Football is one of the most famous sport that have a great number of fans around the world. It is the sport that have its own league in each country. The extremely famous football leagues are mostly in Europe which have a lot of football teams that have long history of honor, such as Barcelona from Spain, Manchester United from England, and AC Milan from Italy. Moreover, there are several legendary and world-class players from football league in Europe that won many trophies and perform the great ability in football to the audience such as Zinedine Zidane and Ronaldinho. This sport affect a lot of people life who love football and there is the quote that can define this favor

“Football is not just a game, it is a life”

Zinedine Zidane and Ronaldinho facing each other in FIFA world cup 2006

Media and Football in the past

In the last 20 years, “If you want to watch a football match, you will have to go to the stadium or watch the TV”. This word is obviously true. Actually watching football at the stadium is the best due to the fact that everyone can drink the atmosphere of cheering and feeling expression of each other; however, it definitely has an obstacle from both the stadium-being full seat-and the audience-living far from the stadium or being unable to buy a ticket. Therefore, the football team agencies sold the broadcasting license to the TV channel agencies to solve these problems and gain the revenue to the clubs, and this make people being able to watch live football match at home by television; additionally, everyone can listen to the radio on live commentary by the available channel.

-Football news-

The other content that can sell about the football is the football news. Football fans like to read the news whether they are transfer rumors, interviewed word from players and coach, or live score report. These contents have been published to the newspaper and sport magazine for gain money as well as other sports.

Advent of social media

when there are several development in technologies in after 2000s, the effective new way of communication in digital platform called ” Social Media ” appeared to challenge the traditional media. The early social media that come with the main feature of personal information to other consist of Facebook and Twitter. Later in 2010s, the usage of these social media is widespread including footballers. After this point, the fans can approach and follow their athletes idol through the account in social media; they can see the players’ daily life, comment their post, and share, so advent of the social media shown that the fans can extremely support their favorite team or players more than in the past, which this create popularity and follower base for them. Therefore, the football players is not quite different from celebrity in the present days.

Changing of the form of content

Nowadays, the news about football are not to be only seen in the newspaper or the TV news due to the fact that everyone can follow the Facebook/Twitter page or account about football content. Since the approach, which every users can publish the content, create the page, and interact with other account, to the social is a piece of cake, there are a lot of accounts and pages that publish the content about football. These content mostly come in form of infographics and video about football such as player stats and player story. Therefore, the early football page in Facebook have a great number of follower who really like the football as well until there are the influencer in the present days. For example, The early football content page Khobsanam, which have a style of presenting the news by reading the content with the unique voice, now have 4.2 million likes of their page, so this page can be considered as the best football content page in Thailand.

Highlight or the playback match video

The most content that will make more satisfaction to everyone is definitely the highlight of the football match. There are a lot of people who can not watch the match by whatever problem on time, so the playback of the match can solve this problem. Every one who miss to watch the match still can see the magnificent goals and skill of their favorite team by the highlight which is published all over the social media or the internet in being both legal and illegal such as in Youtube and Facebook.

Official Media of the football team

After advent of social media, various football clubs create their own accounts, which is the area of real news of the club, for giving the information to the fans. They create the account in all social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube; it could say that these football club have their own media. This give a lot of benefits to the club and the fans as well. The clubs can increase their own revenue from the advertising cost that is the king of earnings in media world; additionally, they can promote their sponsor through content of the media or the banner as well.

Controversy and issues about football in social media world

There are also a lot of issues about football in the social media world. Due to the fact that everyone can interact each other account in the social media, when the team that some group of people support lose, there are a lot of user that complain and accuse the footballer who is not in good performance of being the main factor to lose the game which can affect the confidence or feeling of that footballer. For example, Phil Jones, Manchester United defender, turned down the chance to have a testimonial with Manchester United because of his flagging popularity with fans of the club since most of fans abuse that Jones is the suck one in the defender and it make him feels bad about his team fans. Moreover, Not only footballer who have issues between the fan but also the fans have controversy between the fans supporting other team. Especially in Thailand, Thai Manchester united fan and Thai Liverpool fans have controversy about honor of their own team. One claimed that their team is the best and the other one also claimed that their team is best; consequently, This situation contributes to the war between two football club fans by quarreling each other through social media.