When the election time comes, people might be able to imagine a car with loud noises coming around their house, promoting their party. Not just in the past, but at the current time as well that we still hear those noises. It still exists. Nevertheless, as time passes, technology has not only developed, it is also one of the significant things which can lead people to see things in different ways. It provides more tools for the candidates to promote, and we citizens, have more ways to receive information.

Promoting through social media
Signs and posters are ubiquitous in the pre-election time. There are so many faces on the TV screens, newspapers, and on the streets. In this time, media has a big role in our daily lives. As time changes, the digital era has come and influence people more. They are sources leading us to any kind of information we need. It is easier to get an access, we can search for it anytime we want. Especially for people in the new generation, they are more active on social media and on any kind of platform online. They can look for the background information and the policies of each political parties and it is easier for them to decide who will be the leader leading their country and their future. Some leaders show not only their work but they can also show their attitude and the way they see the world. Both citizens and candidates can interact with each other by commenting or chatting in real time. As the media has influenced many people, it shows that politics is important, it is not just for the minority, but it affects the most. On social media platforms, people can share their opinion and get feedbacks from each other. People these days can interact more with society.

Hashtags #

They can use hashtags on many platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. And from those hashtags, it can create social movements. For example, there was a time when the promoting sign of some political parties are blocking the pathway and people got the trouble from this situation. So, they complained on Twitter and use the hashtag. Then, when that political party found out about that hashtag, they went to the area and they changed the place of the sign to make it easier for the pedestrians to walk again. Also, the time when each political parties says something good or bad, people can use their social media and using a hashtag to share with others about what they think. Using hashtag will make each topic be more specific, more direct, and easier to approach for the people who want to get more accurate information.

Some of the political party also have their own hashtag, they use their hashtag to update their working process and what they have done lately. It provides trustworthy facts and it can show their intention of how they want to work for the people. People tend to remember them more and they can see that the political party that they like is working so hard to help everyone and to change our society will be a better one. The hashtag can build itself more impact and make that party more powerful.

Influence from social media

Moreover, social media is a place where people come to produce their own content and consume other’s content. Some of the producers may famous or well-known people in Thai society and they are likely to be another possible reason to persuade their fans to think in the same way as them. On the other hand, some influencers may not see things in the same perspective as others do. We as a people in the new generation are not going to be naive or trust anything easily. Therefore, concerning more about trust-worthy facts and critically thinking is a vital thing to do. There is a lot of information and a lot of opinions we need to process before we make any kind of decision. Neutral seems that it is the main thing that people should do, do not biased or not to take a side. If there are so many opinion and so many people who are not sure about the information that they got or the information is one-sided, it can and will cause misunderstanding for others.

For illustration, according to Nation news, they revealed a voice clip claiming that the 2 people speaking are Mr. Thanathorn and Mr. Thaksin. But there is no evidence on how or when this clip recorded or how they are able to retrieve it. This made Mr. Thanathorn ‘s supporter very upset, so they dug down and found out that the clip was fake and created a hashtag #เนชั่นโป๊ะแตก saying that Nation news is faking it to discredit Mr. Thanathorn. People can see that Nation’s owner is one of the candidates from the Palang Pracharat party. So, most of them thought that maybe that candidate from Palang Pracharat party is trying to discredit Mr. Thanathorn and it lets people who do not know the real fact and blame on him.

Opinions to be forbidden

There are some rules that the government is trying to take away the rights of the people, which is called ‘Cybercrime legislation act‘. It has so many opinions and thoughts about how people feel and they are trying to complain about it on social media or their private areas. But, the government can see everything and they are monitoring on social media all the time. They can arrest people who are likely to be against them and those who are saying negative things about them. This is not fair for many people, sometimes they are just trying to share their thoughts and hoping it will maybe lead to the change. The way people think are not all going to be the same, our opinion will never going to be the same. By saying that the government is trying to take away people’s rights, they are not respecting the people’s voices. To make sure that the citizens and the government can live peacefully by understanding each other’s demand and needs, all of us should respect each other and do not ignore others opinion, because everyone has their freedom of speech to think and share their thoughts. People who elected their government officials must be free to discuss political matters openly in order to make the best decisions about the government. That is the foundation of democracy since it is about the people, not just the government.


Telling the truth on social media is really important. On social media, it’s hard to know that it is true or not because there is no clear evidence to prove anything on the internet. In terms of the people who have to create the content, they have to check and be sure that the source which they get the information verified that it is the exact information.

For any political party to promote themselves, correct and truthful information seems that it is the best way to attract readers, listeners, and their supporter the most. Since authenticity determines their real intention on how they want everyone to pay attention to them. As long as the information is genuine, people will listen more, and it will make what they say valuable. On the other hand, if they lied, the truth will eventually come out, then the result will cause a negative impact on them. What they say will lose the value and no one would ever trust them again. Instead of gaining more people to attract people in good ways, if they lie, they will gain a reputation in a bad way.

Make the right choice

As the media became easier to use, people can take and make information for others. Talking about that, in a political topic, everyone has a lot of information to consume and process, they also have the rights to comment or share their thoughts more. To be able to make the right decision on choosing who’s best to be the head of this new government, everyone has to make sure that they’ve viewed the news in many sources, as many aspects as possible.

Variety of the information is very important because some media might be biased on a particular side and it is not fair for the other side (or sides) to clarify themselves. Misunderstanding will obviously and absolutely occurred from the consuming of only one side. If the case of misunderstanding only happens to one person, that probably wouldn’t affect much, but the real world, of course, it’s not going to happen to just one. Once it started, it goes on, due to the fastness of how information can be spread in these days, thanks to the advanced technology, now people can share contents to others easier and faster. And that means faster sharing of wrong information, the quicker and faster people can be more mistaken. Now that would create a very big impact on everyone’s thought and would then also create an impact on how they make their decisions. That is why we all have to look for pieces of information as much as we can so that we can compare to know what can be right or wrong, interpret to see if there’s something more to think of, and digest to choose the best possible outcome. Because now, media has more power than we think.

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