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Poach eggs is too easy I know

But it is hard to find it in restaurant here in Thailand

In quarantine situation, I have no one to cook for me and so bored of food delivery

So, I start to have this question

Can I relied on YouTube to be my cooking teacher ?

From my experiment

My answer is : YouTube is a good teacher but I need to be a good student (Need to prepare and dig deep to information)

This is my analyze :

The Cons

1. After I watched few videos on youtube I start to buy my own kitchenware. I bought my pan to use with my electric conduct strove but … my pan is incompatible to conduct heat . I find that the pan need to be aluminum to conduct heat. Videos in youtube miss this point.

2. Some of the videos are conflict . SOME CHEF say that you need to seasoning when boiling the water . Some say that it is unnecessary . Some say that you need vinegar to make poached eggs some say that it is wrong notion . This confuse me a lot of after all .I use my sense and do the. Thing that I think is the best .

3. It takes time to ask and don’t know there will be an answer or not . I ask some of the question in the comment and no one answering me till now…

4. The videos are not perspicuous . Some of the angle are very hard to see .

5. They are no judge mentor . I don’t know this is the classic or standard poach eggs or not . So I use my taste for my standard.

But the good things .The Pros

1. Its free. And you can have diversity of teacher.

2. You can learn anytime or anywhere.

3. There are new content coming up each days.

4. You can interact to all people around the world and share you thought.

5. You have unlimited resource of knowledge.

6. Have auto generated caption for those who don’t understand and it is very accurate to me

So, is it worth to learn from youtube rather than real teacher

My answer: If it’s the thing you don’t need to be hurry or need a deep knowledge youtube is your destination.

But if you want to have one stop service join a serious course is fine .

I encourage everyone to give it a try. Their are lots of good channel that will teach you to news skill for your life .

Results of this experiment,

Do I have a success poach eggs?

Yes and when I compare this to Jamie Oliver poach eggs its looks kind of similar.

So , I think I’ve success to make poach eggs . Watching the tutorial all around youtube for 5 hours but the taste is good and worth it .

Don’t be afraid to learn