It had been 2 months since corona-virus took everything from us. The normal life we should have. The life that we can live our life so easy and not afraid of dying because of this virus. I also miss uni life. Corona virus ruined my freshman year and i hate it.

I miss going to class at 9:30 am. Trying to wake myself up before that even it is so hard to wake myself. I miss going to class to see my friends have breakfast at canteen ( my breakfasts are like ice-cream or some milk shake ). I miss going to class and go to rest in the bathroom and i miss when i go to class and trying to do something else. Even it sound like i’m not trying so hard to study but i have tried. I love to go to class, have a real interact with teachers and be more focus on the class more than online class. Online class really making me more lazy than i used to be. Online class made me don’t want to study anymore even it sounds fun and can be more focus with no distractions around me (foods,friends) but with bed or with no distractions like that. It is the reasons why i’m lazier than usual. Maybe i just go into class attend and then go to sleep. So what is the point of study online tho. Sometimes my mom just came up into my room say something like ‘why don’t you go eat breakfast’ or ‘why don’t you do the dishes’ MOM i’m trying so hard to study here can you please understand me??

I miss going to class and take a picture like this at mirror at media building

I really miss when i do have activity do to around campus after finished my class like going to feeding the fishes and have a good laugh with my friends or even go to kayaking at thammasat rangsit campus. Right now i just have nothing to do can’t even go out of my house because i’m afraid of corona virus

I miss when i go to my friends dorm to hang out after finished my class. To bring the boredom out of me 🙁

I miss my life before all of this hard time happen when i can still go out to the mall after the classes finish or when i don’t have class in that they so i can i find a way to relax on myself

Online classes

With online classes, it lacks of interpersonal which is an important part in classes that will be effective. Mark Edmundson, an English professor at the university of Virginia argued in a time opinion piece that online course create a monologue not a real dialogue. To learn in an environment that is really a classes, building relationship with your instructors and classmate it is really effective with the lessons. With online class professor tend to give students more assignments to do in one class, one professor really gave 3 assignment to students, i really understand that they wanted us to study something and really focused on their class but don’t you think with more work it will make us feel like nahh not this again and only trying to find answer then get answer and when the classes in we just forget everything we have done. Online class also make lack a sense of communication and lead to a feeling of isolation. We also loss of group experiences even we have line group of group chat in MS team. Online classes hard to do group work, we can not do it effectively when we are in online class even we have the tools to do it online but it is not the same as working together in real life. When we do traditional class for me i have motivation to study for example the week passes i know when to study and do the work but when we do online classes my motivation to study always going lower and lower

Talk about study the lesson. When it come to take exams i like the way it uses to be when i can go to study lessons with all my friends at the library or coffee shop. In this hard time we can not go read booms at any place because of the virus and i think reading books at home really sucks.

I hope that everything will come back normal soon

In this hard time, it affected to everyone. In thailand a place that government can not manage well a lot of people starve. Poor people can not do the job they used to do. The government never come to help the people who really affected to this. Why people in this country can’t have just food to eat, place to live. Why the government come help but let all people inside the country help each other when it comes to situation like this the government is actually who have to respond. I hope this hard time will pass and the revolution in thailand will happen real soon. When we don’t have to be just a chess for them to move and money for them to get and buy stuff they wanted like a child. We pay taxes we need something good back. Just a life that everyone can live happily. Have some normal rights that everyone should have for example study,home and a job that suit them. Even we are the land of smile a lot of people suffering through this hard time. They have no money, no food to eat, no job so how are they going to safe money like all the middle-class people who are ignorant try to teach low-class people a lesson when life is not just like that. Some people work for 300 baht a day to buy food three times a day with water it not even have any baht left to safe. We need to know that they are a lot of people that really living harder life than us. Don’t go judge anyone for being poor and trying to have voice with the government because what they are doing it just normal rights that every one should have.