Even though nowadays, digital photography has a lot of influence in society. You can shoot 1000 of photos and can delete it anywhere, anytime because we are in a Rush Society where people only care about a job to be done. However, there are people who still want to go back to basic, to the root of photograhy.

Unique designs for collecting

With a variety of designs and brands, it makes film cameras are fun to collect. Unlike digital cameras which their are kindly the same in each brand.

Analog cameras improve your patience

In the world of convenient, people can acheive anything fast. In photography, It is hard to make a mistake because digital camera has an automatic system that even the beginners can get a good condition photos. You can even enable the rule of thirds grid to help you get a nice angle and just press the shutter. These are features that made you become a lazy photographers.

Film photograhy is a challenging test for new photograher. It forces you to make every decisions counted. Instead of memory card, flims only gives you a 24 or 36 pictures per film. And you can’t get the photos right away, you have to take a photo until it reach 36th photo, then you develop your film to get the photos. So, you need to be sure in every single shot and don’t mess up your photos.

With only 36 exposures on a film, there is more time when I decided NOT to press the shutter button because it didn’t feel right enough. And I honestly loved it.

Unpredictable results actually pretty fun

As I mentioned before, you can not get the photos right away. That means you can’t see the result until you develop it. Maybe there’s accident happened like light leaks, Using wrong ISO or shutter speed, etc. But, it ends up in a strangely-good photos. On the other hand, there could be NO PHOTOS in your devoloped film and you would feel disapointed but it’s fine. It made you more carefully in taking a shot and film check before shooting.

Film makes you consider about light and colors

Each type of film has a different tone and light. When using more and more of different films, you will get familiar with their tones and can manage to take an advantage from it.

Film also has a different quality which is “Film grain”. The more quiality of the film, the fine grain you can get and this is what makes film photography fascinating.

Film photography is Art

Some photographers prefer using film camera for taking some of their projects.One of the reasons is they don’t care about the quality of camera or how finest of the photos, they just want their result to be unique. With the process of film camera which produce an unrepeatable result that means no one can replace your photos.

Everything comes with the price

We can’t deny about this topic. Digital camera has a great performance that can produce a great photos. But, if you want to effort those high-quality production, it costs you a lot. The price of great quality digital camera is around $600 , not included the accessories. So, for the budget photography and still get a nice and unique photos, go for the film camera. The cost start at $6 for the disposable film camera and $150 for the SLR camera.

But, you need to admit about the condition of the camera. Some of them are older than you, not gonna lie. It may comes with some technical issues like lens problem, light leaks, fungus in lens, etc. So, consider at your own risk.

Movie production still using it!

Eventhough, the advancment of digital cameras has gone far but, some movie director still prefer using old-fashioned film camera.  Kodak deals to create traditional film for Disney, NBCUniversal, Paramount, Sony and Warner Bros with the reason of keeping Kodak in business. In the past few years, there are many movies that were shot on film for example Dunkirk (2017), A Quiet Place (2018), Christopher robin (2018), Ready Player One (2018) , Mission: Impossible : Fallout (2018) and this year, 1917, Tenet, No Time to Die and Wonder Woman 1984.

Conclusion and advices

To summary, both film and digital camera have their own benefits. Film photography requires more skill than digital. So, for the advices, Should you use it? The answer is yes and no.If you are freshly new photographer, you need to start from basic digital photographing but if you have some skills, you should try film camera, it’s a lot different from digital.But, it will take more time to get photos. And it will never overtake digital photography. It still exist in the society but, not on the top of the hill.