The snowpiercer also his movie that is about a failed global-warming experiment kills off most life on the planet. The final survivors board the SNOWPIERCER, a train that travels around the globe via a perpetual-motion engine. When cryptic messages incite the passengers to revolt, the train thrusts full-throttle towards disaster, i have watched when i wad younger because there is chris evans in this movie, but more than that this movie is also play about classes in society we are living in.

But why is parasite is the best movie of him when he already done the good movie before?

Parasite is a movie that satirical about classes in our society that we are living in right now. It related to our society that we are, everyone is living in right now.

This movie is hard to notice the greatest that bury underneath the movie its self. It is a movie that people will come out of the theater and discuss who is the parasite in the movie but obviously bong jong-ho really did a great movie!

It started by 2 family one is poor and one is wealthy. One family live in the basement what they call it home. They try to find as many job as they can to make more money for living but with no connection so they can not find any job that will make them be more richer and have a good living than this, but the son of the family know a friend that rich which is a tutor for daughter of very wealthy family but he had to go to study aboard so he ask this son of poor family to do it for him while he abroad then he go do it. The movie seems normal because this is a beginning part just wait for a middle part where all fun begins.

where all the fun begin

This scene with dialogue  “Jessica, Only Child, Illinois, Chicago” became viral on twitter

it became catchy a lot of people like this scene (also me). Some people even decided to do ring tone of this. This scene not only went viral for being an iconic catchy phrase but also the beginning of something about to go wrong in this movie.

The twist in this movie really did good with bong jong-ho professional and have been experiences with films before so he know how to get to the audiences. This movie can related to lots of people about Asian struggling at the bottom of the society, someone actually went there and for Asian people a third world country a lot of people related to this. The realism in this movie that play with the emotion of the audiences who watch it with bong jong-ho sharp sense of social satire. This film is exceptional in every line of dialogue it hits in the scene where kim smell something from the driver also is something that use for the reference, every camera movement show us something different the fans also said they hide something from this camera movement let me show you some example, they fans found out that in some scene they use the line of the house of kim to line between the rich and the poor.

When the movie come to the theater, there was a word of mouth people began to widely spread this movie because they wanted to discuss about what the movie about so they tell their friends, family etc. to go watch it so they can come discuss together. This movie also raise awareness about economic gap, how bad it is and a lot of people really face it and somehow some people face a lot worse, in real life poor and rich people would not come meet each other easily because they go to different restaurants, different malls. With the music choices it was amazing.

Parasite also dominated for the oscars for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Foreign Language Film, Best Original Screenplay, Best Production Design, and Best Film Editing. They won all of that. How amazing is that. Before he won oscars he also won the palme d’or at cannes

When the DVD and Blu-Ray came out. Its popularity reached even greater heightes, enough to let parasite re show at the theater again because people couldn’t help themselves to re-watch again(also me) and a lot of people who haven’t watched it go to buy the DVD or Blu-Ray to watch it because they wanted to know what is good about this movie!

This movie also is an iconic. It gave a lot of awareness to a lot of people, make us realize who is really the parasite in the society. The rich or The poor and this also related so much to Thailand about the cp group and central group of how much parasite they are for using people in our country to be more richer.