Are you bored of can not going out to shopping when during quarantine time?

In this era,most of people interesting to online shopping because it too easy and convenience you can stay at home at waiting to the cloth shop send the product to you so shopping online is the best way for people can buy cloth although you stay at home! Moreover,it the c]best choice referring from the situation nowadays  forasmuch you do not need to go out and risk to infect with COVID-19 you can safe and protect yourself first.

In this era,we have many application that help you be easy in everyday life.It can provide you in everything you want such as food , cloth , facilities and more.You just use a tip of fingers it can delivery at your home.Instagram make your life will be much easier, we live in in an age where technology can be tracked you in everywhere.Technology is access in everywhere that mean in your daily life you use technology all the times.Moreover, technology make you to independent living or the least dependent on others and fully participate in society and more than that including services application and implementation to reduce obstacles in activity of us. 

Application : Instagram(IG)

              In the past,Instagram is a free application it just only post and share your photo and video in the public it has more benefit than posting photo and video.But now everyone uses Instagram rather than just posting photo and video that they would like to post on a daily basis.People who use IG often may see that each account has a purpose to use different depending on whether.

Use Instagram to promote product or service

-From accessing IG in each day you may see that there are new store in everyday for us to choose want you want to buy.Some stores have both a storefront already and without storefront it can sell too because they have account of IG to sell a product which there are both cheap and expensive shop that vary.Although some product will look exactly the same .The reason most of the user use is they use another way to promote and attract customer ,thus the users have many option to choose a store that more interesting.Instagram has all of ages of target product and if you use IG to buy the product ,customers can see the product image more clearly and more diverse.

-Customers do not go to a storefront for buy you product but you can add Line to buy the product,it too easy and do not waste your time to go to a storefront.The shops that can see that there are a lot of competition and promotion are mostly such as cloth shop , bags shop ,bakery shop etc.

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Application : Lazada

                 Lazada is an another choice for us to shopping online,it is easy way to get a products because it has many way for payment option we can choose.Lazada has the largest  variety of shopping website in Thailand,it has everything you want if you want to buy something cheap or how expensive it can found in Lazada and it has many discount from the promotion it has all the time.There are also many leading brands participating in Lazada application.Moreover,it has buyer protection system which means customers can return a products and request a refund if there is a problem,such as a defective product , a product does not fit ourselves , received the wrong product , some product lost or you changing your mind to need the product Lazada care customer for the best quality of their application.Including a delivery system is too fast it has a variety of delivery method ,such as Kerry express, Thai post office ,etc.Helping us to get products ordered quickly at your home.

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Application : Shopee

 Lastly, application people use to shopping online is Shopee and it come after to two application above .The function of shopee is similar to Lazada,it has online and website platform and it most popular too like two application above.Shopee has a strategy to attract customers to use their application by free delivery and has a discount for new customers.The highlight of this platform is convenient and fast ,customers can click to follow the shop or like the product and if you want come back to buy this product is not lost from your account.Moreover,it has a hashtag including a chat system to contact the seller directly.As for seller’s,it is easy to post new products,there are promotion and campaign from Shopee.It is suit for new seller or people who have to make a small business.And more function Shopee has is explore ,customer can search for stores including stores that Shopped recommend and stores that we might like which the display is based on our usage habit.It can be seen that all of people can access to application and every people can make your business.

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A store is recommend by bbeamped’s style from online platform!

Smileyhound by Greyhound original

Smileyhound product

: Smileyhound brand brand is Thai product and it popular in teenager in Thailand,if you find of good shirt this brand is the best choice you must have! I like this brand because of desire and some of details as smiley dog in left chest it just a simple detail but make people know the shirt that from Smileyhound, like a quote is “Less is more” because each season of this brand not different too much but easy to get dress and look good just wear a shirt.Moreover,it has a many items you can choose it that suit for you ,such as T-shirt , shirt , polo T-shirt , sweater , hoodie , plant ,tote bag and accessories.I think it the reason I choose this brand because the price is not cheap and not expensive it a medium of price if exchange to a quality it is value and customers can afford it.A stores is stay at big department store as Siam , The mall , Central ,Future park ,etc.Smileyhound not only sell at storefront but also online platfrom such as Instagram , Facebook , Lazada and own website.

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Pausetheplay and Poloralphland

Polor Ralph Lauren Product

: Polo ralph lauren is one of my favorite brand and it is the popular brand and everyone knows very well! It is very famous for people who like basic shirt and I have Polo ralph lauren store I have two store so I’m actually become quite a regular customer and it too easy to shopping via smartphone because they have fast delivery from Line man ,Grab express , Kerry express and Thai post.Two stores that I choose and like because it has many product including pre order and available product that make customer do not wait for a long time,the price is slightly different.

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Urthe clothing product

: Urthe clothing is a Thai brand of T-shirt street style,it has many items you can look good and stylish just buy only this shop! Urthe is also one of the my favorite brand because it cheap, unique and reasonable price with what your received.This shop’s fabric is good quality and if you wear you feel comfortable and it the important reason I like is a oversize T-shirt,if you ask for desire is that different from other stores.Urthe clothing not sell only online platform it also has storefront in department store and general shopping center if you do not want to go out from your home you can order in Line official and they can send you in delivery method too,It so happy and enjoyable to shopping online!

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The station store product

:The station store is a multi brand store that collecting all the popular brand teenerger like.If you want to buy something but you do not know I’m sure if you see the product you will definitely lose money! A store is select aquality product that people must have,not too fashionable but it has variety product and customers can should to buy.Although it has some bad point such as some product is not available it pre order and you should to wait ,but not bad at all because a stores is fast provides product to you a soon as possible! Moreover,it has in online online platform but if you do not be serious and make your life easier,order now!

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Peter sneker product

: Peter sneaker is one of my favorite shoe store,it collecting all of popular brand in one store and you can check that is real because it is guarantee to you received a real one.Some of product is available and some of product is pre order,store has update a new items all the time and make sure you in fashion for sure if you follow them all the time! Some time it has a limited items or rare items you can get from this store also the price is reason about and customers can afford it.Moreover,it has own blog that review what items people are interested a lot and I always order a shoes from Peter sneaker store and if you interested some items but they do not post in their account you can contact to the store they can find for you!Another store do not has some items but Peter sneaker has all the time,don’t miss it! And go to check you items you want in the Peter sneaker 🙂

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I hope this blog has advantage for you if you want to buy some cloth and items like me,you read above of information that I provide for you! Enjoy for shopping online👀💸

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