After David Robert Mitchell’s success in 2014 film “It Follows”, in 2018 he released his new film “Under the Silver Lake”. This movie David Robert Mitchell written, produced and directed by himself. Under the Silver Lake set in Los Angeles it follows a young man Sam (Andrew Garfield) who just crush with Sarah (Riley Keough) mysterious woman who just moving in. In the next morning Sarah suddenly disappear, Sam embarks on a surreal quest across Los Angeles to decode the secret behind her disappearance, leading him into the murkiest depths of mystery. The film had world premiere in 2018 Cannes Film Festival. In IMBD user average score is 6.5, Rotten Tomato user average score is fifty eight percent. I think this movie receive low score because this movie it full of conspiracy theories, hidden messages, and symbolic in popular culture. In IMBD user review it split in two side first for people who like a symbolic movie they may do some research and understand message that director try to send to audiences they will give a high score to this movie, but for people who like movie that completely in itself and do not have to do more research to understand a movie they will give a low score to this movie. After I watched this movie, I do not understand anything and full with question, so I watch this movie again and doing some research, I find out this movie is very incredible. In this article I will analyze movie scene and tell you what does it all mean. 

Warning: Spoilers Alert

1.Sam already dead 

In this scene Sam walking out from his apartment. Then squirrel falling from the three and looking to him by its already dead. The squirrel symbolizes Sam that he is already dead, but he still does not realize it. Moreover, in party scene that Sam investigate about Sarah vanish receptionist said that welcome to Purgatory. 

Purgatory can be defined as a place, or state, where most of the souls of believers go after death. Although these people have been forgiven of their sins, they are still liable to experience some temporary punishment before their admittance to heaven. This is because nothing that is defiled can enter into God’s presence. Because they must be properly freed from the blemish of some defects they had received after baptism, they have to work out their salvation in purgatory through suffering and a process of purification.

Jesus and his brand

Sam follow the clue to Jesus & the Brides of Dracula concert. This band is very popular and full with big fan. The singer of this band dresses and sing in god theme make every call him Jesus. Sam find out that Jesus is involve with Sarah missing, so he beat Jesus and force him to tell the information. Jesus said he does know anything everything he do just receive an order from the song writer. Now, Sam know that the song writer is mastermind of everything, looking for him. After, he found the song writer that the song writer said he live for very long time and being a key of every art, song, and culture everything he hear or saw the song writer is the one who created it, he write a song for Bethoven, Elton John ,Kurt Cobain, etc. After Sam hear that he cannot accept and murdered him.   

I think the song writer symbolize Devil, Jesus symbolizes as real Jesus, and Fanclub symbolize a believer. Jesus is not mind master maybe it meaning god is not excite just only an illusion that create by a devil. In the end, Sam murdered the song writer is meaning he vanish his sin and set his spirit freely. 

The song writer

2. what Three Word 

In this scene you will see bottom of Sam TV that report about strange graffiti discovery 

When Sam follow the women that came around Sarah house, we can see it on a wall and which are coded with the Copial Cypher. 

Copiale Code is a weird manuscript from the 18th century found in Berlin at the end of the Cold War, with 105 pages full of encrypted messages. A computer scientist created in 2011 a program to translate the Copiale Cypher. If you translate the code in the wall you will find found the word “Coffee menu” 

Therefore, the copial cypher indicate us a coffee menu. This one can be seen at the beginning of the film, in the background. On the bottom of the menu board, you can see a morse code translated by XJVO OJRY XERSW 

You can translate this code by use a code translate board that seen in an artist comic house, it defines to “What Three Word”.  

If using key, E=EE from the “I can see clearly now” billboard, I found WHAT THREE WORDS. If you search what three word in search engine you will find geocoding system for the communication of locations with a resolution of three meters. What3words encodes geographic coordinates into three dictionary words that are link to a three meters square on the world map. 

There is something really interesting is that the logo of the website is the hobo code for “this is not a safe place”, which this hobo logo also appear in the film. 

However, after discovery this puzzle, we still do not understand what we have to do next or where is E=E.  

3.Sam is Dreaming 

Maybe in this movie Sam is dreaming everything we seen it just in Sam imagination. First reason, that support these theories is almost everything in his bedroom or he think is came true. For example, the cover of playboy magazine in his room is appear in the movie when daughter of billionaires swimming with Sam in silver lake and get shot it look like the cover of playboy magazine. 

Moreover, when his friend plays Mario game then he found mystery place that have tube as same as in Mario game. Finally, I think this movie it full of conspiracy theories, and symbolic it does not have a right theories or wrong theories it depends on audience perspective, that why I really like this movie.