Bully is a tremendous issue around the world anywhere, anyplace and, even how much that countries become civilized they always found the bully in any of ages. In Thailand, bully mostly found from children to adult which when someone started bullying they tend more intensify and blend into part of their habit. From the mentioned, the bully can separate into two ways which are from words and action. Bullying from the word occurs the racist like in Thailand we call about the other by their appearance like that girl’s skin is brown and the way we call her is Edam (black skin) that is the beginning of bullying which Thai people think it is normal in life. As we know that the wound from attacking healed, but the word that straight from the shoulder can create a deeply hurt in their mind. Often, we found a lot of victims who got bully more than a word such as when you go to the toilet in school they will come after into the toilet then lock the door and start attacking you from many bullying makes the victim dead inside and can’t afford to get into society have a problem to live or some of them end their lives by committed suicide. Moreover, technology might have an advantage in communicating 24/7 so this benefit can make some people use it in a bad way for bullying someone and on the internet which is the societies that people can change their identity as an anonymous decrease our ethics. As we see that technology not always give good things to us that why people do the campaign to cut a cyberbully.


Bully is not far from us, once I got a bully on high school which haunted me until now. When grade 8 I have many male friends than female friends due to the game online. In this male group, we have around 10 people and someone in the group have a girlfriend which that girl isn’t quite nice but somehow me and her are in the choir club and have to rehearse on the break. The male group is in the club as well but suddenly the man who has a girlfriend ask me to cover a song on youtube which is popular at that time. After that, we become a close friend but his girlfriend didn’t think in that way so she just asks for trouble and started to bully me on many platforms such as posted on a social media, incite my friends to turn their back to me and throw a mean word to me. At that time, I don’t want to go to school. If I go, the other will look at me I don’t want to be a target of the people. The gossip was heard everywhere. Heavily, I was appointed to get a slap but luckily my friend takes me to hide away until the end of the day. Even at home, I feel like lonely in this world sober for my bad luck on my bed. I ask my parents to move to another school to escape from the reality that I faced. My mom goes to see a girl who bullies me. Unfortunately, this happen seems to be worse that girl makes fun of me more than before because I told my parents. Even my boyfriend isn’t on my side I thought that no one loves me anymore. But I pass this situation due to it on school holidays and I changed friend and after that, I move to the other school. Even it has been a long time ago I still remember it in my heart.

  • We still have another real experience of bullying in real life so let’s see it !

On high school, me as a very friendly person who easily gets along with others need to change my major to SIP which the recent student didn’t get into this course. Consequently, the newbie who comes on high school will be a majority in this course. I don’t have a choice so I need to get into that group which a leader who has an influence on the other. Everything seems to be fine but different as it meant to be. They got all the hate speech on the other every time as they can this incident got me bored and want to get out from this putrid society. Finally, I left this group. Afterward, they start to bully me in many ways. Everything I do, they can find a way to bully me. I’ll never forget that day, I have to do a presentation in front of the class. They yell at me and tell me to get out of their life. But that is not enough, they also told the other class that I am the worst person in the class don’t be friend with me. From this circumstance makes me don’t have any friends so I use to be alone in school for a while. Suddenly, there were my friends in that group left and got a bully. They throw every single thing in the backdrop on the floor, curse on the public and finally lead to the attacking. Nothing can stop and the bully is growing tremendous to handle anymore. That group action is not human honestly, they’re lost humanity for sure and the way they speak sound no more morality in their mind.


The number of bullying is still increasing while this problem is going to be the main debate on the world stage. Bullying is living with human since our ancestors and can’t deny that it is hard to disappear. We have a theory about a utopia but our world isn’t similar to our dream and seems to be impossible. If we can’t figure this problem start from our mindset individually we can change the world to becomes a better place. Normally, we can found the bully in every area, it not far from you. Look deeply and you can find. Most of the people think bullying someone is fun but actually it not. In the role of people who got a bully is hurt neither their mind and body. It’s not right that someone needs to bare so much pain at the same time.


According to medical information from Dr.Mathurada Suwanpho, director of the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Rajanagarindra Institute, the institution is in the process of researching and developing the anti-bullying programs in schools that are consistent with the Thai school context. The program will focus on the aged 6-13 years, which is the age of learning about friends, personality development, moral, and social development

Dr. Mathurada said in order to reduce bullying in schools; we must give attention and priority to two groups of children. The first group is the children who are at high risk of being bullied, such as children with slow development problems, disabled children, and alternative sex. The second group is the children whose families have violence or children with psychiatric illnesses, which are often found to be children who are bullied. Thailand already has some operating costs, from the PATH2HEALTH, which is a public benefit organization, the Office of Health Promotion Foundation, and some schools. The program can fix the problem permanently by connecting between the institution, the school, the teachers, the school administrators. The program expected to be completed and be ready to be used in all schools in the country by the next academic year.

  • An example of the solution of how to stop bullying in a foreign country:

In Korea, there is a solution of how to stop bullying in high school. The solution may sound too harsh for the kids but, from the statics, this solution worked almost a hundred percent. If bullying happens in Korean high school, including physical and mental, the teachers will use the technic called “Role Play”. The teachers, classmates, and parents of the kid who often bullies other friends will come up with a plan, which is to behave the same behaviour that he/she has been doing to his/her friends. After using a “Role Play” technic, it turns out that the kid who used to bully his or her friends feel guilty and he or she promises to not bully anyone ever again.

“This solution does not suit every country especially Thailand. The solution can be a double-edged sword in Thailand because Thailand has a delicate and sensitive culture and tradition. Also in Korea, they do not use this technic to every kid who has a problem because each person has a different reason to be like this and a different behavior. They must consider case by case.”

–  Dr. Wimolthip Musikphan