When you hear “Japan” what is the first idea that comes to your mind? Japan is the top rank of tourist destinations in the world. There are numerous tourist attractions and activities. Japanese cultures are amazing. In every year normally there are a ton of tourists from different countries visit there. Therefore, let’s discover more of Japan together. Enjoy

  1. Prepare yourself for ready to visit Japan

The most important thing that you must care about is packing a suitcase by considering tourist attractions that you planed in which clothes color will be matched with that particular place and the weather in that season. I recommend you to visit Japan in the Sakura season. This season is the most unique season in Japan. It happens during March until Apil and the temperature is around 13.1 °C | 55.5 °F, so this is the perfect time to make a wonderful holiday and spend time with breathtaking views with your loved ones. Exchange money is also important. There are many cute kinds of stuff or products that you should invest it. Japan is a mealing pot of different stuff and I guarantee every traveler will spend the most money on buying souvenirs. Finally, don’t forget to plan your wonderful trip, search and list your favorite tourist attractions, then arrange or divide it into the plan. When you travel the plan that you made will help you to have an easy trip and don’t have any mistakes while traveling.

2. Download the surviving application

When you travel (not only you but also everyone) will face will some problems while traveling; for example, the local language, local direction, and others. I suggest that there are many applications which will make your trip become easier. Therefore, let’s make you known these applications.

  • Tripadvisor Hotels Restaurants which advice about traveling, booking a hotel, and finding restaurants. In this application, I suggest you access the Tokyo City Guide because there are full of tourist attraction and restaurants in Tokyo City. Also, if you use this kind of website, you will get a better experience for planing a vacation because, in the application, it works as a semantic web. You can search for all the information from this website. https://th.tripadvisor.com/
  • Japan Rail Map – Tokyo & Osaka which gathers the subway line and Skytrain line along with time schedule. This website has very high accuracy about time schedule and train line. https://www.jrpass.com/map
  • Klook, this application will make your holiday become easier because you can book tickets before you arrive at a particular place. It is like online booking, in detail, you don’t need to queue up to buy tickets along with many people around you. https://www.klook.com/th/

3. Find tourist attractions

Many tourist attractions in Japan are very surprised to learn the history and visit once in a lifetime. Japan is one of the most world’s most advanced industrialized nations. Boasting an endless list of top attractions, things to see and do, and a point of interest to explore, a vacation in Japan is a great investment of time and money. Discover the best places to visit in the country with my list recommend of the 3 top-rated tourist attractions in Japan.

  • Mount Fuji
The most recognization landmark, majestic mount Fuji (Fuji-san) is the country’s highest mountain peak. It is a well-known symbol of Japan and it is frequently depicted in art and photographs, as well as popular tourist attractions.
  • Tokyo
The essence of Japan, Tokyo is the city that reflects the color of Japan. The popular city of Tokyo still deserves the top spot in your itinerary. Moreover, the city has also got a great culinary scene.
  • Osaka
Osaka is a Japan must-see for many visitors. The amazing food, affordable prices, and friendly people.

4. Share your all experiences on social media

Sharing videos and pictures on social media is a good idea to keep your wonderful memories of your perfect vacation. Also, it helps other people who don’t have a plan or don’t interest in Japan see the example ideas. Moreover, you can use all the videos that you recorded for creating a vlog to make you keep memories better. Sometime, if you post on Youtube channel, it might have a positive change that you will gain more subscribers and views from that vlog. Moreover, if your video earns a lot of view and subscribers, you might receive some gift from Youtube and it can adapt to be a second job (part-time job) to get more money on the other way easily.