Please watch the Full video before reading the blog

For more explanation…

In my free time I always produce songs . I start to make it for 5 years now .

Yes, it looks easy in the video . In reality , making beats and songs are more complicated.

In the past , it is very hard and takes lot of time to produce one song because everything are only in analog. Only big studio can effort to have expensive gear


In these modern days, people can make songs with only computer , ipad and a pair of headphones

So , what have change ?

The answer is Technology

Now , programs can simulate expensive analog gear that use for customize sound and it can do all the step that require to make a songs.

1. Composing

2. Recording

3. Mixing

4. Mastering

These program are called DAWS

Next, beat and instrument explanation

You can hear my finished beat in 4.38 of the video

I know what you think but I didn’t cheat. I done this beat in 4-5 minutes .

This is the Full explanation on how to make it

1. Start with loop. Any loop that you like but the loops will determine what genre of your songs will be.

Next start to put Drum pattern.

2. Kick : you need to select kick as a base of your songs because it is the lowest sound in the songs

3. Snare : snare is a clap but sound more like drums

4. Hihat : of course everyone like hihat rolls . If you don’t about know hihat rolls check in the 2.15 of the video.

5. 808 : modern r&b beats songs are  mostly use this . It can also called bass.

This formula is for modern beat r&b , hiphop ,pop music . If you are musician you can add other instrument too.

Making beat is easy right ? Lets make one!!!