As we can see there are many memes we see for a day that spread viral online especially through social media from person to person within a culture. Memes can be in the forms of video, image, text, or a picture with text on it. Memes are an idea that spread from person to person.

Memes were coined in 1976 by a British evolutionary bio named Richard Dawkins. Memes were coined before the internet existed but no one knows its true origins. Memes are best known as funny pictures or silly videos that you share with your friends or post on MS team when Mr.Sascha wants us to!

But when the internet came, new meme’s hit the scene. Now it was way much easier to spread the image all around the world than ever and new memes are created everyday.

For me, I use a lot of Facebook and see memes everyday (also share), mostly my friends share them and it shows on my timeline. I think everyone loves memes and funny things. Memes also help me from depression, when I am sad, using social media is a way to heal me from the pain in my feelings, reading memes and watching tik tok makes me happier. 

the theories that related to. the topic

first, “moral panic” – the memes can also be sensitive and funny at the same time, just please be aware of what are you sharing without knowledge.

second, “hyperreality theory” – sometimes you type your text on the memes is not exactly what really happen to real life.

third, “two step flow theory” – people sharing the memes like a link of a chain.

forth, “social group theory” – social can influence our life as well, not only in the text in the memes but also the way people have reaction to the memes.

fifth, “audience” – the audiences is the people who see the memes and have reaction to those like sharing, liking, or sending the memes they like to their friends.

what’s your all time favorite meme, please share your memes below this blog!

reference : every memes that show up on my Facebook’s timeline.