Have you heard the word “Street photography” before?

Street photography, or some people might call it Candid photography, one of the categories of photography that many people may not know. Street photography records everyday life in a public place and no need to set the light or set the scene like shooting in a studio and street photography will focus on the realism and the felling. Or to conclude that street photography is conducted in the face of natural opportunities and random events in public places. Street photography relies on the right timing to create beautiful stories that require a lot of experience, vision and creative thinking

This picture was taken in the Taksin Bridge area, where I saw the evening light coming down from the bridge, creating interesting light and shadow.

Defining frame and timing can be an important part of the craft, with the aim of street photography is to create beauty no matter what time and situation it is. In the same situation, in the same place, we can tell a completely different story, depending on each person’s perspective on what kind of story they want to tell. However, street photography is not necessary to focus on people in the frame.

Street photography can focus on people and their behavior in public, so it’s a record of people’s history. But however, street photography is not necessary to focus on people in the frame. It can also focus on the object that creates a common mood and impact with our emotions such as Humorous, farce, sadness, joyful and so on.

It’s an interesting concept that photography instantly captures the progress of a person’s life … whether it’s on the streets of Bangkok or behind your hometown actually everywhere. In street photography every second is very meaningful because every second there are many events and movement all the time, including the wind and sunlight, so there must be a lot of hesitation and sharpness in pressing the shutter.

While I was sitting on the plane and the staff were showing how to use the equipment on the plane while she was lifting the belt it reminds me of the censor in the news and its made me decide to lift the camera to shoot.

The tips that I will introduce today is only my opinion, especially through my personal experience.

1. Always prepare yourself and your equipment

Always ready for unexpected events because while you are walking there may be interesting things, but if you have already missed it, you can’t find a second chance anywhere. And you must always keep thinking outside the box and always keep practicing.

2. Looking for interesting objects

Objects are either male or female, giving different emotions. Even in the same posture at the same place or even bringing various things come to express emotions instead of using direct people was quite interesting.

3. Get to know the equipment at hand

Many people tend to think that if you get good equipment to take pictures, it will get good pictures that are beautiful and will make you look more skilled. I can say that idea is not true. Although good equipment is a helper to get good images. But if we can’t control it, don’t understand, can’t use the device to meet our needs. I think that piece of equipment it is of no use at all.

4. Practice the quick composition of images

We never know whenever good and beautiful images come, what we can do is Practice composition often. Only use your own eyes instead of cameras to practices. And practice laying out rough elements, and composition in your mind but the best way is to actually shoot and shoot every day.

Beside the State Tower, Bang Rak has a post office box. The line on the box fits to the glove and equipment of the staff.

5. Use natural light

This type of photography focuses on realism, including stories or events within the image that we want to tell. In which these emotions are easily created with natural light. Beautiful light exists everywhere, anytime. In which we can learn how to look for beautiful, good quality light and incorporate those lights into the photograph will make our pictures more able to communicate emotion more clearly.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

6. Keep walking

If you are interested in street photography like this, then Things you can’t avoid is walking in place or that area that you are aiming for. But the walk that I’m talking about is going to get to know and touch So that we can get to understand about that place, timing, or with that person that we want to take a picture.

Candid photography or Street photography. This picture was taken in the Wat Arun area while I am waiting for the boat.

7. Be like a ghost

When going out for a photo shoot, be sure to study the areas where you go. How they dress and how they live because we go to take pictures in an area where people dress differently and live differently from us will make us be attractive and when we become the attractive. Getting a natural image will be more difficult.

8. Respect our object or model

Try to be polite and respect the people on the road. If someone does not want to shoot do not go to shoot, do not argue with them. If someone wants to see the picture taken, then show it to him. They will be happy with what you do as well.

A man crossing the road while I am waiting for Pad-Thai Thip Samai.

9. Be creative

On the streets there are objects, buildings or people of the same color. Try to find an angle to shoot those items. At some points and corners there will be dimensions and lines of sight to help draw attention, such as at the train station or on the road. What is behind your subject is very important. Many times the background helps to add visual interest. But sometimes, if chosen badly, may make it less interesting.

10. Learn from the expert and develop your own style

Photography requires regular learning and practice. Learn from professional or award-winning piece. Training for ideas Creative development is something that photographers have to do with discipline and that will improved your photography work to be better at photography too. And especially in an era where we can access the internet and it is even easier for us to learn more easily as well whether through YouTube or blogs.

Phrom Thep Cape, Phuket, Thailand shot on iPhone

And this is an example of channel that I use for learning.

Lastly, I hope that my information will be useful. And you also can shared about the tips that you are using





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