In the last few years, vintage style becomes more popular in teenager as well. Vintage is an old style fashion with modern taste  that unique, charming, fascinating style with maybe soft cozy earth tone colors or bright color. Nowadays vintage items have risen in price.

Today, I will give you some home vintage decor shops for the beginner to start decorate your room to the new style and you will obsessed with it so that won’t make you get board during quarantine and want to stay in your room!


The first store that I want to show you is “Moon_theory” store that you can find almost every kind of vintage home décor, if you want to start decorate your house to vintage style you can them here. 

This store sells multiple kind of  vintage and minimal home décor and this store have specially vintage furniture and art decor that mostly have brown and white tone color and furniture that made from wood and rattan and also some home furnishings such as basket, vase, poster, cutlery and etc with a good deal!

Separated each home decor in the bio for you to make it easier to find things that you want

 if you want to find

• home furnishings you can search #mt_instock

• Fabric you can search #mtfabric_instock

• Posters you can search #mtposter_instock 

wooden bowl
Rattan shelves

Decorating your home with vintage furniture  will make you feel cozy and look more nature in your house so you don’t need to going out to see real nature 😉


If you are looking for cutlery and vases, this store is the answer!

“Oysterandthingss” store with the concept “selected things from head to toe with a fresh and contemporary” and “selling everything that you see in the post” this store sells vintage home decor but especially cutlery and vases with unique style and materials that you wouldn’t see from any store but the price is a little bit expensive. if you can afford it, then you should go for it to decorate your home!

What they are selling not just about cutlery and vases but also something for you to decorate your home like chairs, lamps, carpets with colorful color but still vintage in the same time.

tulip cup
acrylic flower vase

This store have different shapes and colors of vases and cutlery for your home to look bright up so you won’t get bored looking at them or maybe take some pictures and post on your social media to show your friends how lovely they are! <3


If you already have vases or the store above is not the style you are looking for maybe this store is the answer to buy a vases and some flowers.

“Flower.dreidflower” stores  is all about flower that including vases, leafs and home decor like a frame of flowers to hang on the wall and flowers in glass dome. These dried flowers are handmade and they have many colors for you to choose to match with your room.

Flowers in a glass dome
Flame of flowers

This store is another idea to take some pictures maybe put in a pretty vase and put on a table that have light color fabric and post them on social media, that would look very vintage style.


If you have allergy to carpel but you want something to make your room looks natural so I have another choice for you here! You can buy some indoor trees and tropical plants to put in a corner of your room like English Ivy or Barberton Daisy then you might want flowerpot.

“Dahlia.decor” store sells vintage flowerpot that made mostly from nature like rattan and they sells wooden shelves for plants too. also each of flowerpots have different size, even you have small or big size of your indoor plants, you can find flowerpots to put your pants in this store!

Putting some indoor plants in your house not only make your house looks more nature and comfortable place to relax  but also indoor plants are air purification but don’t forget to do research if plants that you have are air purifying indoor plants.


Another home decor to make your house looks more vintage, I would recommend is vintage posters

Vintage posters have many style such as nature posters, art posters, bands and movies posters, recipes posters and even food posters

These two stores have the same owner but “” store have all of kind of vintage posters with fabric and paper types. This store have more modern art and nature like landscape but “more.thancute”  store have kind of posters that woman would love like recipes with bright tone colors and also “more.thancute” sells carpets.

from more.thancute
from more.thancute

Vintage Posters is maybe the cheapest vintage home decor. you can choose if you choose the kind of posters in these two stores. 

I hope this blog would help find some stores on Instagram that you are looking for to decorate  your house to vintage style!