my favorite cat meme

Having frequently spent many hours sitting on my bed with an iPad and foods watching cat videos before realizing that I have already spent half of my day solely on those videos, I feel that I am quite qualified to write about this article. Before we start, are there any days that you don’t see any cats while you are browsing through the Internet? I believe it is highly unlikely to be the case. Cats have seen to play an important part in humans’ life for many generations, ranging from being one of the most popular pets for humans to adopt, arguably on par with dogs, to being worshiped, as seen in Egypt. Before we even realize, cats have already gone viral.

What do people like about cats?

1.) Cats are cute!!

Cats’ appearance is gorgeous and elegant. The way they walk, jump, and sleep is very cute. Their body is very soft and plush, like a fluffy pillow. Cute from the head to the tail, having adorable eyes, big pointy ears, tinny mouth, and little dainty tongue, cats get attention from humans effortlessly. What is even more pleasing are kittens, which have an irresistible level of cuteness that no human can resist.

2.) Cats are unpredictable animals

Man Sets Up Secret Camera To Record What His Cat Does At Night.

Although can be very affectionate and cute, cats can be choosy and indifferent, which is what makes cats more interesting. Cats are unpredictable animals, so you can’t know whether the cats will let you touch them without biting you in response. Calling cats by names, regardless of how cute the name we have given them, won’t work unless the cats feel like responding to us. Even now, we still can’t answer whether cats love us or not. In Thailand, cat lovers call themselves ’cat slaves’ because they do everything cats want and never get angry when they are bitten by their cats. Most people agree that the more their cat means to them, the more they need attention from the cat. This is called infatuation.

3.) Cats are full of mystery.

People believe that black cats represent Satan.

Cats are full of mystery. There are many myths about cats that confuse the owner. Cats might stare randomly between you and them in the house without any real reason. Cat is a symbol of the devil, which most people think is very cool. In some cultures such as Japan, who believe that cats are lucy animals, cats are considered sacred.

Why cats become viral on the internet?

Nyan Cat – the most viral cat video

As I said before, it hards to never see any cats on the Internet as cats have already gone viral on the Internet thanks to being cute, making posting them in social media quite easy to attract people. Some cats have become famous on the internet, and have earned a lot of money after their owners posted their pictures online.

Because of their lovely face and weird behavior, humans make a joke about them. In fact, cat videos are such a phenom that there have been international cat-video festivals and cat-video museum exhibits. In 2015, New York’s Museum of the Moving Image had a show titled “How Cats Took Over the Internet.”


Viral memes : Woman yelling at cat

Some people like to use the picture of a cat to make memes. Although dormant, cats can still be made into memes. It starts with cat lovers who like to take a picture of their cat and share it on the Internet. These pictures have become more attractive than expected and caused cat memes that become viral.


Puss in boots

Cats used to be the main characters in many movies, comics, and animations such as Doraemon or Puss in boots. That most people have seen them since childhood might be a reason why cats have become so popular on the Internet.

Being a trend and fashion…

cute cosplay cat

Wanting to be as cute as a cat, some people, especially women, like to dress up as a cat, wearing cat costumes with ears and tails, or imitating cat’s sound, both of which make them look really cute.

Are cats more viral than dogs?

Most people see dogs of being honest and loyal, which is an abstract idea. Personally, cats have a concrete perk of having a more attractive appearance compared to dogs’. Cats, thanks to their unpredictable natural behavior, are also funnier to be with. These concrete and solid characteristics of cats, which are easily shown in the form of pictures or videos, are more likely to get attention than the abstract terms of dogs. Even more commonly searched online, dogs are still less likely to go viral compared to cats due to these behavioral differences between the two animals. That dogs aren’t as likely to go viral doesn’t mean that dogs are less popular. While cats have a cute face with an occasional mean behavior, dogs have a stupid yet cute face with stupid actions, making them both lovable.

What is the advantage of a cat on the internet?

One great advantage of cats on the Internet is that they can make us happier. Scientists have proven that watching cats’ videos can significantly improve your mood. Professor Jessica Gall Myrick from Indiana University asked 7,000 people about how watching videos of cats made them feel.

The result is that, after watching videos of cats, people felt happier and felt less anxious or sad. Seeing cute things, such as a cat on the internet, can be very relaxing, especially cat memes, which is used to joke about how cats feel in different situations. Their face makes you look softer even when you are angry and joking about cats is always fun, especially about cats who believe and act as if they are our masters.

Japanese stray cats

Even though there are many people who love cats, others are still afraid of them. Social media allow people to see the rare and cute part of cats that people who afraid of cats might not have a chance to see in real life. With a growing amount of stray cats, I hope to have more people to see that cats are not harmful and to pay more attention to the cats.

To summarize

There are no scientific reasons yet why cats are gaining more popularity than other animals. Personally, one possible explanation of why people are picking cats to raise is because cats are easy to raise, quiet, and excrete in the sandbox. As the majority most of their time is spent to sleep and eat, they don’t require as much effort from humans. I suppose that if people begin to raise tigers, and they do funny things, then tigers will definitely become as viral as cats.