Since quarantine started so you can not go out to eat your favorite food outside anymore, and you are just so tired of instant noodles and those egg menu, that is a start for you to be your own chef. And today i will give you some cooking applications for you to make a choice for your new recipe.

Wongnai Cooking

“Wongnai” is a Thailand number 1 review application that famous in recommendation of restaurants near you from over 180,000 restaurants around Thailand, show you information of each of restaurant, and customer review for you choice of picking restaurant, but nowadays this application does not only review restaurant feature but Wongnai also help you plan a trip, run a full-service restaurant, give you beauty tips and Wongnai users’ choice is the best restaurant around Thailand that almost 3million Thai users voted for.

But today what I will present about is Wongnai cooking feature. This feature is collecting recipe and cooking tips for your cooking to make it easier and delicious. also you can share your recipe by posting your favorite recipe for other people!

• Often release new interesting recipe
• searching or selecting from ingredient, type of food, process, healthy food, dessert, beverage , special menu for holiday, baby’s food
• has almost all kind of international recipe and you can find the ingredients in Thailand.
• You can save the recipe later for other meals
• Telling prep time, cooking time, the calories and how many serving
• Choose popular chefs and bloggers

This application have very user-friendly  for every generation to find and read the recipe. The unique of Wongnai application is It has more Thai recipe than other application and collects almost every type of food in just only one application. The app is a free download for iOS and Android.


“Sidechef” is an application that offers you healthy food recipes and healthy dessert recipes for your diet meal . This application has over 15,000 recipes available with step-by-step video and photos easy to follow guided instructions. And on the home page you can swipe to see the recipes you like as tinder to have fun with it!

• Can select your favorite ingredients
• If you want vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, paleo or low-carb recipes you can should on the start of the application.
• Can select if you have allergies or intolerances to gluten, dairy, egg, soy, peanut, tree nut, fish, shellfish
• Can should you goals
• Have meal plan feature
• Quick search by ingredients feature
• Can add your recipes and Sidechef recipes
• Have grocery feature to add your grocery list

SideChef application is care about your health not just only give you healthy recipes but also care what you up to and allergy-friendly. This application have white background and a little bit of color to make it look minimal and easy on the eye. The app is a free download for iOS and Android.

Kitchen stories

“Kitchen stories” application with anyone can cook concept. It is an application with millions users around the world are already cooing with. This application devices things up according to theme and this application offers inspiring HD video guides and photo instruction for recipes that anyone can cook!

• Shopping list
• Can see the rating and review of each recipes to make your decision
• Tell you nutrition per serving 
• Can upload your recipes
• Show the level of difficulty
• Can save and like the recipes
• Can choose by category, diet, cuisine, main ingredients, occasion or type
• Categorize each type of recipes on the front page

Kitchen stories with user-friendly have such a normal but special design for you to look up endless and very special for anyone who are on diet because this application shows you the nutrition of the food so that  you can plan your diet meals!

Food monster vegan recipe by on green planet

“Food monster”  is an application that all about vegan food recipes to move to a more planet-friendly diet , it is a good option for vegan to choose this application to cook with their meal. This application have over 8,000 vegan and allergy-friendly recipes. This application contain food, dessert and drink with dairy-friendly for you.

• Have special recipes for holiday
• Show the latest recipes in the front page
• Can choose the recipes by season for you to find the ingredients easier
• Have popular themes and trending recipes
• Can subscribe the recipes, it will show on your collection
• Add new recipes daily
• Step-by-step instructions 

Enjoy with the application with colorful pictures and have green design to cheer you up with vegan. This application has big photos and text for every generation to read. If you are vegan and you miss normal food, don’t worry you can find any dairy-free recipes on this application! The app is a free download for iOS and Android to but have a monthly fee to use my bookmarks and meal plan features (1.99 US dollars per month)


“BigOven” application have a unique design comes with a little Instagram form like you can edit your profile and put your information also they have following,  follower and recipes feature for you and you can choose your own eating style!

• Show popular bloggers
• You can add your meal plan 
• Have grocery lists that you can select their items or from your recipes
• On my recipes feature your can choose by your all, favorites, try, or added type
• You can follow other blogger so it will show on the home page
• Can use up leftovers feature to find recipes
• Can view recently viewed to not missed your recipes that you already looked up
• You can choose recipes by courses

BigOven application has a unique style and bright design for you to be fun with the application.

I hope this blog could help you to find an application that fits to your eating style, cook some more food during quarantine to save money from delivery fees and enjoy being your own chef!